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Make This Valentine’s Day Especially Memorable

With Valentine’s Day just a couple weeks away, now is the time to start planning the perfect day for that special person in your life. Make this year especially memorable with the addition of some especially sweet treats.

Instead of giving a dozen roses, why not mix it up with chocolate roses. They are equally as beautiful, but much more delicious! These milk chocolate chocolate roses are available in both PINK and RED.

Show that special someone that they truly matter to you with one of our amazing banquets. Available in multiple styles including a BE MINE, SWEETHEART, and my personal favorite, the ALL ROSE bouquet.

Is your significant other the nostalgic type? Give them something that will remind them of their childhood, conversation hearts. These fun candy’s are available in TART and CHOCOLATE flavors and will send nothing but sweet messages to the love of your life!

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Throw a Fun Valentine’s Day Party

Here at Candy Direct we have all the candy you need to throw a memorable Valentine’s Day party for your kids or classmates. Some of our favorite Valentine’s Day candy, and the candy we recommend for throwing a party includes:

CHERRY LOVERS comes in a bag filled with heart-shaped chews consisting of nine different flavors of cherry. These heart shaped fruit chews are great for any romantic person.

CONVERSATION HEARTS and CHOCOLATE CONVERSATION HEARTS have cute little sayings on every one. They allow you to send nothing but sweet messages to that special someone in your life and are perfect for making your children feel special!

LUV POPS and TWINKLE POPS are heart shaped lollipops and are the perfect gift or souvenir from your great party!

You will find all these products and more at Candy Direct.

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Serving Pillow Mints as Corporate Confections

Pillow Mints – After Dinner Mints

Besides being after dinner mints to serve at home, pillow mints are also perfect when served at work. Whether served at the reception area or stocked in the pantry, these tiny melt-in-your-mouth confections can be very useful in the corporate setting.

By stocking up on these mints, employees can be confident that no matter what they had for lunch, they can maintain a minty fresh breath with some of these delightful pastel-colored candies. This helps to keep office interactions pleasant and it can’t hurt to pop one in before meeting with clients, managers or partners.

Not only that, pillow mints can also be eaten when experiencing indigestion, as they are known to relax the stomach muscles, control stomach gas, and promote the secretion of digestive juices – you can be sure no one in the office will be camping in the restroom all day!

By making sure these mints are available at your workplace, you can have these addictive  sweet treats save you from embarrassment with their refreshing minty taste!

Chocolate Foil Coins – Candy Coins

Planning a Super Mario-themed Party with Chocolate Foil Coins and Other Fun Items

Planning a game-themed birthday party is a surefire way of having a unique and memorable celebration for your child. Make the party even more unforgettable by using a classic video game character that everyone knows and loves, Super Mario! With some imagination, art supplies, and a bunch of chocolate foil coins, you can get more than a 1-Up for your creativity skills.

There are lots of creative things that you can do to transform any room into the Mushroom Kingdom! Even better, these don’t have to cost too much. Some things you can consider include creating invitations shaped like Fire Flowers, Starmen, and Super Mushrooms; or getting a cake with Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi standing on top.

Other examples for fun Mario-themed decorations include making beanstalks from green crepe paper, hanging computer-printed power-ups on the ceiling, and filling homemade coin block centerpieces with chocolate foil coins.

Daughters can have a Super Mario-themed party too! Just swap Luigi or Mario with Princess Peach or Birdo! In addition, preparing a playlist with chiptune songs for the party will add more ‘oomph’ to the fun, video game world you are planning to recreate.

By doing this, you can confidently throw a party that will stand out and be talked about for weeks to come!