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SweeTarts Singles


A classic candy, Wonka’s SweeTarts are a tangy fruit tablet originated in 1963. Somewhere between sweet and sour, these rainbow candies come in the color-coordinated flavors of orange, blue punch, lemon, green apple, cherry and grape. Mmmm. This is the type of candy you might see being thrown out of parade floats, or the kind you’d run across in goody bags or pick up while trick-or-treating. The reason? It’s affordable, comes in mini packs of three, and it has candy durability (read: it doesn’t melt like chocolate or get crunched up like cheap o lollipops). But the three-pack singles are just one member of the family. You can also buy SweeTarts in larger packages of the regular, giant, gummy or chewy varieties. Color-changing SweeTarts and the giant chewy rope are the newest innovations from the makers of this delightful sweet and sour treat. But the original tarts, large or small, are the bestsellers by far. Holidays like Easter and Christmas have brought SweeTarts in candy cane or jellybean form for increased sales and exposure in a competitive candy market.

I’ve found that there’s nothing better than opening up one of these little three-packs and seeing two of my favorite flavors duplicated in the pack (cherry and/or grape tingle my taste buds). But then again, the opposite feelings arise when I find I’m doubled-up on a lemon or green apple, a flavor ratio that leaves something to be desired. I’m obviously not the only fan of these candies, because they’ve been a bestseller for decades. Parents prefer giving these treats to their little ones as opposed to the messier Pixy Stix or Lik-M-Aid powders based off a similar recipe. Whether or not you are inclined to buy these candies, one thing is for certain: the candy market would have a huge whole in it without them…a SweeTart-shaped hole. If you haven’t tried SweeTarts in awhile, your taste buds haven’t partied. So return to your days of yesteryear and pop in a few of these classic tangy candies.

Tootsie Roll Mini Chocolate Chew


The Tootsie Roll Mini Chews are one of the newest products released by the Tootsie Roll Industries. The tiny box that contains the Mini Chews are indicative of what you will find inside the tiny box – tiny bits of tasty candy. The box is also decorated with what looks like purple rays surrounding a picture of what’s inside. It looks like it could be signifying an explosion, which is what these little pieces of candy do once you start chewing them. The chocolate coating has a tinge of mint to it as an outer layer to the delicious chewy tootsie roll center. The Tootsie Roll Mini Chews are much smaller than the regular Tootsie Rolls but they pack the same flavor into each bite-sized piece. You can enjoy these tidbits of flavor one at a time throughout the day, but the way I prefer to savor the taste is by putting all the pieces in my mouth for one big chewy ball of chocolate coating and Tootsie Roll. It doesn’t last as long, but those few minutes are great for the taste buds.

The chocolate coating isn’t an overwhelming taste in the Tootsie Roll Mini Chews. In fact, that taste of the chocolate would hardly be noticed if it wasn’t for the hint of mint in it. But the soft and chewy centers hardly need any improvements. Tootsie Rolls are slightly addictive in the first place with their convenience and tastiness, so the added chocolate coating only adds to their goodness addicting goodness.

Tootsie Rolls have been a favorite for all ages since their inception over a century ago. I remember when they used to sell them at the corner store individually for only two cents apiece. That was part of the reason for their popularity – kids could afford to buy a few of them if they just found a dime on the ground. Each individual piece is easily unwrapped by grabbing each end and tugging so you can watch it spin around. They’re not only fun to eat, but they’re also fun to open.

But the Tootsie Roll Mini Chews are the first candies to be released as a new line of Tootsie Rolls in more than 100 years. The basic idea of the Tootsie Roll has remained untouched until the last year or so. The recent popularity of candy combinations has probably urged the Tootsie Roll Industries to venture out into new areas with their already popular candy.

Wrigley Winter Fresh


Wrigley’s Winterfresh gum is an amazing tasting product made by one of the leading manufacturers of gum products. Once you set one of these blue sticks of gum on your tongue, you immediately taste the cool sensation and fruity blast of flavor released into your mouth. It’s almost like a delicious cross between a fruity taste and a spearmint taste, which combines to make a unique flavor to be enjoyed by people of all ages. The minty freshness provides an exhilarating sensation that you will want to experience over and over again.

Even though this is a small stick of gum, the flavor lasts for a very long time. I had two pieces in my mouth and the taste kept me occupied through the entire church service on Sunday, including Sunday School. Two pieces of Wrigley’s Winterfresh gum is also enough to blow small bubbles for a simple way to amuse yourself during times when you need to be amused. The gum also has a smooth chew. Some gums get hard to chew after awhile, but Wrigley’s Winterfresh holds its smoothness for hours so you will want to continue chewing. I was reluctant to spit mine out because it still had flavor after several hours.

The Wrigley’s Winterfresh website is both entertaining and informative. The Winterfresh flavor is one of the most popular flavors that the Wrigley company has produced, especially among teens. The website caters to fans of this particular flavor with TV commercials that can be viewed along Winterfresh-themed songs and ringtones that you can download and take with you wherever you go.

Wrigley’s distributes their gum and other products throughout the United States and Europe. In 1994, the Winterfresh flavor was introduced. It was the first gum flavor released by any company with a cool winter theme and it has been a forerunner in the gum industry since then. You can stock up on it, too, With a shelf life of at least 10 months, you can be sure that your Wrigley’s Winterfresh pack of gum will outlast your desire to chew it. You can also be confident in Wrigley’s products because of its great reputation. You will undoubtedly recognize and enjoy several of their other products, including the Orbit brand of gum, Big League Chew, Crème Savers, and Altoids, along with several others. Wrigley has been a leader in the gum and confectionary industry since its beginning in 1891. They strive to provide consumers with the best gum products in over 180 different countries. You will not be disappointed by the any of their various products or the innovative flavors that they continue to create.

Ragold Mints


The Ragold Spearmint line of breath freshening candy is a tasty addition to the many varieties of existing breath mints on the market. These all-natural candies take the form of little white tablets that could be mistaken for large pills if you didn’t know any better. Nevertheless, these breath mint candies are highly refreshing and give your mouth a tingly feeling that alerts you about its breath freshening qualities. Unlike other brands of mints, the Ragold Spearmint pieces are a solid white mint that carries all the same qualities of the more popular brand mints with the kick of an extra minty flavor.

The handy little tin box that the Ragold Spearmint candies come in add to its already appealing allure. The landscape pictured on the front of the tin is a natural scenery of green trees surrounding a white sailboat in the middle of a clear pond. Before even opening the tin, you can be certain that the picture is indicative of refreshing feeling that awaits you on the inside. Once you take the mint out of the box and place it on your tongue, you immediately feel a cool sense of refreshment. Once the mint is partially dissolved in your mouth, you can easily crunch it up and chew it to give you an extra burst of minty freshness. With more than 40 individual mints in each tin, you can be sure to enjoy these throughout the entire week as needed.

The Ragold Confectionary Company is an offshoot from the parent German company and has been marketing mints and other candy products in the United States for the last three decades. You might recognize their Velamints mint products as being one of their most popular and recognizable products and was a leading pioneer in the sugar-free breath mint industry. The parent company began in the late 1880s in Germany, but they have distributing and manufacturing locations throughout the United States with their main headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

In addition to the refreshing nature and convenient packaging of the Ragold Spearmint candies, the ingredients contained in the mints are accommodating for everybody. In addition to being all natural, the mints are also free of gluten and artificial sweeteners. Their motto – “To your health – in good taste? – is printed on the bottom of then tin and they seem to strive to meet that goal in each mint. As a matter of fact, when looking over the list of ingredients, you will only find three things contained in each mint – sorbitol, natural flavors, and magnesium stearate. Others will appreciate the fact that the Ragold Spearmint brand of breath mints is also kosher to accommodate religious and health requirements.

Hershey Kiss Truffles

The Hershey Kiss Truffles are one of the most recent additions to the variety of options that the Hershey Company has included in their line of small bite-sized kisses. The truffles come in an attractive bag that catches your attention as soon as you see it. The midnight blue on the package stands out and gives the candy a classy appearance with the shimmering silver-wrapped morsels on the inside. The chocolate kisses are still wrapped in the classic silver foil that consumers have come to associate with Hershey’s kisses. You can even find a delicious recipe on the back of the package for some tasty-sounding truffle cookies made with the Hershey’s Kiss Truffles in the bag.

At first taste, the Hershey Kiss Truffles have the classic chocolate taste that one would expect from the famous Hershey’s recipe. But the first bite completely changes that first impression. That first bite is definitely impressive, too. Inside the already yummy chocolate morsel is a sweet chocolate gooey center that makes your taste buds ask for more. I let the gooey center rest on my tongue to enjoy the full taste of what the candy has to offer. You can eat the kisses one by one in order to savor the them longer or you can put several in your mouth at one time for a chocolate taste sensation. The sweetness that lies in the middle of these delicious bite-size morsels only adds to the candy’s rich flavor and goodness.

As for the nutritional information, one serving of Hershey’s Kiss Truffles is equal to 9 bite-sized pieces. A serving of these delicious treats has 14 grams of fat and 22 grams of sugar, but the taste that awaits you is well worth a feeling of guilt over indulging in a couple servings. It’s impossible to eat just one morsel, so grab a small handful and sit back to enjoy them. Before you know it, you will have a small pile of tin foil sitting next to you and an empty bag.

The Hershey’s chocolate company has been satisfying the sweet tooth of the nation for over a century. Milton Hershey had a vision in the late 1890s to produce and manufacture quality chocolate treats for the public. With a variety of candy bars, kisses, and other products with the famous Hershey chocolate, they have become one of the largest North American manufacturers of checkout-lane treats. Their constant innovations in their candies continue to please consumers and challenge their taste buds with different combinations of their already popular products.

Andes Chocolate


The Andes chocolate pieces are small little rectangular chunks of chocolate that are wrapped in a colorful piece of foil. They usually come in a pack and the individual pieces are easy to unwrap so you can get right to them with the least amount of frustration and hesitation. But don’t let their small size fool you. The Andes chocolates pack a punch of mint chocolate taste that you won’t be able to resist. The fact that they are small and bite-size only makes it harder to resist their scrumptious taste. I enjoy savoring the small pieces of chocolate by making then into three smaller bites rather than letting the taste go away so quickly.

Andes chocolate pieces have a rich chocolate taste and a smooth texture that makes your tongue savor the experience. One of the things I liked about these chocolate pieces was that it didn’t get stuck in my teeth like many chocolates tend to do. It chews up smoothly and goes down smoothly while having a sweet chocolate mint taste the entire time. Although it looks like one solid piece of chocolate, the Andes pieces are generally a sandwich of two thin pieces of mint-flavored chocolate with an even thinner piece of mint in between.

The Andes Candies Company began in 1921 as a manufacturer of simple chocolate mints and candies for consumers. Since then, the Andes pieces of chocolate that we are familiar with has become the leading after-dinner mint in the world. They are offered in many of the more exclusive and prestigious restaurants as well as family restaurants with more moderately-priced menus. Andes chocolate mints are a refreshing conclusion to any meal or just an everyday treat. In 2000, the company was purchased and is currently a subsidiary of the Tootsie Roll Industries, which distributes many popular candies across North America. These chocolates have come a long way since their beginning over 80 years ago. Other than the plain chocolate mint flavor that they began with, they now have a variety of choices to fit the taste buds of any consumer. Some of the regular flavors include Cherry Jubilee, Mint Parfait, and Toffee Crunch. The company also offers seasonal flavors for an exciting change of pace, including their Peppermint Crunch flavor that is offered during the winter season. Whatever your preference, the Andes chocolates are certain to make you coming back for more.

Sugar Mama Caramels



Sugar Mama Caramels are small pieces of delicious candy entirely for the caramel lover. This candy doesn’t mess around with fancy mixtures or combinations of flavors, but it just pleases the candy lover with its simplicity and pure caramel taste. One of the great things about these caramels is their softness, which makes it easy to chew without getting a lot of the candy stuck in your teeth. Everybody knows how annoying this can be. Part of its softness is because they use milk caramel rather than straight caramel, which is the same reason milk chocolate is much smoother and easier to chew, too. Being bite-sized is another advantage. You can easily unwrap a Sugar Mama Caramel and put it in your mouth and enjoy the caramel taste explosion for the next 10 minutes or so, depending on if you’re a chewer or a if you prefer to let it dissolve in your mouth so you can savor it longer.

The Sugar Mama Caramels come from a family of already existing caramel favorites that include Sugar Babies and, you guessed it, Sugar Daddy caramels. The Sugar Babies product began being manufactured in 1935 as a smaller and easier version of the popular Sugar Daddy candy, which was basically a caramel lollipop on a stick. The Sugar Daddy was created by a confectioner named James Welch in 1925 when it was originally referred to as the Papa. It began being manufactured a few years later and this idea gave birth (so to speak) to the Sugar Babies a few years after that. Now, the candy is distributed by the Tootsie Rolls Industries and it has been a favorite of candy lovers for a long time.

You can go to your favorite candy store and buy these tasty treats. You might be able to find them individually and buy just a few of them, but if it was me, I’d want to buy an entire bag that contains about 60 pieces. Heck, I might even want to buy a few bags. I’m a caramel lover, though. And Sugar Mama Caramels cater to my caramel loving taste buds. You can even go online to your favorite candy website and buy Sugar Mama Caramels there. 


Orbit Gum Crystal Mint

The Crystal Mint flavor of Orbit gum is a breath refreshing gum that is enjoyed by many. Chewers won’t even know that it’s sugar-free because of its great taste that is uncharacteristic of sugarless gums. After chewing a piece of Crystal Mint Orbit gum, you will undoubtedly understand what is meant by the “Just Brushed Clean Feeling? printed on every box. You can feel the ingredients seem to whiten your teeth while making your breath fresher at the same time. From the first chew, you will experience the explosion of a minty outburst that will make you want to keep chewing.

The Crystal Mint flavor is a recently introduced flavor produced by the Orbit section of the Wrigley Company. The packaging makes it convenient for you to put it in your pocket and carry it around with you all day. With the long-lasting flavor, however, you will only need to replace the piece in your mouth once during the day, if at all. The packs come with 14 pieces of easily-opened gum in a slim flip-top box. I enjoyed the smooth texture and the fact that it was soft to chew. Some gums get hard to chew after a few minutes, but Orbit kept its soft nature for several hours. The Crystal Mint flavor is excellent for after lunch or dinner because it will help to freshen your breath when you don’t have access to a toothbrush.

The Orbit brand of gum has had a long history of pleasing consumers and freshening their breath. It began in the United States in 1944 as a precursor to the Wrigley Company’s brand of Extra gum – one of their fastest-selling brands. Orbit uses the same idea of minty freshness that was used in the Extra brand of gum. It was taken off of the market in the United States but enjoyed a deal of popularity in the United Kingdom in the meantime, but in the form of a normal stick of gum. Orbit re-entered the United States market in 2001 and burst onto the scene with its quirky commercials and explosive minty freshness. Other flavors have been introduced to add to its popularity, including Bubblemint, Cinnamint, Citrus Mint, and Spearmint among others. And what’s even better – it’s sugar-free and only 5 calories per piece. You can be sure to enjoy any of the delicious flavors without any guilt or concern to your weight.

Creme Savers Hard Candy Holiday Mix


Creme Savers are one of the tastiest hard candy products on the market. Manufactured by the reputable Wrigley Company, you can be assured that Creme Savers are a quality product that will undoubtedly satisfy your insatiable sweet tooth. I tasted the Eggnog, Gingerbread, and Pumpkin Pie and Cream flavors and I was blown away by how much they actually tasted like the product they were named after. Many candies are supposed to resemble a certain taste, like grape or strawberry, but oftentimes they don’t even resemble the flavor that they are named after. That’s not the case with Creme Savers. After reluctantly tasting the Eggnog flavor first, I was pleasantly surprised and taken back to past Christmas holidays with my family. We would drink Eggnog every Christmas Eve, and this Creme Saver gave me a feeling of nostalgia as it bounced around in my mouth. The Gingerbread and Pumpkin Pie and Cream flavors were the exact same way. The combination of these three flavors have accurately captured an amazing resemblance to the tastes of the winter holidays that can be enjoyed throughout the year.


Creme Savers have been distributed throughout the United States and Canada for several years and has since become the leading dairy hard candy on the market. It is no wonder, either. The many flavors available along with the constant additions of new tasty flavors has undoubtedly added to the popularity of Creme Savers. Currently, the Wrigley Company offers 11 different flavors, including Strawberries and Creme, Chocolate and Caramel Creme, and Orange Creme among others. They also offer limited edition flavors that are only available for a certain time or season, such as the Pina Colada and Mango and Creme flavors. Recently, they have also added a line of Dessert Packs with a variety of flavors. With these and sugar-free flavors available, you are sure to find a Creme Saver flavor that will satisfy your particular tastes. The creamy taste and smooth texture of the candies invites you to let it dissolve naturally in your mouth rather than biting down or chewing on the pieces.


The Creme Savers candies were first distributed by the Life Savers company – one of the leading producers of hard candy in North America and many other countries. Wrigley acquired the Creme Savers line soon after they were introduced and it helped to expand their distribution and popularity. Hopefully, they will continue to think of more flavors to add to their already impressive line of Creme Savers.

BreathSavers Vanilla Mint

Breathsavers are a fun and refreshing way to freshen your breath anytime. With the many different choices on the market, you might not know which one is the best for providing a great taste with a fresh breath. The Hershey’s brand of Breathsavers is one of the better ones available for consumers. You can even be assured by its ability to satisfy because it has the name Hershey behind it, which is one of the most successful candy producing companies in North America. While Breathsavers are not chocolate, the Hershey’s company has been able to transfer their knowledge of chocolate candy products to the breath mint arena with a great deal of success.

The Vanilla Mint Breathsavers have a refreshing minty taste that lets you know it’s working on making your breath fresh while still having a candy-like vanilla taste. You know that it is working because if you let the Breathsaver sit on the tip of your tongue, you will feel a slight tingle from the middle of the minty center. Take a deep breath and you will undoubtedly feel the coolness that the vanilla mint creates within your mouth. This long-lasting candy also seems to have a clearing effect on your sinuses, making it a great treat during the cold winter months. For an even greater experience of the minty freshness, chew on your Vanilla Mint Breathsaver when it is about halfway dissolved to let out the Neutrazin contained within the little piece of candy.

Hershey’s Breathsavers are not only a great tasting candy that freshens your breath, but it’s also not bad for you. For one thing, they are sugar-free so everybody can be sure to enjoy them without guilt. They come in an attractive and eye-catching foil wrapping with 12 in a pack, making them easy and convenient to carry around with you all day either in you purse or your front pocket. Vanilla Mint is one of their popular flavors, but there are several others flavors to satisfy anybody’s tastes. Their first flavor was Peppermint when the line was introduced by the Life Savers Company in 1978. Since then, the Breathsavers line of candies was acquired by the Hershey Company in 2000 and more flavors were quickly introduced. You can choose from flavors like Wintergreen, Citrus Mist, Peppermint, and Spearmint. Hershey’s has also released a special pack of Breathsavers that are longer-lasting, up to three hours. For those special packs, you can choose between Peppermint and Spearmint flavors.