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Summer Candy

Rock Candy

Rock Candy

When I think of summer time I am transported to my younger, simpler years; a time when summer meant freedom from school, but more importantly, freedom from responsibilities. For me, there is no easier way to relive those simple times than by eating some of my favorite summer candy.

We all have our favorites, whether it be ice cream, chocolate, or taffy; candy has the ability to transport us to our happy place. We all have special memories associated with our childhood, and for many, candy plays a pivotal role in those memories, whether it is cotton candy at the circus, or salt water taffy and rock candy at the fair.

For me, nothing screams summer like Otter Pops and Blow Pops. Otter pops are sweet frozen treats which are absolutely delicious. Nothing cools you down better in the heat of summer! Blow Pops were so much fun as a kid; they had the best of both worlds. They are a lollipop with a chewing gum center, what could be better!

If Otter Pops and Blow Pops aren’t for you, there is always the classic summertime favorite of many, Jelly Beans. These things come in 41 flavors, so there is sure to be a flavor for everybody.

Don’t wait one more minute, order your summer candy now at and start reliving your childhood.