Monthly Archives: July 2006

Skittles Bubble Gum X-Treme

Skittles has some of the best ideas for candy ever, and they always seem to turn out fantastic. Xtreme Fruit Skittles bubble gum is no exception. The flavors are truly extreme, and they just burst in your mouth. Unlike regular Skittles this candy will last longer because it’s a gum. The best part about the new Skittles bubble gum is that the flavors go together incredibly well. I can pop in a tangerine and a blue raspberry at the same time and the flavor tastes even better.

“My favorite combination would have to be green apple and tangerine because they are both sour, and they compliment each other very well,” comments Natalie.  “I usually don’t pick out the favors I prefer to just open the cool box and pop in several and see if I can guess what I got,” adds the frequent gum chewer, Pablo. The box is indeed easy and unlike any other. It keeps the gum safe inside, along with the wonderful flavors, while is still easy to open.

The pieces are nice and small so that it isn’t at all bad to have ten at the same time. I personally like to start off with one small piece of gum, and then as it starts to lose its flavor I take another one and just keep adding until I have just the perfect sized gum to make the perfect sized bubble. Skittles has truly outdone itself by creating this new masterpiece that is delicious, long lasting, and easy to open and close.

Werther’s Original

Caramel comes in many shapes and sizes, but Werther’s Original‘s hard caramel is the best and long time original. This caramel is like no other because it has the simplest ingredients that make it naturally sweet.  The caramels have been made for over 100 years and the taste still remains the same.

Unlike other chewy candy the hard caramels don’t get stuck in your teeth and they’re easy to just pop in during a hard days work. Werther’s Original is extraordinarily creamy, which also makes it the perfect dessert.  “I don’t know anyone that can turn down a Werther’s Original. I keep a bag of the hard candy in my desk drawer at work so that I could just get lost in its creamy goodness whenever I want,” says Shiela, a hard working mom and teacher.

The world agrees that this is indeed the best caramel ever. The candy originated in a small town called Werther, by a candy maker named Gustav Nebel. His genius work provides the people of today with what is known as the World’s Favorite Caramel.

Candy Lipstick

Lipstick is a main part of many women’s lives because it is usually in most of their morning routines. Unfortunately it tastes awful and will keep you from licking your lips throughout the day. That’s certainly not the case for the yummy Candy Lipstick. This candy is known as another original, manufactured by Ce De Candy. It tastes wonderful and will make you lick your lips.

This candy comes in this cute little tube that’s small enough for a little girl to carry around in her pocket or purse.  It’s also easy to save, just incase you don’t finish it in one sitting.  The two most popular flavors are the cherry and strawberry, which is no surprise because they are the ones that most look like lipstick.

“It’s really tasty and makes me feel very womanly,” says Jesse a little girl that loves the candy. Ce De Candy manages to take a daily thing and turn it into a sweet candy that everyone can enjoy. The cherry flavor is just a bit sour, but not too much, while the strawberry is just remarkably sweet.

Candy Lipstick is with out a doubt a very interesting candy that comes in many assorted flavors, but the best and most popular are the ones that seem most real, red and pink. It becomes, for some girls a daily routine, after lunch that is.