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Cherry Cordial M&Ms – Christmas Candy

Holiday Dessert Ideas: Cherry Cordial M&Ms in a Christmas Trifle

Christmas trifles are some of the most delectable holiday desserts any household can serve this season. Made with thick custard, fruit, sponge cake, and whipped cream, it’s hard to imagine anyone saying no to a plate of this treat. The best part about this dessert is that it can be served with any fruit imaginable! What’s more, you can even use candy like cherry cordial M&Ms!

When making trifles, most recipes have a layering pattern that starts with cake, fruit, and custard or a cream mixture. This is repeated until the container is full, and then topped off with a thin layer of sweetened whipped cream.

You can add variety to the layers as long as the same or complementing fruits are used. For instance, after the first layer of cherries, cherry cordial M&Ms can be used in lieu of fruits for the next layer. This will give the dessert an added crunch and the lavish taste of milk chocolate.

If you want to add a little more “oomph” to the final product, use chocolate pudding instead of custard in between layers to create a cordial cherry-flavored trifle! With a little imagination and kitchen creativity, you can create unique Christmas desserts that will definitely impress!

Mini Candy Canes – Christmas Candy

Holiday Beverages Taste Yummier with Mini Candy Canes

Aside from being yummy Christmas tree decorations and stocking fillers, mini candy canes also add a special taste to everyone’s favorite holiday beverages. Whether in eggnog, hot chocolate, or coffee, adding these lip-smacking candies can turn these rich, creamy drinks into instant gourmet beverages. Peppermint candy canes provide the perfect tongue-tingling balance between hot and cold on people’s taste buds.

When preparing hot drinks using these Christmas confections, hosts can pick between the two serving techniques: adding crushed or whole candy canes. Most of the time, it’s best to use both types to get the delicious minty kick infused in the drinks.

Simply crush a few candy canes finely and mix the powder in the drink. Next, hang a whole candy cane on the cup’s rim as a nice little garnish. Whipped cream can also be added on top of the beverage for a creamy, gourmet twist.

These minty flavor-enhancers aren’t just limited to warm drinks. With the right ingredients, they can also be easily added to create holiday versions of the martini and margarita. This way, even adults can enjoy the peppermint taste of these sweet holiday treats in their favorite cocktails.

Perfect for any Christmas beverage, mini candy canes are excellent holiday treats to stock up on this season!