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There are some things in life that we can never get back, our youth is one of them, but there are unique memories that can take us back to moments in our past immediately. Certain smells, tastes, and tunes, or maybe even a phrase. The stars seem to have aligned again, to create that perfect opportune moment, where something that we thought would never return presents itself and asks us to remember a simpler time, a happier time. Of course, I’m talking about BONOMO TURKISH TAFFY!

Turkish Taffy is back after more than twenty years and now a whole new generation of kids can enjoy it. Nothing smacks like, cracks like, tastes like Bonomo Turkish Taffy! This was the immortal slogan of the brand that was the first to use television advertising to make us all fall in love with their delightful candy. Turkish Taffy is a chewy, taffy-like candy that comes in four classic flavors, Vanilla, Banana, Chocolate, and Strawberry. To enjoy a bar, you have to smack it on something solid, make sure to crack it into bits, and then enjoy! The candy was wildly popular during the 1940s, 50s, and on. The brand was acquired by Tootsie Roll Industries in the 1970s but was shelved in 1989.

The return of Bonomo Turkish Taffy marks a new era of consumer control. If you want something bad enough, you can make it happen. Just ask Ken Wiesen, the co-owner of Bonomo Turkish Taffy. Wiesen is responsible for the return of Bonomo Turkish Taffy. A New York attorney, Wiesen, was on the hunt to find Bonomo Turkish Taffy, a childhood favorite of his. At first he believed that he was simply not able to find the product in the New York area, but would be able to find it in other regions or on the internet. After years of searching Wiesen realized that the product was not available any more, but he did discover something very interesting, a cult-like following of Bonomo Turkish Taffy fans. This lead to the idea of reviving one of the nation’s most beloved vintage candy brands.

Bringing Turkish Taffy back was not a small feat. It took a lot of legal maneuvering, but Wiesen and co-owner Jerry Sweeney now own all of the rights, trademarks, and formulas for the taffy. Bonomo Turkish Taffy is now manufactured and distributed through a partnership with Warrell Corp.’s Classic Caramel division and is available at Candy Direct. Classic Caramel has the expertise and the production capabilities to produce a unique product like Turkish Taffy. This is goes hand in hand with their selection of other vintage candies such as BB-Bats, Kits, and Flipsticks. So take a trip down memory lane with BONOMO TURKISH TAFFY!