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Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge

Was this candy invented by the sewer-dwelling Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles themselves? Is Shredder somewhere on the loose in a candy factory somewhere in America? Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge is a chewy taffy bar that makes eating a “box of boogers” look safe. I’m a little bit confused about the connection between eating candy and marketing nuclear warfare (there’s a cartoonish, googly-eyed mushroom cloud on the cover resembling the destruction at Hiroshima—and boy, doesn’t that just make you want to chomp down?). But hey, candy is candy, so I ripped open the wrapper of the blue raspberry variety with hopes that this candy would not kill me. It was stretchy and chewy like a taffy should be, but I was a bit ill by the super-sour taste. But if Toxic Waste bars are meant to make you think of highly toxic chemicals in your mouth, they are right on target. This tastes like what I’d imagine sour antifreeze candy to taste like, and it’s the exact color of toilet bowl cleaner. Sour candy fans may get a kick out of this, but it tame enough that you won’t curl up in pain. Try the sour apple and cherry Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge bars for comparison, but don’t blame me if your body develops a serious chemical imbalance.

Made by Candy Dynamics in Indianapolis, Toxic Waste candy not only puts out sour taffy, but also Sour Dip & Lick Lollipops, Sour Candy Spray and Hazardous Hard Candies. What I do love about this candy is that on the wrapper, there’s a little logo that says, “Toxic Waste Candy sponsors a cleaner planet,” urging you not to litter. Now isn’t that just ironic? The crazy picture of Professor Sauernoggin (makes me think of sauerkraut) on the wrapper is also a hit.

High School Musical Back Pack Snacks

Haven’t we had enough of High School Musical already? From Broadway to an every-other-day showing on the Disney Channel, to promotional products out the wazoo, I’m starting to wonder if these smiley-faced kids ever do anything but sing and dance their teenage years away. That said, the brilliant marketers at Flix Candy are getting in on The Great Mouse’s (a.k.a. Mickey’s) grand plan by selling High School Musical candies. Disney Back Pack Snacks are tiny carryall bags for candy (picture a Barbie-sized pack, maybe a little larger). The High School Musical backpack is bright and fun, promising that you’ll have a novelty toy to use as a change purse after the candy is long gone. Yes friends, the gang’s all here and ready to have a good time. Inside the bag’s zipper are some tinier clear plastic bags of “candy sports balls,” which are similar to Sweetarts, but basketball-shaped. The pastel colored sports balls are chalky in texture, a bit tart, a bit sugary. I wasn’t addicted by any means, but they didn’t taste bad. What interests me most about this candy is that the candy itself isn’t related to High School Musical at all—just the packaging. Remarkably, they can throw a “name” on it and get so many kids hyped up about something they’d normally turn up their nose at—a plastic pack of generic “sports ball” candies. But if there’s any chance that Zac Efron or Ashley Tisdale eats them—well, by golly, I’d better have some too!

Verdict: If you’re in need of satisfying your sweet tooth and no more, stick with regular Sweetarts and save the planet. But if you know a little High School Musical fan who’d be thrilled to pieces to tote this mini backpack on his or her keychain, you’ve got an idea for an affordable yet thoughtful gift. That’s if the kids don’t already have everything with the High School Musical name attached to it.

Fascini Sour Snagx

Snag some for yourself, because Fascini Sour Snagx are scrumptious! With four flavors packed into one bite-size, sour snack, this candy has it all. You’ll love these if you like Sour Patch Kids. Inside each rainbow-colored strip is strawberry, apple, tutti frutti, blue raspberry goodness that’s sour, but not in an eye-watering way. The candy has a slight waxy taste to it, though that won’t keep you from pounding ‘em down. Don’t worry—these candies are low in fat and a single serving package has about 200 calories. But their gummy substance does well to fill you up, so you might even throw a bag of these in your pocket or purse to tide you over before dinner. The packaging is a little dull—lots of primary colors, and it reminds me of the old Fruit Stripe Gum commercials that once aired on Saturday morning TV. But the mini fruit-gum characters on the wrapper look like they’re having a good time, so why not join in the fun?

You may not know it, but Fascini is almost 100 years old as a company. Unfortunately, this Netherlands-based family business hasn’t always made candies. Remarkably, they got their start in 1911 making products such as fly catchers and rat poisoning! Their first edible product was licorice, meant to sooth winter colds and sore throats, and soon peppermint candies were added to the line. Sour, sugar-coated gummy candies were next on the market, and the company sold them under its previous brand name, “Candy Castle.” The switch to Fascini took place in 2006, a combination of the founders names (Fassini) and the word fascination. This sends a clear message to consumers that these candies should enthrall and excite. And these candies did just that—I was perplexed and fascinated that a candy I’ve never heard of before and one I’ve never seen on supermarket shelves could taste so good, like an undiscovered gem.

Hannah Montana Disco Ball Lollipop Cover

Miley Cyrus—how did you do it? From the DNA of Billy Ray to little-girldom fame, the world has its eyes (and its pocketbooks) turned to you. Hannah Montana Disco Ball Lollipops are brought to us by the masterminds at Flix Candy. These suckers are nothing special at all. But, hey, you get a plastic disco ball to hang on your backpack or keychain when it’s all done, so you can feel just like Hannah Montana giving a concert with all the glitz and glamour of being a superstar. The disco ball does have an official Hannah Montana logo sticker, which makes it worth more than a quarter to most girls ages 6 to 14. If you’re looking for something a little bit different, try Hannah Montana Concert Candy (chewable microphones), Glamour Guitar Lollipops, or Picture Ring Pops. Millions of viewers and concert-goers can’t be wrong—this little girl’s got star quality and the ability to sell anything she puts her name and likeness to.

Once I pried open the shiny, disco ball cover, the lollipop inside was nothing to write home about. Its strawberry flavor was a bit dull, and the candy itself was only slightly bigger than a Dum Dum. The inner wrapper was plain white—no glitz at all. All in all, you’re paying for the image with this candy, and image is pretty much all you get. I would never buy this candy myself, but I know about a million and a half little girls who would. So hats off to Flix Candy and Hannah’s savvy agents for bringing the goods to the goody-goody consumer. Based in Niles, Illinois, Flix Candy is big into licensed candies, with Care Bears, WALL-E and Disney Princess candies all in the repertoire. They also market candy to boys, like their Box of Boogers, Gummy Bugs and superhero licensed brands.

Skittles Crazy Cores

When you want to taste a rainbow of flavor with a crazy, tasty kick, turn to fruit-flavored Skittles Crazy Cores. These bite-size candies look like traditional Skittles candies, until you bite them open. What sets these apart is the second flavor in its core, much like Everlasting Gobstoppers.

Each Skittles candy has one flavor outside, and another flavor inside, for five total flavor combinations: Mango Peach, Cherry Lemonade, Melon Berry, Strawberry Watermelon, and Blue Raspberry with Lemon. Each candy has a hard sugar shell, not at all detracting from the soft and chewy texture inside. I especially liked the Mango Peach and Blue Raspberry with Lemon flavor combos, but there’s wasn’t a bad grouping in the bag. In fact, if you eat a handful and don’t pay attention to the flavors, they all mix well in my opinion!

Available in bright orange 2-ounce pouches (great for singles) or 7.2-ounce bags (suitable for sharing at the movies), Skittles Crazy Cores look appetizing from the moment you lay eyes on the packaging. Each dual-colored candy gracing the cover appears to float in a dream world of color, like a party supply store on caffeine. Skittles are classic fruit candies produced by the Mars Candy Company. They were introduced to candy lovers in 1973, and have enjoyed over three decades of success in Europe, though they first came to the States in 1982. With the popular advertising slogan “taste the rainbow,” Skittles have successfully won over candy addicts from children to adults, all over the world. If you like Crazy Cores, you ought to also check out Chocolate, Wild Berry, Tropical and Sour Skittles for a delicious aside from the classic fruit-bowl flavors (Lemon, Lime, Grape, Orange and Strawberry).

Hershey’s Butter Crème Kisses

As long as I can remember, Hershey’s Kisses have been a staple part of the candy dish assortment in the living rooms of everyone I know. Such a simple concept, an over sized chocolate chip, has never garnered more success. Every time you pop a Hershey’s Kiss in your mouth it is followed by the inevitable craving for more, and before you know it, you have a mound of silver foil to pick up.

Throughout the years Hershey has been good to us, surprising us by coming out with different variations of the Kisses every so often. They have had every conceivable variety and combination, and some unconceivable ones. Personally, I have enjoyed most of their creations.

Here come the Special Edition limited time Hershey’s Butter Crème Kisses. I snacked on these with my morning coffee and it was great. The Hershey’s chocolate was delicious as usual, sweet and rich, but the simple addition of the butter crème filling gave the whole thing a new elevated taste. It was so rich in flavor, I was surprised. The chocolate and butter crème make a wonderful fusion of a luscious sweet and smooth taste. There is a slight vanilla taste to the butter crème, but it is sweeter.

The taste reminded me of a childhood favorite of mine called the Kinder Surprise Egg, or Uberraschungsei, in German. These are not available in the United States so it had been a while since I tasted something like it and I was very pleasantly surprised that the Butter Crème Kiss was reminiscent of that. These seasonal treats are only available for a limited time, so get them while you can!

Nestle Crunch Nest Egg and Nestle Creamy Caramel Nest Egg

As I was eating the Nestle Crunch and Creamy Caramel Nest Eggs, I wondered “what majestic chocolate bearing creature could have laid these eggs?” These little treats are an excellent addition, if not requirement, for a perfect Easter Basket. Get them while you can because their only offered that one special time of year!

I started with the Nestle Crunch Nest Egg. This egg met all my expectations. I am a big fan of Nestle Crunch so I was very glad that this was, in essence, an egg version of a Crunch Bar. Being in an egg shape made it a delicious pop-in-your-mouth snack, a ball of Crunch, one might say. The milk chocolate was good as always and the crisped rice added that delicious crunch to it all. If you’re a fan of Nestle Crunch, you will be a fan of Nestle Crunch Nest Eggs.

The Nestle Creamy Caramel Nest Egg was delicious. The shell is comprised of a thick layer of milk chocolate. Within this lays a soft layer of gooey caramel, thicker than in most other chocolate eggs, but still smooth. The Creamy Caramel Nest Egg had a very rich taste to it. These things are sweet and a little addicting, so beware not to make a meal out of them, or you’ll be clearing your throat for days.

Nestle Nest Eggs are great for this time of year. They are a little hard to open, but all the more worth it. Unwrap one today, or two, or three.

The Snickers Fudge Bar


Mars has done it again! Not the planet, the candy company, although the new Special Edition Snickers Fudge Bar could be considered astronomical. Just when we all thought we had curbed our hunger with all possible variations of Snickers bars, they release this bad boy of chocolate for a limited time.

I’m talking Nougat, Peanut Butter, and Peanuts, slammed with Fudge and wrapped in that delicious Milk chocolate that we all know better than our Mom’s cooking. The Snickers Fudge Bar is a simple change from the standard Snickers bar, a kind of change that we all thought of, but never dared to whisper out loud, well now you can yell about it, if your mouth isn’t too full.

This is the Snickers bar for the chocolate lover; everything you love about a normal Snickers bar, except the Caramel is replaced with Fudge. This makes the bar more solid in its overall consistency, and you don’t have to deal with that stretchy caramel oozing all over your face. Like in our favorites Snickers, Milky Way, and 3 Musketeers bars, the peanut butter Nougat is fluffy and light and the peanuts are tasty as usual, but the Fudge adds a new dense consistency to the center layer, which makes for a “chocolate punch to your dome” effect for the overall bar.

Usual of their limited edition bars, the bar is smaller than a standard Snickers bar, the smallest yet, to be exact at 1.78 ounces. But at 250 calories it doesn’t need to be bigger, and trust me, if you’re wondering whether it will satisfy your Snickers craving, after you bite into this chocolate juggernaut you’ll be singing Benny Benassi’s “Satisfaction” in no time.

Snickers Fudge bars are available for a limited time, so get them while you can at