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New sizes, prices, and no shipping and handling costs!

Have you ever been shopping for your favorite candy on-line and thought to yourself, “What in the world do I need 5 pounds of candy for?!” You know that when you shop in bulk you save money, but it has never seemed practical to buy 5 pounds of candy for personal or family consumption. Not only is there a good chance that some of it may go bad, but you also have to pay the increased shipping fee, which sometimes can be as expensive as the candy itself!

Well look no further, is here for you! At we now offer more conveniently sized bulk candy. Your favorite candy is now available in sizes approximately equal to 2.5 pounds! And do you want to know the best part of this promotion from Shipping is included! Can you believe that?! It is like a dream come true! No longer do you need to worry about ordering 5 pounds of bulk candy. You or your family can easily eat 2.5 pounds of your favorite candy!

What’s even more amazing about this promotion from is that if you want to try something new and do not want to pay an outrageous amount for it, we have separated the candy by price. That’s right! Candy now available in approximately 2.5 pound bulk bags for under $20, under $30, and under $40! There are even some below $15! This promotion is cleverly called the $20, $30, $40 deal!

Let me say that again so you fully grasp how amazing of a deal this really is: Your favorite bulk candy is now available in more convenient sizes! (Approximately 2.5 pounds) And it is available, with shipping included, conveniently bracketed by price, under $20, under $30, under $40!

This unbelievable deal might not last forever, so make sure to order your favorite candy in bulk, at a reduced price, with shipping included! Unbelievable!

Easter Candy – Something New

Mix it up this Easter with new Ideas

Easter is right around the corner and if you haven’t stocked up on candy then you might find yourself in a tough spot. We all know that there are some popular Easter candies that just seem to run off the shelves themselves leaving us looking puzzled as we try to decide between green marshmallow peep bunnies and regular Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. This year, why not think outside the egg? Colors can be your best friend and with a day like Easter it is easy to think of colors that are appropriate. Spring colors are always a big hit and pastels really give you that Easter look without being overly suggestive of the theme. Some great products in these colors are available all year round so they might be more readily available than most of the themed candy you’re used to seeing, and don’t be afraid to get creative! Think of all the unique candies that you can have to make your Easter celebration delightfully surprising and a hit! Products like Smarties, SweeTarts, Gum Balls, Jordan Almonds, and Laffy Taffy are available all the time with color specific choices. Imagine being the only person on your block to include Gummi Bears and Twinkle Pops in your Easter decorations. Maybe even try a different brand of Jelly Bean, like Gimbal’s Gourmet Jelly Beans, with more than 40 flavors, you’re sure to find your favorites and maybe make some new ones. Plus, if you’re really aching for something more traditional you can always go with Cadbury Creme Eggs, which are available 8 months out of the year. Jump over to Candy Direct and check out the Color section, there’s even a Pastel Colors subcategory where you are sure to find some creative Easter ideas.

Bubble Yum Bubble Gum Balls

If you’re a kid, or if you like to eat like one, you almost certainly love Bubble Yum. The popular gum has been around since 1975 when it was created by LifeSavers. The bubble gum’s fame spread like wildfire, and it was no surprise that candy giant Hershey’s would take an interest in and subsequently acquire the brand in 2000. It’s a success story any way you look at it, considering the brand had to fend off nasty rumors soon after it arrived on the market. You see, gossip began to spread that Bubble Yum’s recipe included a foul ingredient which allegedly made it so soft: spider eggs. Once the rumor was cleared up, Bubble Yum sales climbed sky high again.

The gum is traditionally sold in soft, square chews in flavors like original pink, blue raspberry, grape, and sour apple. The recipe makes it oh-so-ripe for popping bubbles much superior to those produced by your ordinary stick of gum. But did you know that Bubble Yum is now available in gum balls? It’s true. A movie-theater box style weighing in at 4 ounces and containing just less than 60 pink, original flavor gum balls has arrived on the candy scene. How does this form of gum compare to its predecessor? These gum balls are super soft, with almost no outer candy shell to gnaw through. They actually have a fantastic flavor that last unusually long for pink bubble gum.

The packaging may be this products biggest challenge. Once you open up the movie-theater box, there is no way you are going to eat it all in one sitting. It’s not easy to store for safe keeping, because little pink gum balls come spilling out of the box wherever you try to put it. And because gum is not something most people digest, you’re not going to just sit down and consume the whole box, even with several friends helping out. That’s why gum is sold individually wrapped, or in gum ball machines—it’s just more convenient. That said, Bubble Yum fans will love the pink product in any form.

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Color Bubbles Bubble Gum Balls

Color Bubbles bubble gum brings back a lot of memories for me. As a kid, I remember going into the candy store around the corner from my house and often buying a cellophane tube of colorful pieces of bubble gum for a quarter. I don’t know if it was the attractive multi-colored balls of gum that showed through the transparent cellophane or if it was because the gum was so good, but it was one of my favorite items at that candy store. Each package contains ten pieces of bubble gum and each of them is a different flavor, although it was quite a pleasant surprise when there were two of the same flavor side-by-side. This meant that I could chew both pieces at the same time for bigger and better bubble blowing capabilities.

Once your teeth bite down for the first time on one of the balls of gum from the package, your taste buds are immediately subject to the sugary taste that you would expect with a piece of bubble gum. But the exciting part about this kind is that you want to hurry up and chew the flavor out so you can move on to the next piece. Some of the flavors include grape, cherry, blueberry, among other common flavors that have a proven success rate of tastiness. The only problem is that the flavor lasts so long in each piece, it could take you a long time to get through the entire pack. With only 15 calories and no grams of fat per piece, you can even chew the gum without feeling guilty about it.

I like putting a few different flavors in my mouth and chewing them together. This creates a tasty combination to chew on for a couple hours or so. The more pieces of gum, the bigger the bubbles you can blow, too. And isn’t blowing bubbles the fun of chewing bubble gum?

The Color Bubbles bubble gum is made in Canada and distributed through the popular Hershey Candy Company. With a name like Hershey behind it, you can be sure that it is a quality product that you will definitely enjoy.

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Bubble Gum Smarties


Was there really an improvement needed for the classic Smarties candy? I didn’t think so, but then I tried the Bubble Gum Smarties. While I still enjoy the classic taste of the original Smarties, the bubble gum innovation was clever and still pretty tasty. As a matter of fact, when I first noticed the package, I thought maybe it was just bubble gum flavored Smarties, but then I put one in my mouth and bit down. I was surprised to notice that it was chewy instead of crumbling like their classic counterpart. The Bubble Gum Smarties even come packaged in the original type of package – the small tube of candies wrapped in transparent cellophane. Inside the plastic is 10 small tablets that are full of semi-sour flavored candies that you can’t enjoy one at a time because they are so good. The vivid color of each tablet give it an alluring appearance along with the simple packaging.  The same is true of the Bubble Gum Smarties, only you can chew all of the pieces together to create a medium-sized piece of gum that’s full of flavor. Although these pieces provide for a soft chew, the only problem with the Bubble Gum Smarties is that the gum flavor doesn’t last very long. If long-lasting flavor is your goal, you should savor the pieces by enjoying them one by one. However, if you want good bubble-blowing capabilities, you have to chew at least half of the pack at one time to create a great piece of bubble gum.

The Bubble Gum Smarties are manufactured by CeDe Candy, Inc. Other than the Smarties variations of treats, the company has also been known for candy necklaces, watches, lipsticks, and bracelets that are popular among little kids during Valentine’s Day and other holidays. Other variations include Smarties money themed candies along with Sour Smarties. They also offer their variation of lollipops and double lollipops with the classic taste that candy lovers have come to expect from Smarties. It seems that the CeDe company found a formula that works and stuck with it, which is a good thing. You can buy Smarties brand candies either in individual quantities or in bulk, depending on your needs.

Gold Mine Bubble Gum Revisited


Please keep in mind that there are other reviews that are posted by others who may or may not have the same opinion on this candy. 

It’s the California Gold Rush! Everyone is packing up their things and heading out west for fortune that is coming up out of the ground! You want in on the action. So you grab your shovel, axe and all your tools to dig up mother earth for this precious treasure. The journey is a savage trek through the wilderness. Mountain Lions and Bears have attacked your camp night after night. You have lost just about everything you started out with. You are hungry and tired and then all of a sudden you see the mountains glowing with gold! The sight itself gives you the strength of forty men! You barrel down the mountain to the river where everyone is pulling up rocks of gold by the handful. You jump in the river and take a hold of a giant rock. You are holding a nugget of gold and you can’t believe your eyes. The myth is true. Gold is coming out of the ground like popcorn from the pan. Popping up all over the place and landing in your hands. You will never have to worry about money again. Your filthy stinking rich!

That’s the feeling you get when you crack open a bag of Gold Mine Bubble Gum. Little nuggets of gold gum await you in a bag that’s right out of the gold rush itself. Gold Mine Bubble Gum gives you that old timely feeling of holding a golden nugget in the palm of your hand. And let’s not be fooled by the taste. You won’t be chewing on something that tastes like dirt. Heck it doesn’t even taste like a rock. But it’s tastes like a golden nugget of flavor flowing down the river of delicious taste. Gold Mine Bubble Gum is a wonderful treat for any time of the day. It makes you feel like you have really struck gold when this guy is in your hands. Not only will your friends be wanting to get in on the action. But you will feel like you have the most prized possession in the world when you have got a hold of Gold Mine Bubble Gum. So good, you think you’ve struck gold, for real!

Tongue Splashers Bubble Gum


Now we’ve all heard of the gum that literally changes your mouth a different color when you chew on it. It’s the urban myth of some kid back east who tried one and his mouth stayed blue for years. Or the kid down the street nobody really knew and one day his mother comes to school and tells the principal he was chewing on some gum and his mouth changed green and never went back, and your friend who was in trouble waiting to speak to the principal over heard the conversation and spread the rumor around campus. And then you find out a day later he had to have special dental surgery to remove the color, but there was nothing the dentists could do to help him.  It was too late and the kid would be forever called green mouth. And then one day you are walking through the candy aisle. Perusing the new stuff that comes in. And it hits you like a ton of bricks. You see the label that has claimed the lives of so many mouths. It’s the name that all kids fear more than the boogey man. It’s the gum that strikes fear into the hearts of children everywhere. It could only be one gum. Tongue Splashers!

Alright maybe it’s not that dramatic but when you are a kid, you know the name and the consequences that follow. Tongue Splashers is kind of like that. It is truly the bubble gum that paints your mouth different colors for hours on end. Don’t take these words lightly. I mean every single one of them. If you are brave enough to open the paint bucket can that holds these little time bombs waiting to go off in your mouth, than you’ve come to the right place. Just get some sort of tool you would use to open a real paint can. Pop off the top of the Tongue Splashers Bubble Gum Paint Can and take a second to check out the doom that awaits. Now it doesn’t taste like paint mind you, that would kill you and we certainly do not want that. Make sure you don’t have anywhere to be, and take the ride of the Tongue Splashers Bubble Gum. Munch on it and see how long your mouth stays that color. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Skittles Bubble Gum

When I asked my girlfriend for a piece of gum I had no idea she would hand me the new Skittles Xtreme Fruit Bubble Gum. I looked at her and said “I’m no stranger to the skittles, the good lord knows I love me many a skittle, but why on earth would you hand me a skittle, when I asked for a piece of gum?? She replied “This is no ordinary skittle, one I bet you have never had?. I looked at her puzzled wondering what prank she had up her sleeve. Sure enough I popped one in my mouth and the amazement that followed was nothing like I had ever expected. I kept chewing and chewing. And chewing and chewing. Wondering how this skittle could last so long. I’m used to the skittles lasting at least ten chews or less, but here I am chomping away and the thing hasn’t dissolved away. I then realized this couldn’t be an ordinary skittle. This wasn’t the familiar friend I was used to. SO I asked her again “What did you give me? Not only is this one of the best skittles I have ever had, but I keep chewing like it’s some sort of bubble gum? And do you know what she told me? Well I’ll tell you. She says “That’s what it is. It’s the new Skittles Xtreme Fruit Bubble Gum?. Realizing I’d been chewing on a piece of bubble gum posing as a skittle, my worries were brought to rest.

The new Skittles Xtreme Fruit Bubble Gum is that and so much more. Now if you know what I’m talking about and have you yourself “tasted the rainbow? you know that skittles will never fail at bringing you all the flavors a rainbow might taste like. These guys take it a step farther and actually form into a piece of bubble gum. Now let’s talk about the flavor. Not only are they Xtreme in the truest sense, but you’ve got all the wonderful flavors that come in a regular bag of skittles, just magnified by ten thousand! They don’t play around over there at the skittles factory. They jam pack every little bit with the most flavor as any skittle I have ever had the pleasure of eating.

Dubble Bubble Assorted Flavors


Classic pink bubble gum. A time capsule that takes you back to your very first taste. Its flavor stands alone. It cannot be touched. But that doesn’t mean its traditional taste can’t be supplemented by new and inventive flavors. The original pink Dubble Bubble gum was brought to life in 1928 by inventor Walter Deimer. (The title for inventor of bubble gum in general is up in the air, but Deimer is often credited.) Rather than coming out with round gumballs, these gum cubes as he made them were in stores within a decade. In fact, this gum was given to U.S. soldiers as rations during WWII. Actual gumballs were also produced under the brand around this time. Two flavors were introduced in 1945: grape and apple. The makers printed comic strips on the wrappers to add to their commercial appeal. World Records came next, as the American public learned just how large a little girl could blow a bubble of gum—20 inches wide! History is steeped in these tiny packages of gum, but Dubble Bubble is also looking forward to a bright future.

Today, Dubble Bubble cubes come in brightly colored wrappers twisted on the end like Tootsie Rolls, in flavors like watermelon, pink lemonade, apple, blue raspberry, and sour cherry. Assorted flavor tubs are available, which make this candy a great option for “candouts? (candy handouts) around Halloween or other holidays. Dubble Bubble’s flavor doesn’t last especially long, and the gum is sure to turn tough after chewing a piece too long, but these gum squares are so affordable that it’s easy to just pop in another one. I don’t chew bubble gum on a regular basis, but have had my share of these gum squares over the years. And these flavors are a nice change of pace if you’re looking for exciting tastes and colors. Try the blue raspberry for a real splash of Smurf-like color on your palate.

Bubble Yum Chocolate

Hey Candy Kids! Looks like Bubble Yum and Hershey’s have teamed up to bring you new Bubble Yum Hershey’s Gum. I am skeptical on how chocolate flavored gum will taste, but I like to walk on the wild side now and again, so I’ll give it a shot. 

It looks like normal Bubble Yum gum, but a dark brown color instead of the usual day-glow screaming neon colors they throw at us. It smells like chocolate, so let’s see about the taste…Hmmmm…Interesting, very interesting. It tastes great! It tastes like chewy Hershey’s chocolate and the flavor stays for quite some time. I have been chewing on this piece for nearly twenty minutes and the flavor just keeps on coming. The gum is really giving me a run for my money. I am really surprised, candy kids, this stuff is awesome! The gum is nothing short of what you’d expect from Bubble Yum. It’s chewy, makes great chewing gum bubbles and isn’t too hard. The chocolate flavor adds an almost sophisticated taste to it. This is, by far, the best gum I have chewed in a while. And again, I can’t tell you how great the flavor is, so long lasting! I give this the Sheriff badge of approval, so you better try it. Thanks to Bubble Yum, they have given chocolate and gum lovers the world over a new taste sensation. All hail Bubble Yum Hershey’s Gum!