Almond Joy Bars

Coconut, almonds and milk chocolate; that just might be the best chocolate combination ever. Hershey’s took that idea and created the Almond Joy in 1946 and it is a wonderful creation. Although it was Peter Paul who originally made Almond Joy, they merged with Hershey’s and the ideas kept coming. But the Almond Joy, although it was not the original, will always be the best for me. It just takes me away from all my troubles and kind of loosens me up. I think the best way to eat an Almond Joy is to cherish every detail. First I like to eat the almond, and then just let the coconut and chocolate blend together and lastly let it melt away. That way I get to enjoy every precious property of the candy bar.

Another great aspect of Almond Joy is the fact that they come with two large individual candies that have two separate almonds in them. I love that because I can buy one and split it between me and my sister easily.  We both get a large, satisfying candy, without having to buy two. Of course we usually end up going back and getting another one! Almond
Joys are really a joy to eat.

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