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Wazoo Candy Bar

What can we say about the Wazoo Candy Bar? Originality is key here, meaning there’s nothing like this on the market—no candy even comes close. With carnival-colored sprinkles dressing up a cotton-candy-colored blue chew, this rainbow-inspired candy bar is sugar and corn syrup at its best.

The inside boasts a layer of bright pink taffy atop turquoise chew, giving you an overall raspberry flavor that’s pretty close to perfection. Surrounding the taffy bar is a layer light blue layer resembling white chocolate. Think of a Charleston Chew gone completely fruity, and slap on some purple, yellow, red and pink sprinkles for good measure. Even the aroma of this candy is appealing, with floral undertones. After finishing this candy, you can’t help but scope out the wrapper for remainders. Were there any orphaned sprinkles? Yes…and with the taste of rainbow Nerds, the sprinkles are in fact the best part. This candy bar isn’t without its caloric content, however. The modest-sized bar boasts 170 calories and 5 grams of fat. For you’re the same taste you could get from fat-free taffy, you can probably satisfy your sweet tooth elsewhere and be just as happy.

The Wazoo Bar is brought to us by Topps, the company famous for bubble gum in baseball cards. The company’s marketing materials beckon candy fans to “excite their taste buds with Wazoo.” After diving in, I’d have to say that’s easy to do with this fun-tastic candy bar. Also available in Wild Berriez flavor, this candy is a delight with yellow and pink taffy, wrapped in lavender-colored coating with multi-colored sprinkles. Can’t decide on a flavor? You’ll probably want to try pick up a few of both flavors, because all of your friends will want a bite of this unique candy bar. And at just over 4 inches long, you’ll likely find that there’s really not enough to go around.

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