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Wedding Candy – Party Favors

Wedding Candy – Party Favors

Make Your Reception Sweeter with Wedding Candy

There are many ways to add color and style to a wedding. Candy is a popular choice, whether on the buffet table or as party favors for guests to take home. The best part is that there is no limit to what candy can be.

Want to give your wedding a crystal theme? Decorate with rock candy in colors of your choice. Or if you’d like to coordinate with silver accents, there are a number of candies with elegant plain silver wrapping to use both as décor and party favors. No matter how you want to style your wedding reception, there are definitely candy choices to suit it.

With candy, you can even make receptions more personal by making the favors yourself. Gather selections of your choice into a bag and tie a ribbon around it. You can use a personalized ribbon printed with your names and the date of the wedding to give the favor a special touch. You can choose treats that follow the wedding’s theme, or make things sweeter and choose retro candies that you and your spouse love.

Wedding candy buffets have always been a popular addition to any reception. They are also very easy to make, for the reception on a budget. Collect glass or clear plastic jars of different shapes and sizes then fill them with candy bought in bulk to suit your wedding reception theme. Make sure to keep tongs, scoops and bags nearby for guests to gather candy to take home. Varying the colors, the heights of the jars and even the types of candies can make a very eye-catching display. You can even separate this from the rest of the buffet and give it a special table of its own.

Vintage Candy – Nostalgic Candies

Vintage Candy – Nostalgic Candies

Introducing Vintage Candy to the New Generation

Vintage doesn’t necessarily mean that only the older generation can enjoy it. Vintage candy can also be enjoyed by the younger generation seeking a taste different from today’s popular candies. In addition to today’s popular candies which are classics carried over from past years such as Jolly Rancher chews and Twix bars, manufacturers such as Bonomo and Annabelle continue to come out with nostalgic treats that were thought to have been discontinued. Here’s a run-down of unique old candies to look out for:

Big Hunk: The Annabelle company is popular along the West Coast with retro candy and chocolate bars such as Abba-Zaba, Look! and U-No. Big Hunk is one of the old classics in the company’s line-up. Made with honey-sweetened nougat and whole roasted peanuts, this candy bar can be considered more of a snack just like a Snickers bar. Unlike the chocolate bar, Big Hunk has a sweet and salty contrast thanks to the peanuts in the mix. This makes it an enjoyable snack bar for those who want a sweet treat that’s got a unique kick.

Bonomo Turkish Taffy: Brought back to the market by Classic Caramel, Bonomo Turkish Taffy is surprisingly not the same as saltwater taffy. While it has a texture similar to the chewy treat, this particular vintage candy is actually closer to nougat. Back in its heyday, it was sold in long candy bars that were meant to be whacked to break into smaller pieces. While the long candy bars are still available now, customers looking to have a taste of this long-lasting, one-of-a-kind chew can also find these in bite-size pieces.

Nostalgic Candy – Novelty Candies

Nostalgic Candy – Novelty Candies

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane with Nostalgic Candy

As we grow up, sometimes it feels good to look back and enjoy something nostalgic. Candy is one of those things that bring a lot of memories. Tied with thoughts of childhood and the silly things we all used to do, it feels great to indulge from time to time with old novelties such as Cry Baby gumballs and Pop Rocks dip candies.

Novelty candies are great finds for special occasions, such as parties, Halloween, Christmas or Easter, and kids will love these classic treats. While novelty sweets are now associated with various shows and characters, kids will surely appreciate the fun of trying to keep a straight face with a sour gumball or playing pretend with lipstick-shaped candy straight from the 90’s and further back.

But it’s not just kids who enjoy these specialty treats. Have a blast sharing these with friends on your birthday or give them out as tokens of appreciation. Even weddings can get a dose of sweet humor with novelties that were well-known during the couple’s childhood. Novelty treats such as candy pacifiers and chewy cigars are also a great giveaway for baby showers, or even as gifts to friends who want to indulge in a bit of nostalgia.

Outside of using them for events, the lovely thing about these novelties is that they’re great to share with children in the family. Take some home and share the memories. Nostalgic candy can also be a great conversation starter for get-togethers at home. Keep a bowl full of your old favorites in the living room – those who recognize the treats might even be willing to share some of their own sweet memories.

Bulk Candy – Gift Ideas

Bulk Candy – Gift Ideas

Creating Easy DIY Gifts with Bulk Candy

Whether it’s for Christmas or a special event such as a wedding or birthday party, bulk candy can make convenient stocking stuffers or small tokens of appreciation. With the right combination of candies, it is also possible to make bigger presents such as bouquets or baskets to give to loved ones. Using bulk candies as presents can also be very fulfilling as there’s freedom to create a personalized gift.

To create small bags for party favors or tokens of appreciation, there are a number of ideas to play around with if you enjoy doing crafts. Combine assorted wrapped candies together and wrap in one or two layers of colorful tissue gathered to create a small bag. Pinking the edges or punching them with scrapbook punchers can make the packaging look more interesting. Top it all off with a satin or velvet ribbon of your choice. You can also consider changing some of the material as it suits the occasion or play around with the way the ends are trimmed to make creative effects.

Bigger presents out of bulk candy can also be very fun to make with a bit of creativity. Long candies such as lollipops, candy sticks or even some types of chocolate can be arranged and wrapped like flowers. In fact, combining them with real flowers can be quite the romantic treat for any special person in your life.

For a more playful variation, use boxes with a retro design and fill it with childhood favorites. Send these to your closest friends and enjoy reminiscing over the flavors of your younger days. Making your own creative presents with candies can really leave some of the most heartwarming impressions.

Wholesale Candy – Bulk Candy

Wholesale Candy – Bulk Candy

Sweeten a Shop’s Offerings with Retro Wholesale Candy

Stocking up on popular wholesale candy is always a good move for convenience stores and small businesses. But to give your shop an edge, think about stocking up on interesting items to keep your customers coming back. For candies, retro treats that were discontinued for a time are good selections to look into. While they will definitely please kids, they can also be an unexpected treat for adults as well. Getting these rare candies in wholesale for the shop can keep customers coming back.

Choosing which candies to stock up on depends largely on the regular clientele that visit your shop. But it is definitely a wise idea to offer a variety of sweets from different decades. Oh Henry!, Smarties, and Mary Janes are only some of these treats that were popular back in the day. Through manufacturers such as Annabelle and Haribo, these childhood favorites get a revival and are now easy to purchase for shops.

At the same time, it’s possible to get the best of both worlds and find wholesale candy with roots in history that are still popular today. Treats from Just Born are some of them. Mike and Ike and Hot Tamales, introduced in the 1950s, still continue to be popular confections today with their trademark flavors.

The good thing about stocking up on retro favorites is that you get to reintroduce these to the newer generation that come into your shop looking for a treat or two. After all, something unique and not often seen is definitely eye-catching.

Candy – Party Candy

Candy – Party Candy

Sweetening any Special Occasion with Candy

Whether it’s to celebrate a personal achievement as graduating or getting the family together to celebrate Christmas or Easter, candy treats are never out of season. With so many different kinds of candy to consider, it’s not a surprise that there are some specifically made for special days. Some candies have even gone from ordinary treats to staples for certain holidays.

For family gatherings such as on Thanksgiving or Easter, setting aside a bowl of sweets for visitors to munch on is a great addition to any party. Adding them to décor fit for the celebration is a good idea as well, such as setting candies in a cornucopia for Thanksgiving or fixing up a Christmas-themed bowl with red and green candies to bring out that festive spirit.

Some special occasions like Easter and Halloween come with trademark candy that makes it easier to shop for. Marshmallow Peeps, a soft and fluffy treat from Just Born, is a staple in Easter baskets along with various chocolates shaped like rabbits or eggs. As for Halloween, traditional candy corn and critter-shaped gummies like worms and newts are perfect for answering trick-or-treaters.

Candy can be a simple present to show affection on personal occasions spent between loved ones such as Valentine’s Day or birthdays. Conversation hearts on Valentine’s Day are adorable candies to offer someone you like. On birthdays, giving a bouquet of childhood favorites can be a wonderful, touching present for any good friend.

It’s amazing how much a little candy can do to sweeten a special occasion. With so many kinds and varieties, there is definitely a perfect candy to match any special day.