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Gold Mine Bubble Gum Revisited


Please keep in mind that there are other reviews that are posted by others who may or may not have the same opinion on this candy. 

It’s the California Gold Rush! Everyone is packing up their things and heading out west for fortune that is coming up out of the ground! You want in on the action. So you grab your shovel, axe and all your tools to dig up mother earth for this precious treasure. The journey is a savage trek through the wilderness. Mountain Lions and Bears have attacked your camp night after night. You have lost just about everything you started out with. You are hungry and tired and then all of a sudden you see the mountains glowing with gold! The sight itself gives you the strength of forty men! You barrel down the mountain to the river where everyone is pulling up rocks of gold by the handful. You jump in the river and take a hold of a giant rock. You are holding a nugget of gold and you can’t believe your eyes. The myth is true. Gold is coming out of the ground like popcorn from the pan. Popping up all over the place and landing in your hands. You will never have to worry about money again. Your filthy stinking rich!

That’s the feeling you get when you crack open a bag of Gold Mine Bubble Gum. Little nuggets of gold gum await you in a bag that’s right out of the gold rush itself. Gold Mine Bubble Gum gives you that old timely feeling of holding a golden nugget in the palm of your hand. And let’s not be fooled by the taste. You won’t be chewing on something that tastes like dirt. Heck it doesn’t even taste like a rock. But it’s tastes like a golden nugget of flavor flowing down the river of delicious taste. Gold Mine Bubble Gum is a wonderful treat for any time of the day. It makes you feel like you have really struck gold when this guy is in your hands. Not only will your friends be wanting to get in on the action. But you will feel like you have the most prized possession in the world when you have got a hold of Gold Mine Bubble Gum. So good, you think you’ve struck gold, for real!

Orbit Lemon-Lime


If you are a gum chewing fan, like me, than you must take a second to check out the new Lemon-Lime flavor by Orbit Gum. It is a flavor known to many as a simple, yet satisfying, and forever present in our rainbow assortment of candy flavors. This new flavor gives the Orbit fan another wonderful selection in their growing domination of the chewing gum world. Orbit has managed to do something other chewing gums don’t do. They have tried to give us something that is sugar-free yet it tastes better than the sugar packed pieces out there today. Not only do they succeed in giving us a sugar-free gum that tastes better, but they take it a step further and actually look out for the well being of your teeth. By infusing hundreds of small dentists in every piece of gum, when you begin chewing you can actually feel them brushing and cleaning your teeth. Not only are they cleaning your teeth, they are making your breath mint fresh while in turn taking the worry off your shoulders when the time comes to get your check up with you real dentist.

The new Orbit Lemon-Lime falls nothing short of the expectation I had of it before popping a piece in my mouth. The Lemon-Lime Orbit gum is one that stands among the new flavors with just as much if not more flavor than all the others Orbit has recently been putting out. 2007 marks a new year for the Orbit company. Launching a series of new flavors such as Mint Mojito, Raspberry Mint and the new Lemon-Lime, you know that Orbit is hard at work to bring you, the gum chewer, new and improved flavors to keep you satisfied and coming back for more. With the release of these new flavors and more on the way, it only reassures me, a loyal gum chewer to the Orbit empire, that they have yet again and will continue to produce chewing gum rich in flavor and something that leaves your mouth with a clean feeling, without the dentist, no matter what.

Pop Rocks on a Roll


If there was one candy you could take back in time thirty years ago to share with all your friends at the opening night of Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix or The Guess Who, you would bring with you, the one, the only, Pop Rocks and Roll! Okay that was a bit over the top but who could help it with such a name and such a flavor and such a cool concept. First of all you have the world renowned Pop Rocks on lead vocals, and shredding guitar is the amazing force of the fruit roll up. They take center stage of your taste buds and rock you till the early hours of the morning. With their forces combined they form the worlds most awesome band! The Pop Rock and Roll Symphony of taste in your mouth! Never underestimate the power of these two seemingly harmless forces of nature. They are a power to be reckoned with! They say “hey we can hang with the big boys, and guess what, we’re going to show them a thing or two about what it takes to be candies rock gods!?.

The concept behind this magic show is unbelievable fun. You open the fruit roll up and unroll it all the way out. You then get out the bag of Pop Rocks they have provided for you. You slice open that bad mamma jamma filled to the brim with Pop Rocks. Shake a little pop rocks on the fruit roll up and fold up the fruit roll up burrito style to seal in the pop rock!. Then you munch on the candy till you can’t munch no more. You get the satisfaction of your Fruit Roll Up and Pop Rocks all in one go. A little helpful when consuming these bad boys, put on your favorite rock and roll album before you dive into these guys. You then crank up the volume a couple notches and let the good times roll. If the candy isn’t good, well at least you’ve got your rock and roll! I promise you you won’t be let down. Who could even think they would not have a good time? It’s like the Woodstock of candy events! Just without the mud people.

Tongue Splashers Bubble Gum


Now we’ve all heard of the gum that literally changes your mouth a different color when you chew on it. It’s the urban myth of some kid back east who tried one and his mouth stayed blue for years. Or the kid down the street nobody really knew and one day his mother comes to school and tells the principal he was chewing on some gum and his mouth changed green and never went back, and your friend who was in trouble waiting to speak to the principal over heard the conversation and spread the rumor around campus. And then you find out a day later he had to have special dental surgery to remove the color, but there was nothing the dentists could do to help him.  It was too late and the kid would be forever called green mouth. And then one day you are walking through the candy aisle. Perusing the new stuff that comes in. And it hits you like a ton of bricks. You see the label that has claimed the lives of so many mouths. It’s the name that all kids fear more than the boogey man. It’s the gum that strikes fear into the hearts of children everywhere. It could only be one gum. Tongue Splashers!

Alright maybe it’s not that dramatic but when you are a kid, you know the name and the consequences that follow. Tongue Splashers is kind of like that. It is truly the bubble gum that paints your mouth different colors for hours on end. Don’t take these words lightly. I mean every single one of them. If you are brave enough to open the paint bucket can that holds these little time bombs waiting to go off in your mouth, than you’ve come to the right place. Just get some sort of tool you would use to open a real paint can. Pop off the top of the Tongue Splashers Bubble Gum Paint Can and take a second to check out the doom that awaits. Now it doesn’t taste like paint mind you, that would kill you and we certainly do not want that. Make sure you don’t have anywhere to be, and take the ride of the Tongue Splashers Bubble Gum. Munch on it and see how long your mouth stays that color. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Tiny Tarts



These little guys are known all through out the world as little tablets of tart, sweet and full of good times! They are perfect for any occasion and make for an excellent little pick me up. Toss a few in the bag for trick or treaters that come knocking on Halloween. Put a couple in a valentines basket, and you will see why these little guys make it on any occasion. Tiny Tarts come in several scrumptious flavors like Lemonade, Orange, Sour Apple and Raspberry. Pop one in your mouth and watch your vision be obscured by flavor, you will go dizzy from taste and leave you craving more. They are the perfect little treat when you are looking for that one thing to hit the spot where all other candy can do no right.

They are the youngest sibling to some other well known treats you might have already heard of maybe even already have tried. Candies like Care Bears Gummi Bears, Cookie Dough Bites, Muddy Bears and Sqwiggles. All of which have broken through into the mainstream candy confectionaries and made way for their new addition the Tiny Tarts. Though the Tiny Tarts have some work ahead of them to beat out such names like Shock Tarts or Sweet Tarts it’s easy to see where these Tiny Tarts will take there place among the tart candy giants. They are just as good and just as worthy as any other tart candy out there on the shelves today. Check them out for yourselves, if you are not satisfied well then there is something wrong with your taste buds my friend!



Gummi-Aid Fruit Flavored Gummies


“For Life’s Boo Boos?

So let’s say you were one of the kids that got a golden ticket and were let into Willy Wonka’s factory. You make it inside but not all the way to the end. Your curiosity grabs a hold of you. You feel the urge to venture into a sacred part of the factory you shouldn’t. You get lost in a dark tunnel, but the smell of candy, chocolate, sour and sweet keep you running for more. Suddenly without seeing you trip and fall and get all kinds of banged up. What would you do? Do you call for help having ventured off the path? Do you crawl to the other side of the tunnel to the candy? Do you get medical treatment? Well one of the first things you should do is slap on a Gummi Band-Aid. Nothing could heal your wounds faster than a Gummi Band-Aid. It has the magic and all the splendid wonder that comes with quick healing and fast relief that a good Band-Aid should.

If you are like me, all thumbs, two left feet and clumsy since the day you were born, you might get a kick out of this. Gummi-Aid. They are Band-Aids in the flavor and shape and consistency and taste and everything similar to a band aid, just in Gummi form. In three flavors for you to enjoy. Now the idea of Band-Aids as a treat might not sound to appealing, but believe you me these guys are well worth the risk. You can put them in the medicine cabinet and take one to you friends when they are hurt and watch the reaction they will get. Not only will they think it’s a god treat but watch as the pain fades away as they snack on such a Gummi treat. Gummi-Aid has cured many a “boo boo” as y grandma would call it, while I was outside playing or rough housing with my younger brother. Sure enough one of us would get hurt and she would have to separate us. But we knew what was coming. Gummi-Aid. And sometimes we would fight just so we could get the treat. Gotcha Grandma!

Skittles Bubble Gum

When I asked my girlfriend for a piece of gum I had no idea she would hand me the new Skittles Xtreme Fruit Bubble Gum. I looked at her and said “I’m no stranger to the skittles, the good lord knows I love me many a skittle, but why on earth would you hand me a skittle, when I asked for a piece of gum?? She replied “This is no ordinary skittle, one I bet you have never had?. I looked at her puzzled wondering what prank she had up her sleeve. Sure enough I popped one in my mouth and the amazement that followed was nothing like I had ever expected. I kept chewing and chewing. And chewing and chewing. Wondering how this skittle could last so long. I’m used to the skittles lasting at least ten chews or less, but here I am chomping away and the thing hasn’t dissolved away. I then realized this couldn’t be an ordinary skittle. This wasn’t the familiar friend I was used to. SO I asked her again “What did you give me? Not only is this one of the best skittles I have ever had, but I keep chewing like it’s some sort of bubble gum? And do you know what she told me? Well I’ll tell you. She says “That’s what it is. It’s the new Skittles Xtreme Fruit Bubble Gum?. Realizing I’d been chewing on a piece of bubble gum posing as a skittle, my worries were brought to rest.

The new Skittles Xtreme Fruit Bubble Gum is that and so much more. Now if you know what I’m talking about and have you yourself “tasted the rainbow? you know that skittles will never fail at bringing you all the flavors a rainbow might taste like. These guys take it a step farther and actually form into a piece of bubble gum. Now let’s talk about the flavor. Not only are they Xtreme in the truest sense, but you’ve got all the wonderful flavors that come in a regular bag of skittles, just magnified by ten thousand! They don’t play around over there at the skittles factory. They jam pack every little bit with the most flavor as any skittle I have ever had the pleasure of eating.

Pixy Stix



Anybody who has had a pixy stick can attest to the story about to be unveiled. Alright let me take you back to elementary school. Maybe fifth grade, maybe fourth somewhere in that time frame. I was an active young kid to say the least, who wasn’t. I’m going trick or treating and God knows what my mother let me wear. So I’m out running around with my friends and one of them gets what looks like a stick of power. I ask him what he got. He tells me has gotten the infamous Pixy Stick. My first reaction is Pixies. The little fairies. And he says to me not Pixies, Pixy. Kind of like Pixy Dust. Ah, ha. So he tears open the top tells us to open our mouths. He pours a little in and says what do you think? Give it about five seconds and you feel like a Pixy has just slapped you in the face with Pixy Dust. You are flying around the town at the speed of light. This was the most amazing thing I had ever tried. There we were, all of my friends thinking we were flying like little Pixy Fairies. When I get home my mom looks at my eyes rolling around in my head ike a Disney cartoon character and asks what I had. Nothing I said. Didn’t fool mom. From there on out she inspected the candy I had gotten that night. Probly a good thing.

Everyone and their mother has had a Pixy Stick. Even the older folks who say they don’t like sugar, has had a Pixy Stick. It’s flavored powder put in a little stick. That’s the concept but the idea is that it’s a little pixy wand filed with pixy dust. At least that’s what we thought growing up. The bad part is that when we had pixy stick fights we would get save up as many as we could and have a pixy stick war! We would tear open the tops of countless amounts of pixy sticks and throw them all other one another. Then out came the parents to ruin the fun we were having. But not before we would turn on them. Pixy dust was everywhere. All over us, our friends, our parents, the front yard the house from trying to clean it off. Mom wasn’t mad so much as not happy about the ants that would follow the next morning. In short these little guys are much more fun than meets the eye. It’s a Pixy Stick. How much more fun could it get.


Clarks Teaberry Gum


This gum has some real old fashioned flair and taste to it. It has a consistency that makes all other gums of today taste like they are pieces of sugar coated in hard gross plastic. Clarks Teaberry is one of those gums that in spite of its size is mixed with an unbelievable taste and seems as though it is expanding not only in size but in flavor by the bite. Something that other gums are highly lacking in the sugar packed pieces of today. Usually those pieces begin to harden and lose form and taste by breaking apart in your mouth about ten seconds into it, but something about Clark’s Teaberry Gum keeps you chewing and chewing long after you have put one in your mouth. Now it’s not focusing on being a breath freshener like other chewing gums out there, but this one sure is tasty! It holds some serious flavor for some serious time! No wonder why they always say the “Good Old Days?. When the cars were made to run. The clothes were fresh. The food was filling, and good for you. And the chewing gum lasted. Ah the good old days.

Clove Chewing Gum


Ladies and Gentleman, please sit back and relax. We have a special treat for you today. Coming all the way from your memoryies we give you, the lady of the night, the gangster of gum, the more sophisticated gum chewer, I present to you, something that will take you back to the good old days. Something all you old timers out there will surely enjoy and remember as this blog goes by. Let me take you back to your local music hall, or a hole in the wall club, where the women would sit a top the piano, with a stiff drink in one hand and a long clove cigarette in the other, entertaining crowds all through the early hours of the morning. Singing soft ballads of a new love on the way and a lover now gone. With the dim lights spilling onto the stage. The smoke that fogs the room. The smell of cheap drinks and thrills had by all. All you can see in the hall are the lit embers of the ends of cigarettes bouncing up and down in conversations. The smoke filling the air around their heads makes up the atmosphere of the clove gum.

Clove gum takes you back to those days when everything seemed right in the world. Back when you pop would get a shave and the Corleone family would stop in for a visit. Of course I’m a young man and know nothing of these days, but they remind of old musicals my grandmother used to make me watch when I was a young kid. The smell of grandpa’s smoking jacket smells like that of the clove cigarette. One pop of this stick and you will know exactly what I am talking about. It has a distinct smell and distinct flavor to it. I myself have had a few clove cigarettes and can testify that these are exactly what they taste like. Clove gum tastes exactly like clove cigarettes. Smooth. Cool. You feel like the gangster outside New York City. Or the lady on the piano singing your audience into a daze. You will not be let down, and brought back to the time when clove cigarettes helped define this era.