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International Chocolate Day

Guess what candy lovers? Today is International Chocolate Day. Here at Candy Direct we would like to take this opportunity to expand your chocolate loving horizons!

Candy Direct has dozens of imported products that you may not know about. Candy Direct’s Cadbury line is one of their most popular international products. Some of the better-known Cadbury products include chocolate Buttons, Crunchie bars, and Curly Wurly bars. Candy Direct also carries Nestle Aero bars and Lindt Lindor Truffles; both companies are based in Switzerland.

Could chocolate possibly taste that different from country to country? Yes, there actually is a distinctive taste difference. Many Americans perceive Hershey’s chocolate to be much sweeter and less bitter than other European chocolate, primarily English. This is because American chocolate generally has more sugar than English chocolate, which has more cocoa. (Cocoa is naturally bitter)

You may remember Mars bars growing up, and you may have thought that these bars were made in the USA. They are actually made in Slough, United Kingdom. Not sure what a Mars bar is? It contains nougat and soft caramel and is coated in milk chocolate. It used to contain almonds, but that is no longer the case. Think of it as a snickers bar without nuts.

We want to know what our readers think. Do you prefer American made confectionary products? Or have your tastes gone international? Let us know via our Facebook and Twitter, we’d love to hear your opinion!

Fall-ing for Candy

As summer slowly winds down, it is time to look forward to my favorite time of the year, autumn. I absolutely love the fall. The leaves are changing color, temperatures are beginning to cool down, but most importantly, it’s candy season! With Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all within a couple of months of each other, what better time to show those that you truly care about how much they mean to you? Candy Direct not only has candy for all seasons, but we also offer candy for those with specific dietary needs such as kosher and sugar free. So, if you’re ever struggling to find the perfect gift for a friend or loved one, look no further than candy at Candy Direct!

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. As a kid, I loved being able to dress up as the latest cartoon character, always trying to have a cooler costume than all my friends. And now as an adult, nothing is more fun than seeing all the kids dressed up in the latest fads, having the time of their lives collecting candy! One of the greatest memories I have growing up was trick-o-treating. My friends and I would always try to find that one house that would give you the king size candy, and we would visit that house as many times as possible!

No candy has the ability to transport me to my trick-o-treating days like candy corn. To me it is the perfect Halloween candy. It’s small enough so that you can grab a handful and snack on it, candy corn doesn’t melt like most chocolate, and it doesn’t leave a mess. The taste? Irresistible.

Here at Candy Direct, we want to know what you’re favorite part about Halloween is, what type of candy you enjoyed getting as a kid, and most importantly, the kind of candy that you plan on passing out to the next generation of trick-o-treaters! Share with us on Facebook, Twitter, or even here at! We’d love to hear about your special Halloween memories!

By Matthew Rogers


You know your favorite candy is the best, and it’s time you prove that to all your friends! (Wo)Man up and show your candy pride in Candy Direct’s first ever CANDY BATTLE BRACKET!

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Answer the questions that we ask. Check out the example:

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