Monthly Archives: August 2006

Heide Gummi Bears

When I open a bag of Gummi Bears I take a moment and just smell them before I actually eat them. The smell is so sweet I just can’t wait to eat them, but actually I do one more thing. I’ll take them all out and place them on top of the bag to pick out which flavors I eat first. Gummi Bears are a true reminder of my childhood because I remember always sneaking in a little pack while my mom was shopping for groceries. Luckily for me she, when she saw them she would just look down at me and smile, and would buy them for me. The reason she gave me was because she knew it contained fruit juice, but I knew that it was because I would always give her all my orange ones. They are just so delicious and sweet, nobody can resist them. In each package of Gummi Bears come five different flavors; strawberry, lemon, lime, orange, and pineapple. They each have their unique and delicious taste.

“I like playing with them and doing the story of the three little bears,” said Zadah a young girl who loves being creative. The littlen bears are not only the tastiest gummy candy ever, but they are also adorable. There are types of gummy candy, but the original will always be the bear.

Push Pops

Topps Candy Company have created many fabulous candies, one of the greatest is the Push Pop. Recently they have put many twists on the infamous Push Pop, such as the new Pop Up Action, which allows for easier candy consumption. That’s not all they have done though, they have also combined two flavors together, creating the Twisted Push Pop. It is so much better because it has two great flavors that complement each other so well. One of my favorite twisted flavors is the blue raspberry and watermelon. I just think they go together remarkably. There are many other flavors like Strawberry Watermelon, Berry Blast, Raspberry Lemonade, and Rainbow Sherbet. They are all the perfect twist to the perfect candy. The thing I love most about push pops is that you can just push it down and save it for later. I think they are better than lollipops because they are easy to store, but for lollipops you have to either throw it away or finish it. Push Pops are just so unique, and they taste wonderful.

Many kids love this candy not only for its unique style but because it tastes great. “It’s kind of like having a sweet blend of sweet and sour candy, making it pretty much the best hard candy ever,” says Ryan after tasting the blue raspberry watermelon flavor. This is one of the best creations ever, its twisted fun.

Shock Tarts

It’s very hard to find good sour candy these days, but luckily for those who love both sour and sweet candy there is now a solution.  Shockers have this unique taste because at the first instant, when you put it in your mouth it tastes sour and shocking, but then it turns a little sweet. What I like to do is just suck on the candy until all the sour taste has died down, and then I chew on the remaining candy, which is deliciously sweet. They are very chewy, yet they don’t stick to your teeth.

Another great thing about shockers is that they package is a long tube that you just unwrap and pop in whatever flavor comes out. I kind of find it suspenseful, because I never know which is going to be the last flavor. Hopefully it will end up being green apple because that is my favorite. I personally think it is the sourest one and I love how it just holds the sour flavor longer than the others.

“Every flavor is super sour, but still different, and that’s what makes shockers my favorite candy,” says Whitney a sour candy connoisseur. Indeed all the flavors are uniquely wonderful. Orange has just this citric taste that makes my mouth tingle with joy. Cherry may not taste exactly like a cherry, but it sure does burst in my mouth. Blue raspberry has this way of just melting into the sweet candy, and eventually melting away. Grape is unfortunately kind of rare in some rolls making it a bit more enjoyable to eat. Green apple is tremendously sour and I just love that. Luckily for me that was the last one!

Almond Joy Bars

Coconut, almonds and milk chocolate; that just might be the best chocolate combination ever. Hershey’s took that idea and created the Almond Joy in 1946 and it is a wonderful creation. Although it was Peter Paul who originally made Almond Joy, they merged with Hershey’s and the ideas kept coming. But the Almond Joy, although it was not the original, will always be the best for me. It just takes me away from all my troubles and kind of loosens me up. I think the best way to eat an Almond Joy is to cherish every detail. First I like to eat the almond, and then just let the coconut and chocolate blend together and lastly let it melt away. That way I get to enjoy every precious property of the candy bar.

Another great aspect of Almond Joy is the fact that they come with two large individual candies that have two separate almonds in them. I love that because I can buy one and split it between me and my sister easily.  We both get a large, satisfying candy, without having to buy two. Of course we usually end up going back and getting another one! Almond
Joys are really a joy to eat.