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I have seen these oddly-shaped packages in the stores, but I never thought about trying one. One of the allures of a Toblerone, though, is the packaging. Instead of a traditional candy bar wrapper, Toblerones come in long, slender triangular cardboard package. It definitely stands out from the candies surrounding it on the shelf. Even more, the lettering on the box is raised. If you run your finger across it, you can feel the letters that spell out “Toblerone.? The color scheme is also interesting. A yellow box with maroon lettering immediately draws your attention away from the normal candy bars around it. The quality of the packaging is indicative of what you will find inside. I opened one end and pulled the candy bar out, which was wrapped in typical candy bar foil for freshness and quality. The actual candy bar is made up of little chocolate triangles that are held together by a strip of chocolate which seems to replicate the mountain scenery of the Switzerland mountain ranges. Part of the fun of eating a Toblerone is that you can break off a triangle at a time to eat it.

The taste of Toblerones is as high of a quality as you would expect from candy made in Switzerland. First, the chocolate is tasty. It’s got a different taste than the normal chocolate candy bars that I am used to eating. It could be because of the honey and almonds on the inside. I like the combination of chocolate and almonds, so this was a pleasant surprise. I normally don’t like to read the ingredients before trying a new candy so I can be hit with the flavor without expectations. But I can safely say the Toblerone greatly exceeded what I expected with the honey and nougat mixed into the chocolate pieces. The almonds and honey are not overwhelming, leaving the chocolate to be the main focus.

Since Toblerones are made in Switzerland with Swiss milk chocolate, you can be sure that each candy bar is made with the best quality products available. According to their website, they are made with the best of ingredients that are imported from all over the world.

Dilbert Mints


Ragold has a proven record of creating and distributing some of the best tasting mint products on the market. This new line of mints is no exception. Although the mints are tasty and refreshing, the best part about them isn’t the mints, but it’s the container that the mints are packaged in. Ragold produced a whole line of their popular mints but they used a smart marketing strategy by putting them in tins with Dilbert comic strips on the front. As a big fan of Dilbert, these mints got my attention right away, which is probably what the company was hoping for. Ragold produced several different Dilbert scenes, each one with a different theme related to the office work environment. Other than the Pay-mints version that I tried, the company also has Accomplish-mints, Manage-mints, Improve-mints, and Perfor-mints, among others. For huge Dilbert fans, the tins might be a collectible. What’s even better is that once you open the lid of the tin, there is a Dilbert comic strip on the inside of the lid. Other than the attractive packaging for these Ragold breath refreshers, the mints on the inside are even shaped like tiny Dilbert characters from the popular comic strip.

Ragold’s line of Dilbert mints can serve a variety of purposes. For instance, you can leave an open tin of these mints on your desk for people walking by. If you’re worried about your own bad breath, you can start your day off with a few mints and then use a few more after lunch to avoid that dreaded food or garlic breath. You can have spaghetti and garlic bread for lunch and then Ragold’s Pay-mints will help to freshen your breath afterwards. Be assured that the description on the tin – Peppermint Intense – is no exaggeration or embellishment. These mints are strong so you know it’s doing what it’s supposed to be doing. On top of that, these are also great conversation pieces with the comic strip and the little character-shaped mints on the inside. Buy these mints by the case for a month’s supply or to pass out to others. With only 2.5 calories per mint, you can be sure to enjoy the breath freshening qualities and tastiness throughout the day.

Jols Sugar-Free Orange Pastilles


These little guys are truly from a different world. They are smaller than a dime and contain all the elements that are in a fruit snack that is good for you. It has no sugar, no fat, all natural fruit flavor and all natural color making these orange guys a snack to enjoy almost anytime of the day. Now when was the last time you had something like this? A so called “candy? that was brought to the forefront of the candy industry and was able to do so well among huge chocolate corporate names. Here is a little guy trying to make a name for himself in the vast sea of confections out there today. It’s about time we took a moment to recognize the little guy. The entrepreneur in us all. To anyone who ever had an idea they tried to pursue and has made their living the honest way. This little guy stands up for all you out there and says “Yes you can do something good. Not only for the others out there that love candy, but the ones who want a treat that isn’t crammed with all the preservatives and sweets. This is something for you to enjoy that is not only good, but good for you!?

All the big names have thousands of dollars in marketing and promotional gimmicks. Putting their name on t-shirts. Spending thousands on football commercials. Advertising at bus stops and movie theaters all across the globe. As well as stamping their name into the household of every class with a hard shove of smoke and mirrors that makes up today‘s marketing ploys to get customers to simply by off impulse and not thinking. But not very often do we get to see the little man. Not very often are they given the attention they so deserve. The attention they have earned. When you have something like Jols Orange Pastilles you know you are going to get your moneys worth. Not only in the sense of a satisfying treat but helping to make a good thing great! Here is a little all natural snack for everyone. Their slogan is “We added lots of luscious natural fruit flavor, then we took out all the sugar?. And boy have they stuck true their slogan and taken out all the bologna. Jols Orange Pastilles will stand the test of time by offering a treat that’s good for you.

Wrigley Juicy Fruit


There is only one fruit gum filled to the brim with juicy goodness. It’s the chewing gum that lay siege to all other chewing gums. It’s taste that makes the god’s weep with joy upon consumption. It’s the taste that’s really, really gonna move you. Move you from here to Timbuktu. It’s the raw power of the Juicy Fruit. Packed with so much Juicy Fruitiness you have no other choice but to go into a seizure like state upon chewing this extraordinary stick gum. It’s the gum that brings the party with it wherever it goes. It’s the gum that is a party all on it’s own. It needs no help from any other outside resources, it can handle any obstacle thrown it’s way. It is the most original chewing gum out there today. Nothing can say it is like the Juicy Fruit, and if it is, well then that’s blasphemy. You can not call yourself apart of the Juicy Fruit, you are an impostor! There is only one true Juicy Fruit and that’s the Juicy Fruit!

Juicy fruit is the gum that you can’t help but laugh when you hear the name. Juicy Fruit? Really? That’s what they named this guy? I know that’s what you are thinking but once you have indulged in this delicacy you will know why they have dubbed it with such a silly name. Not only is the gum truly Juicy, oozing with flavor with every smack, but the surprising thing about the juice is probably your mouth. You are helping to bring out the party in every stick. In every bite. In every chew you chomp. Now the fruit is something else all together. It is packed with I don’t know how many different flavors. Probably every single one. Because it is way to hard for me to identify. My energy kicks in after about three seconds and I’m off in La La land with my Juicy Fruit. But of those three seconds I can tell you it is absolute bliss. You have so many favors running a marathon across your taste buds you would think you were smack dab in the middle of The Running of The Bulls. And your taste buds are the running from the bull guys and the flavor are the bulls charging across the field. Take it from me, this is something you have to get on before it’s too late and you are ninety years old and break a hip trying to do the dance of joy.

Droste Pastilles


Anyone who is a true chocolate connoisseur will know what I’m talking about when it comes to the pure real taste of Droste Pastilles. These chocolates don’t waste time with gimmicks or anything like that. They get to the point. They are one of the chocolate treats out there that are so sophisticated it’s takes a certain type of person out there who likes these to keep coming back for more. Know this isn’t the kind of chocolate you gobble down. No that would be rude and out of form. You take your time with these imported chocolates. Like spices from around the world, you don’t slap them on and chomp away. Nay. You take your time. Like making love to your taste buds, these Droste Pastilles have the same effect. They are the chocolate that is taking it’s time. Much like the way it is manufactured for greatness. The men and women of Holland are not throwing gallons of bad chocolate beans into the mixer. They are carefully and calmly treating every piece as if it is their last. That is how they take care of their of their chocolate over there. It is looked after like a small infant, preparing for the world.

Droste is the name that brings people to their knees. When you hear this name you know you are getting nothing short of perfection. I’m not joking folks, this chocolate is one of the best out there. If not one of the best, thee best! I say that with a full heart. And confidence on my side. Have you ever had Droste? Have you? NO?! What is the matter with you. This should be kept a secret. Everyone in the world should know about the glorious wonder that is Droste. They are the chocolate that has been sought after by kings and queens since it’s inception. How could you have missed the eighth wonder of the world. That is how amazing this chocolate is! And not only do they come in different types like Dark Chocolate, and Milk chocolate and so many other flavors my fingers ache when I try to type them. You must seek out this treasure immediately and pass on the knowledge of this divine treat to everyone you come into contact with! Quit reading go find it! NOW!


I’m guessing these are the older brother to the aforementioned Sqyntz! Now it’s got the same psychedelic tin cover. Just with less colors and no tie-dye. It’s more of an acid nightmare one might have experienced in the early 60’s. However they contain the same “Low Carb? label that was on the Sqyntz!. There is unfortunately no Vitamin C label on the tin. Which does in a way make me a little sad. I was hoping for a little vitamins with my Wintermynt Blast. But lets give these guys the same attention we gave to the Sqyntz!. Let’s not do the injustice of judging a book by its cover. These guys could be better than the other. These guys could possess some super human strength in them. Like Popeye and his spinach. This could very well be your spinach. But you’d never know because you were to busy judging the tin, as I was. And I put myself in that category of judging before trying too, so don’t you go pointing fingers I call it like I see it! I know I have committed the same crime as you. And frankly I’m okay with that. I can live with myself simply because I know I am about to judge by it’s contents. I have the tin in front of me and ready to consume the minty freshness that awaits.

Upon opening the tin I am hit with a different smell. And a different strength. These little guys sure have a kick behind them. I wasn’t expecting such a powerful scent. Alright now let me say these guys are way better than their younger sibling. These guys have quite the power behind them I had smelled when I opened up the tin. They pack a real punch of minty freshness that is almost making my eyes water. Wow I have never been this pleasantly surprised as I am with these Myntz. Alright while I’m off getting tissue for my tears of joy break open a case of these and make sure you take my words as caution. Be careful when you underestimate the opponent. They might come at you like a Mint Breath mint. Full of powerful freshness that means business.


SO the name on the tin says, Sqyntz!. I’m wondering if they mean what they say. Do they mean Sqyntz as in you will squint from it being so “Super Sour?. Or do they mean you are going to make the squinting sound because they are that good. One can only hope none of these are going to happen. Sqyntz Super Sours look like something out of the 70’s. The psychedelic tin with tie-dye swirls only makes one wonder what lies within. Now it says it is “Low Carb? which is good, because I’m trying to watch my girlish figure after all that holiday food and candy. It also says it has Vitamin C, which is also good because, Vitamin C is good. And good for you. Never underestimate the power of your vitamins kids. Upon opening the tin I am hit with the familiar smell of tart sour fruity goodness. But hidden underneath that is a distinct smell of something else. It could only be that Vitamin C they had told me about on the cover. So with that in mind I further inspect the tin and find that there are three colors awaiting me. And which to try first. The Green, Orange or Purple?

Now I am no stranger to flavor. The Green has got to be Sour Apple. The Orange, well Orange right? I mean how many other flavors could be Orange. And last but not least Purple, it has to be Grape. So here we go. Not as sour as other candies I have had before but you can definitely taste the vitamin C. Now I don’t know if the sugar and the Vitamins are supposed to be mixed like this I can tell you it is pretty darn good my friends! I wasn’t expecting this at all. I have to tell you this is quite the surprise. These babies are actually quite good. I think out of the three. My favorite has to be the Green. Sour Apple more than likely. Over all these guys weren‘t as psychedelic and super sour as they had originally disclaimed in the outset, but I do give high marks for taste and flavor. These might have a tough time competing against other more well known sour treats but I believe they have an edge others do not. And that‘s the Vitamin C.

Before & After Mints


So tonight you have the date of a lifetime and everything has to go just as planned or you know your confidence will diminish into dust. So you go out and get just the right outfit. You make all the proper dinner arrangements. Saved up a few extra bucks to get them something while you are out (if it goes that long). You get everything perfect as perfect can be. You hop in the shower and do your hair. You put on the outfit and slap on some sweet cologne or perfume (depending on who you are) and you are now ready to face your fate. Oh wait! Before you go out you have to make sure the most important thing of all is ready to go. How could you forget such a task in your regimen. How could you over look this last and final detail. You have to make sure your breath smells good. Other wise you might as well call off the whole thing you dumb dummy! So what to get? Do you go for a cinnamon? A cool fresh? A fruit? SO many choices and not enough time! There’s the doorbell, you are seconds away from doom! Wait wait wait, don’t get all crazy before you go out there. There is only one thing you need to have. It’s your Before & After Mints. Pop one in Before you go out, and watch the magic unfold.

So the night is going well. The dinner was amazing (a little pricey but worth it). Then you are off to the dance floor where things are getting heated up. You get close on the dance floor and all sweaty. So you decide to slow things down by taking a little stroll through the park. Holding hands and walking close to one another. This is where the night should be going. (Take notes if you are no good at this, this is god stuff I’m giving you here). So it’s time to go back home and call it a night. You get to the front door and ask them to come inside. This is where you put on the moves. Dim the lights. Light a candle. Spread the rose petals on the bed. It’s that time for the After part. After the night has come to a close you pop in the mint that puts you in mood for love. The Before & After Mints get any romantic mood prepared for the night. Pop one in Before you get ready for the night of dinner and dancing. And one after the night is over and trust the name that has brought good times to many people out there. Before & After.



It’s that time of the year when love is in the air. It’s that month of the year when the red and pink are dawned for all to see. When you tell that special someone in your life that they are the ones for you. It’s that time of the year you approach your crush. It’s that time of the year when you send your love to everyone out there. It’s that time of the year you wish would never go away. It’s Valentine’s Day! Paying tribute to the day of the year when history says the Saint Valentine…well wait there’s actually a lot of stories about this famous holiday. Probably the most famous is the man that dies professing his love to his one and only. Yes he was slain in the name of love. For what reasons, think Romeo and Juliet. Guy loves girl, girl loves guy, girl’s family hates the guy (wow that’s still relevant) so family goes after the poor guy and all hell breaks loose, basically ending in blood shed. My point is this is the month where we celebrate love. Love to everyone. Your lover, you mother, father, brother sister, and everyone you see passing by on the street. Open doors for strangers. Drop some change to the homeless guy. Call your family to say hi. Do everything you can to spread the love.

One really good way is to get those gifts of love for whomever you are going to spend the day with. Flowers and candies and chocolates and cakes. One of the most renowned treats is the Sweetheart. Those little sweet tarts that say “Miss You? and “Call Me? “Kiss Me? “I Love you? and the most famous of all catch phrases on the day of love, perhaps because of it’s unknown affection to that person about to read the little note on the candy, “Be Mine? OH! The sound of that brings back memories of a goofy little me in third grade handing it to the girl next to me and seeing her reaction as the teacher walks over to inspect the innocent candy I had given her. She looks at the two of us and says “Oh you kids are so cute?. AH the days of young love. How cute and awkward they were. The Sweetheart is the ultimate Valentine candy. SO do yourself a favor and pick up a pack of these and spread the love with everyone. Happy Valentines Day!

Sour Punch Rope


So you know those little guys on the front of the candy box that looks like he’s chewing on a lightning bolt? That ain’t no lighting bolt, that’s a Sour Punch Rope ya’ll! It’s what happens when you try to take on the raw power of Sour Punch. It’s not called sour so you can withstand the kick in the face you get, it’s not called power so you can muscle this thing down or your Popeye pounding can after a can of spinach. No buddy I don’t think so. It’s called Sour, Punch, Rope, for a reason. Because It’s the Gummy treat that kicks all other Gummy treats to the floor with it’s lightning bolt action karate chop! Seriously guys this is not something I recommend anyone jut pick and try. This is not for the weak at heart. Oh and women who are pregnant shouldn’t eat this either, your kid might come out looking like the Hulk or some weird looking X-Men.

These guys don’t mess around. They have severe sour power action wrapped in a hurricane of crazy nestled in a tornado righteousness. These guys can also be found in other cool creations like Sip N’ Chew, where you bite off the ends and measure to what length you want your sour power straw. And once you are done consuming your beverage, you have a snack to keep you company. You can check all the delicious yet powerful flavors of the regular Sour Straws found at just about anywhere. But be warned, for you have heard from the horses mouth itself that these are not for anyone. These are for the more advanced candy consumer. The ones who dare to go beyond the borders of normal and cross over into the land of SOUR POWER!