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Creme Savers Tropical

Wrigley brings us three new flavors of their amazing Crème Savers: mango & crème, piña colada, and banana & crème.  My personal favorite is mango crème, and my least favorite has to be piña colada, putting banana crème in the middle.  Though I’m usually not a fan of banana flavored candy, the only reason I preferred it over the piña colada is because the piña colada (oddly enough) has the slight taste of Jelly Belly’s buttered popcorn jelly beans.  Strange, I know.  But if you like the buttered popcorn jelly beans, then piña colada is your best bet.

But enough of the bad—on with the good!  We will start with my personal favorite, mango.  The sweet mango flavor is wrapped with the signature milky cream swirls to produce a tropical vacation right in your mouth.  Surprisingly enough, unlike other mango-flavored candies, these mango hard candies actually taste like mango and not so much artificial.  Onto the banana, like I said, I’m not a big fan of banana flavored anything, so for me it’s a big thing that I actually enjoyed this flavor.  It might be because it has a more artificial flavor rather than banana flavor.  I will even say it tastes slightly like bubble gum.  Nonetheless, banana crème flavor is a close second to the mango flavor.  Now as for the piña colada flavor, not much can be said about it except it tastes very much like buttered popcorn jelly beans with a hint of pineapple.   The hint of pineapple makes it bearable, but not by much.  My favorite by far was the mango & crème.  Thank you Wrigley for the new assortment of their oh-so-popular and loveable Crème Savers!



Flavigny Violet Pastilles

Flavor of the day: Violet.  My first impression: this is just a ball of sweetened perfume!  These French don’t know how to make candy!  Second impression: wow, these are actually pretty good!  But first for a bit of background…  These small, white, pearl-like candies are imported from France exclusively by Dorval Trading Co., and according to their website, they date back to medieval Europe.  According to my (very) rough translation of the French Flavigny website, the roman traveler Flavien first discovered the anise seed in Syria around 52 A.D.  This is why each tiny candy contains an even tinier anise seed in the middle (I confirmed this myself by chopping up a few pastilles).  The candies are made by placing lots of individual seeds in large copper basins, and they are then rolled and covered in sugar and assorted flavors, including violet, orange, and rose among others.  Each tin contains about 40 to 50 pastilles. 

Though the violet-flavored pastilles may have a slight “perfume-y? taste to them the first time you taste them, in my opinion they are an acquired taste.  By the third one, I couldn’t stop popping them in my mouth!  The mixture of sweet violet and anise is exclusively for the refined palate.   “It’s like a flower blooming in your mouth!? claims a teenage candy lover.  Flavigny Pastilles have been around for over four hundred years, and with their unique flavors and sophisticated taste, they will surely continue to be enjoyed all over the world.

Trident White Cool Colada

Trident gum is a brand of sugarless chewing gum popular in the United States and Canada. Introduced in 1960, the Trident brand was the first national brand of sugar-free chewing gum. Developed by the American Chicle company in response to medical discoveries linking sugar to dental caries, the original Trident formula contained three enzymes thought to soften dental tartar, but was sugared. (The name “Trident” derives from the three enzymes to promote dental health.) When artificial sweeteners became widespread in the early 1960s, the formula was changed to use saccharin instead of sugar, and Sugar-Free Trident was introduced in 1964 was introduced with the slogan “The Great Taste that is Good for Your Teeth”. American Chicle’s marketing was one of the first national campaigns to promote dental health through chewing gum. NASA dispensed Trident gum to the first Gemini astronauts. In the mid-1960s, the Adams gum company acquired American Chicle and introduced a new slogan for Trident: “4 out of 5 Dentists surveyed would recommend sugarless gum to their patients who chew gum.” The phrase became strongly associated with the Trident brand.

If this gum is good enough for NASA astronauts, it’s good enough for me! Trident gum is one of life’s greatest things…it’s a sweet treat that you can enjoy guilt-free and it helps whiten and brighten your smile while chewing! Talk about multi-tasking! This “Cool Colada? flavor is brand-spankin’ new, so I thought I’d try it out before the holidays – that way if I like it, you can add it to your Christmas wish list. This particular Trident gum comes in one of those nifty “blister? packs. You pop the gum out of the back side of a silver foil tray. There are twleve pieces of gum to a pack and each one looks like a small white tablet. The gum has a hard crisp outer “sugar? shell, although this is a completely sugar free gum (thank you, Trident – from me and my dentist!). The gum is fruity and tropical. I can taste pineapple, coconut and something else…maybe orange? Something citrus-y. The flavor is great – maybe because I love pina coladas. Whatever it is, this gum is delicious. It’s very refreshing and it’s helping to clean and whiten my teeth. Two birds killed with one stone…er, piece of gum. So candy kids, this gets the Sherrif’s badge of approval – ask Santa for it for Christmas!

Hershey Peanut Butter Kisses

Hershey’s Kisses were introduced in 1907. A common myth is that the name comes from the “kissing” sound created by the machines used to make the candy. However, it is more likely an appropriation of a common industry term for a dab of chocolate. The candies were originally wrapped by hand. Automated wrapping began in 1921. The same automatic wrapping process allowed for the insertion of the distinctive paper “plume,” that the company used to guarantee that consumers were getting the genuine Hershey product, rather than an imitation. This thin paper strip was registered as a company trademark in 1924. Hershey’s Kisses have been produced continuously since 1907, except for the period of time between 1942 and 1949. Rationing of raw materials during World War II made the aluminum foil for the wrappers a scarce commodity.

Hershey’s kisses are such a cute and well known candy. With so many new flavors popping up every few years, it’s hard to keep up with them. But of course, I have to try the Peanut Butter Kisses – because the Sheriff loves her peanut butter and chocolate combination! These little kisses are wrapped in the signature Hershey foil but this time it’s a beautiful, gleaming gold. The words “peanut butter? emblazon the foil in red lettering. I am so excited to try this product, I can hardly contain myself. Ok, a few deep breaths…I am ready to go. The well known and beloved Hershey’s chocolate is present in all of its “kiss shaped? glory. My teeth break through that and for a second or two, I savor the flavor of the rich, sweet milk chocolate. But what has my tongue and palate detected? Why, it’s the taste of sweet and slightly salty, smooth, creamy and oh-so-delicious peanut butter. Yes! It’s fantastic! The combination is, as always a glorious one, and Hershey’s has done it with such class, such finesse, such wonderful candy making ways! This is a dream come true! Cute little kisses filled with wonderful, glorious peanut butter! Can life get any better? I, think not.

Mike & Ike Tangy Twisters

Introduced in 1940, delicious MIKE AND IKE chewy candies are loved by kids and adults alike. Throughout the years, Just Born expanded its candy production with different flavors. Although not marketed under the MIKE AND IKE name, the look and feel of the products were identical. We offered such flavors as Root-T-Toot (root beer flavored), Jack and Jill (licorice flavored), Cool Kids (spearmint flavored), and Jolly Joes (grape flavored), right alongside the popular MIKE AND IKE Original Fruits. In the 1980’s as consumer demand for flavors changed, we replaced Root-T-Toot, Jack and Jill, and Cool Kids with Strawbana (strawberry and banana), Lem and Mel (lemon and watermelon), and Cherri and Bubb (cherry and bubble gum). 

Today I am trying out the newest addition to the Mike and Ike family – Mike and Ike’s Tangy Twisters. Ok, as you all know, I love sour candies, so bring ‘em on! These look just like the regular Mike and Ike’s. They have a hard, but easily breakable sugar shell that is similar to a jelly bean. The inside is a soft, chewy jelly-bean like consistency. There are five flavors to test in this pack – Apple, Raspberry, Pineapple, Cherry and Citrus Punch. All are extremely fruity, tangy and sweet. None are too sweet or tangy, but just right. Apple tastes like a crisp, green apple, raspberry tastes fresh and tart, pineapple actually tastes a lot like a chunk of ripe pineapple, cherry tastes like a tart, sweet cherry and citrus punch tastes like a burst of orange, lemon and lime – possibly even grapefruit. These candies are very enjoyable and extremely refreshing. I think that this is a wonderful new addition to the already great Mike and Ike family, especially if you like sour candies. 

Wrigley’s Kona Creme Gum

William Wrigley Jr. came to Chicago in the spring of 1891. He was 29 years old, had $32 in his pocket, and possessed unlimited energy and great talent as a salesman. He started out selling soap. As an extra incentive to merchants to carry Wrigley’s soap, he offered them free baking powder. When baking powder proved to be more popular than soap, he switched to the baking powder business. One day, Mr. Wrigley got the idea to offer merchants free chewing gum with each can of baking powder. The rest is history. Wrigley then went on to make Lotta and Vassar gums in 1892 and Juicy Fruit and Spearmint introduced in 1893. The success was not huge at first, but the company persevered and is now one of the largest chewing gum manufacturers in the U.S.

I am an avid gum chewer, but I usually stick to mint flavored gums. This is my first experience with a coffee flavored gum, so forgive me if I seem apprehensive. The gum smells great, though. It smells just like a sweet cup of coffee – minus the steam, of course. The gum itself is the usual, flat stick that we have come to recognize as the signature Wrigley’s gum, only this gum is a light brown color with a white, powdery substance on the outside. Ok, candy kids, enough looking at it; let’s give this new gum a shot! Well what do you know? It tastes great! It tastes like a sweet, creamy cup of coffee. Not too strong and not too sweet. And the flavor just keeps on going. That’s what I’ve always loved about Wrigley’s gum – the long lasting flavor. And this keeps going and going. I think the only downside to this gum is that it leaves you with coffee breath, which is what I try to avoid and mask with minty gum. I think that this is a great new product, but I’d keep some mint gum handy if you plan on chewing this while you’re out and about.

Bubble Yum Sour Apple Berry

Bubble Yum is a brand of bubble gum marketed by The Hershey Company.  Introduced in 1975 by LifeSavers, the popular bubble gum was the first soft bubble gum ever. Bubble Yum quickly became so popular among kids and teens that by 1976, LifeSavers had to curtail its marketing so that the production could keep up with the huge demand. In 1977, an urban legend surfaced and had nearly every kid in America believing that the secret to the gum’s softness and long lasting chew came from a secret, but feared ingredient…spider eggs! Sales of the gum plummeted and the LifeSavers Company had to dispel the rumor by buying full page newspaper ads stating the truth. Since then, Bubble Yum has become one of the top selling bubble gums in the U.S.

Ok, I for one am so glad this gum is not made with spider eggs! I hate spiders! With that said, let’s try out this groovy new gum today, shall we candy kids? I am a big fan of Bubble Yum brand of gum. The flavor lasts for forever and it makes the best bubbles! I usually only chew minty, sugar free gum, but every once in a while it’s great to chew “kid? gum and make enormous bubbles. Makes me feel young again. Bubble Yum gum is known for their many flavors and this is the newest one. The gum is bright green with little red flecks in it. It tastes like green apples, cherries and raspberries and there are sour “flavor crystals? strewn throughout each piece. I think these are the red flakes that I saw earlier. It adds a sort of crunch to the gum, making for a neat texture combination with the chewy gum square. This gum is great! It’s just the right mix of sweet and sour without being too tart. As usual, I can blow the biggest bubbles with this gum, but I gotta look out…I don’t want them to end up in my curly hair – that would be rough to get out!

Chocolate Traveler Milk Chocolate Wedges

Travel the world in a pocket-sized tin full of exquisite, European-style chocolate.  With flavors like Crème Brulee, Tiramisu, and Dulce de Leche, in addition to the classic milk, dark, and white, there’s bound to be something to please everyone on your Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa list.  The flavor of choice: the classic milk chocolate.  BO-RING!  I know.  That was my initial impression as well.  Though I must admit that I wasn’t the one who chose the flavor, whoever did deserves my unending gratitude.  I would never have imagined such fine chocolates could come in such a simple, chic tin.

This has to be by far the best milk chocolate I have ever tasted.  Coming from a chocolate connoisseur, please don’t take this lightly; this is no understatement.  With only six ingredients on the label, you can rest assured that there are no strange chemicals or preservatives in this mouth-watering tin of chocolate.  These American-made delicacies will satisfy even the pickiest taste buds with their creamy goodness and all-natural charm.  Thought their build-up is slightly different than your typical Hershey’s milk chocolate, these half-inch-thick wedges of solid milk chocolate are not your typical candies.  I prefer to savor each wedge slowly, taking in the smell, taste, and feel of the sweet, creamy slice.  Don’t be fooled!  This rich, luxurious milk chocolate is anything but ordinary!

Nathan’s Famous Gummi Hot Dogs

Nathan’s hot dogs are one the best-selling dogs ever—they’re a classic in New York City and a must-have if you’re visiting Coney Island. They sell over 350 million hot dogs a year. Now, you may have tried the all-beef dogs, but if you haven’t tried the sweeter version of the classic, then you don’t know what you’re missing! These delicious, spongy gummies have a unique texture, and they come individually-wrapped. You may be thinking, “Spongy gummi hot dogs? What in the name of…��? Yes, these dogs are a spongy treat that kids naturally love and adults will go gaga over. Plus, Nathan’s Famous Gummi Hot Dogs come pre-topped with loads of condiments, so you don’t have to bother with that!

I personally have never had a real Nathan’s hot dog, but if they’re as good in the hot dog world as the gummies are in the gummi world, then what’s not to like? (By the way, who even knew there was a hot dog world???) Unlike other gummi candy, these gummi hot dogs are the perfect combination of goodness: soft & chewy, and packed with flavor. I personally like to take the dog and eat that first, (they are two separate pieces, so it’s like getting two gummies in one), and then I eat the bun separately. So tell Mom you want a hot dog for dinner… Heck, tell her you’re having five! Nathan’s Famous Gummi Hot Dogs are the best dogs in town!

Candy Necklaces

Candy necklaces are one of the few candies I absolutely loved as a child and continued to love as an adult. When I was little, I wore them on my neck and wrists to class and would nibble on them when the teacher wasn’t looking. Later on, I found that they were a great conversation starter at parties and would take a bagful with me. I made many fast friends this way! Everyone I know loves candy necklaces. I mean, what’s not to love? It’s wearable candy! They basically taste like Smarties, but there is just something so satisfying of pulling and eating them off of that thin little string that makes them so irresistible.

They’ve been around since the 1960’s and I’m sure that one day my “future kids? will be sporting them as well. Candy necklaces are just so much fun! Each string features red, pink, blue, green, yellow and white round candies that have a hole in the middle. They have been looped through some stretchy white string and have a distinct smell. It’s sweet and almost chalk-like, but oh-so-familiar. You can sport some on your neck like a choker, or wrap it around your wrist a couple of times for a trendy and edible bracelet. I don’t recommend wearing them in the heat, though. I made that mistake one day and ended up with colorful but sticky “tattoos? thanks to the necklace and bracelet I was wearing (but saving to eat later). The candy dyed my skin! Not to worry, it was nothing a little soap and water couldn’t take care of. Candy necklaces are a great nostalgic treat, if you don’t believe me, try one for yourself!