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Butterfinger Crisp

If anyone ever calls you a butter finger, take it as a compliment. For they will know just how serious you take your candy eating. Nestle recently released the new Butterfinger Crisp. This is nothing like the original. This is completely different. Well, sort of. Instead of the thick caramel that forces you to take your time unglueing it from the back of your teeth, they have restructured the Butterfinger bar to make it easier on you, the consumer.

Here’s the secret. It holds more wafer than before. In fact the bar is lighter both in the wrapper, and in your mouth. It’s not as hard to chew, and easier going down. You will surprisingly find that the new bar contains four layers of light crispy wafer, sandwiched between that familiar peanut butter and chocolate dog pile. Milk is still the recommended beverage with the new bar as is with the original. The Butterfinger Crisp is the perfect end product of Butterfingers experimentation to bring you the next movement in the Butterfinger craze. So remember if any one calls you a Butter finger, what do you do? You say “Yeah, and what are you going to do about it? That’s right, nothing.


Candy from the Future (Grand Opening)


Tin #1 (Peppermint)

Tin #2 (Cinnamon)

Tin #3 (Ginger)

In Stores: November 2006

We welcome you to the first installment of the “Candy of the Future segment. Today we will be talking about a new mint from the genius that is Altoids. Before we begin, let’s breakdown the history of Altoids. They have been around a lot longer than you think, and have grown by leaps and bounds to bring you what you’ve come to rely on for all your breath freshening needs.

Founded in 1783, the “Altoid was originally said to be the cure for stomach pains. It’s name derives from two backgrounds. The Latin word “alt (which means ‘to change’) and the Greek word “oids (which means ‘taking the form of). And with the new Dark Chocolate Dipped Mints, it does exactly that. Starting with the original mint and covering it with Dark Chocolate. We are entering uncharted waters.

Dark Chocolate Peppermint, Cinnamon and Ginger. So first of all let me tell you guys something, I’m not a big fan of dark chocolate. Something about it doesn’t go over well with me, it’s too rich for my blood. But surprisingly enough it’s a pretty stable balance. The right mix of dark and chocolate, with the mint poking through as if to say, “Here I come. And the mint came with it! Slapped its hand on the table and said “POCKET ACES! WHATCHA GONNA DO BOUT THAT! Leaving you hanging your head in shame to ever doubt such an empire that is Altoid.

Basically you’ve got all the minty freshness that Altoids gave you in the first place, but decided hey, we’ve been around for a really long time, let’s try something new. And boy have they produced. Be sure to visit your local snack stands in the month of November to catch the three new flavors jam packed with minty freshness and smothered in rich dark chocolate goodness. And remember, brush your teeth!