Monthly Archives: June 2008

Flix Batman Push Puppet

The Flix Batman Push Puppet is candy with a bonus. The entire topper is a Batman toy (his arms wave up and down when you push on the base) that you can save after the candy is long gone. Kids are crazy about this candy product because it just screams “play with your food.” But the packaging is so complicated that you’re lucky to even get the candy out of the tube—I couldn’t open this for the longest time. Once you do get it open, you’ll be able to remove the toy topper and fill your mouth with candy in the shape of bats. With their great, sugary crunch, the tiny bat candies are about the size of Tic Tacs and come in shades of grays and purples. I couldn’t really distinguish a flavor—just tasted like sugar in my opinion. But that’s okay, because these candies are more for looks than anything else. The novelty of eating your favorite superhero is enough for most to pick it up off the shelves and buy it.

Specializing in novelty candy and licensed candy brands like Disney, Flix Candy Company is based in Illinois. Their candies make a wonderful gift for a special occasion (whether that’s a birthday, Christmas or Easter), and you won’t go broke trying to buy a candy that has a toy in the same package. The company also sells High School Musical and Hannah Montana candies for the next generation of kids destined for superstardom. It’s hard to resist these products for their familiarity. (C’mon, Batman would never make a second-rate candy! His powers must extend to candy….) But they’re not like some of the old favorites, like Peanut M&Ms or Jolly Ranchers, where you’re just destined to come back for more. All in all, Flix Batman Push Puppet is worth a shot, so long as you don’t have to fly halfway across Gotham to buy it.