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Hershey Kisses Cherry Cordial

As a limited edition product, Hershey recently released Cherry Cordial Kisses. The familiar milk chocolate kiss is now filled with a liquid cherry center. Each Cherry Cordial Kiss is wrapped in special foil to distinguish it from the pack—magenta with a zebra-like black swirl.

From what I can tell, the reviews on these are mixed. Some candy addicts would like to see Cherry Cordial Kisses available year-round! Others think the cherry filling tastes a bit like medicine. I’m leaning more toward the medicine analysis, but I can still see and appreciate why others might fall in love. First off, cherry cordial candies are reminiscent of Christmastime. I used to get a box of the creamy-filled candies each year in my stocking, with a chew maraschino cherry inside waxy-tasting chocolate. Hershey Kisses, while they inspire the same sentiment, don’t have a cherry inside—just light pink liquid filling. Not nearly as thick and creamy as traditional cherry cordial filling, Hershey’s cherry filling gushes out as soon as you sink your teeth in.

Milk chocolate Kisses are such a good thing; I can’t imagine making them any better by filling them with cherry goo. In fact, I don’t think any of the variations from the original (Hershey’s Hugs, Kisses with Caramel or Peanut Butter) are as satisfying as solid milk chocolate. But if you’re game for possible disappoint, potential delight, pick up a bag and give them a shot. One serving (9 kisses . . . I didn’t make it that far) has 180 calories and 7 grams of fat. Unlike the original Hershey Kisses, released over a century ago, these aren’t here to stay. But if people buy them up fast enough, who knows when they might be re-released.

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Albanese 12 Flavor Gummies


Who knew that we had beets to thank for one of the best candies on the planet? The second ingredient listed on Albanese 12 Flavor Gummies is, in fact, beet sugar! All produce aside, I was instantly drawn to this product, being a fan of gummy candy and wondering what the 12 advertised flavors could be.

These soft and luscious chewy gummy bears come in 12 amazing color-flavor combinations: Ornery Orange (of course, in orange), Poppin’ Pineapple (yellow), Granny Smith Apple (dark green), Rrripe Watermelon (in the not-so-obvious pale aqua/blue), Lickin’ Lemon (bright yellow), Wild Cherry (red), Bodacious Banana (pale yellow), Luscious Lime (pale green), Freshhh Strawberry (dark pink), Rockin’ Raspberry (dark blue), Groovy Grapefruit (pale pink), and Concord Grape (purple). You’ll need the color code on the back of the package to keep them all straight, though the flavors themselves are bright and fruity—totally what you’d expect from Albanese, a quality confections company since 1983.

I loved these gummies, and was so glad to have more than one bag handy. The 5-ounce package isn’t quite enough to share, because you’ll want to try all of your favorite flavors several times over. My favorites had to be Banana, Grapefruit and Grape, because you just don’t see those flavors honored in the gummy candy world—not very often, at least.
Touted the “world’s best” gummies, these candies are (as the package states) bursting with flavor! If you try these gummies and like them, check out Albanese Gummi Army Guys, Gummi Jet Fighters, Assorted Krunch Bears (coated with candy sprinkles) and Gummi Cola Bottles! In addition to gummies, Albanese is famous for their gold label chocolates and premium fresh-roasted nuts.

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