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Wolfgang Sweet Dark Chocolate Covered Fruit Candies

Wolfgang Candies is an American, family-run business opened since 1921. (Don’t confuse these with restaurateur Wolfgang Puck’s line of products.) Though they are lesser known than some of the big guys (Nestle, Hershey’s, and others), they have been perfecting their craft for four generations. And it shows in products like their Sweet Dark Chocolate Covered Candies. These are, in a word, delectable, and just what their name says they are. Think chocolate covered cherries gone wild! Now you have fresh fruits like blueberries, raspberries, and even cranberries packed into dark chocolate truffles and individually wrapped for freshness. These are not your typical Christmastime cherry cordials with the milky, creamy filling—these are crafted to perfection, with more fruit flavor in the filling than is typical with truffles.

These candies are regal in appearance, with shiny foil wrappers and the company logo emblazoned all around. The Wolfgang Company sells these in 5-ounce bags and 12-ounce gift boxes—and they would make a fantastic gift for the dark chocolate lover on your shopping list. Wolfgang chocolates also are always at home in your candy dish.
They are great to take to a party or to leave as a hostess gift, but they are most at home in your mouth. I didn’t want to stop eating the chocolate covered blueberries or raspberries (not a surprise, since I’m a huge dark chocolate fan), but the cranberries also pleasantly surprised me. They pair with chocolate in an unexpectedly tasty way. If you’re looking for something different to please your palate, try Wolfgang’s chocolate pretzel tins, peanut brittle, chocolate covered nuts, caramel, sugar-free candies, and holiday items like chocolate Santas and snowmen. The Wolfgang Company is also a friend to the community, manufacturing special seasonal products especially for churches, school groups, and other associations.