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Cherry M&M’s – Milk Chocolate Candy

Taste the Flavor of Real Cherry and Chocolate with Cherry M&M’s

Among the holiday sweets, cherry M&M’s are one seasonal favorite worth remembering outside of Christmas. With their distinct taste and scent reminiscent of real cherry cordials, it’s sure to appeal to cherry lovers everywhere at any time of the year.

By simply opening a pack, you can already tell the difference: a sweet cherry scent that’s unique to this particular candy. This scent is also quite strong, so you might want to keep a container handy unless you’d like everything to smell like cherries. Of course, with such a sweet scent, there is definitely the promise of great taste. Sure enough, these chocolate treats don’t fail to impress with a sweet, maraschino cherry taste— completely different from the sometimes-medicinal taste you might expect from most cherry candies.

Packaged in all reds, these cherry M&M’s feature two colors: burgundy and crimson red, which are sure to add to any festive atmosphere.

Wax Lips – Wax Fangs

Play a Fun Game of “Vampire or Not” with Wax Lips and Fangs

Nothing beats a Halloween party that comes complete with games to play! If you’re hosting one this year, keeping your little guests entertained should be top priority. With wax lips and fangs, you can set up a game of Vampire or Not? that’s sure to be a hit for the night.

Vampire or Not? is a simple, yet fun-filled game where a “vampire hunter” is chosen to guess which kids are vampires, and which kids are not. Children find out what role they play with a draw of cards. Afterwards, each child in the game, except for the vampire hunter, is given either wax fangs or lips.

When the hunter goes around the kids to make his guess, all the kids will need to hide their identities by keeping their wax lips or fangs in their mouths.

If a hunter successfully finds the vampires, you can reward him with extra candy. You can even up the ante and make it more fun for all the kids with special prizes for hunters who have the most correct guesses or sneaky vampires who couldn’t be caught!

There are a lot of creative ways to keep your guests entertained the whole night. By knowing which games and candy they’ll love, you definitely throw an awesome Halloween party without too much trouble.

New sizes, prices, and no shipping and handling costs!

Have you ever been shopping for your favorite candy on-line and thought to yourself, “What in the world do I need 5 pounds of candy for?!” You know that when you shop in bulk you save money, but it has never seemed practical to buy 5 pounds of candy for personal or family consumption. Not only is there a good chance that some of it may go bad, but you also have to pay the increased shipping fee, which sometimes can be as expensive as the candy itself!

Well look no further, is here for you! At we now offer more conveniently sized bulk candy. Your favorite candy is now available in sizes approximately equal to 2.5 pounds! And do you want to know the best part of this promotion from Shipping is included! Can you believe that?! It is like a dream come true! No longer do you need to worry about ordering 5 pounds of bulk candy. You or your family can easily eat 2.5 pounds of your favorite candy!

What’s even more amazing about this promotion from is that if you want to try something new and do not want to pay an outrageous amount for it, we have separated the candy by price. That’s right! Candy now available in approximately 2.5 pound bulk bags for under $20, under $30, and under $40! There are even some below $15! This promotion is cleverly called the $20, $30, $40 deal!

Let me say that again so you fully grasp how amazing of a deal this really is: Your favorite bulk candy is now available in more convenient sizes! (Approximately 2.5 pounds) And it is available, with shipping included, conveniently bracketed by price, under $20, under $30, under $40!

This unbelievable deal might not last forever, so make sure to order your favorite candy in bulk, at a reduced price, with shipping included! Unbelievable!

Gimbal’s Sour Lovers Chews is currently running a special on Gimbal’s newest candy creation Sour Lovers Chews, so I decided to give them a try, and boy was I impressed. I am, by nature, a chocolate lover. If given the choice between a chewy or hand candy, and a chocolate bar, I will choose the chocolate bar every single time. But after trying this new sour candy, I can honestly say that I would choose these new Sour Lovers over the majority of chocolate bars.
The package claims, “Intensely Sour and Real Fruit Flavors! Experience the Long-Lasting Mouthwatering Flavor of Sour Lovers. Made with Real Fruit Juice and high in Antioxidant Vitamin C. Absolutely 100% Deliciously Sour!”
For most candies, this description seems too good to be true. The fact is, most candy does not have a “long-lasting mouthwatering flavor,” but that is not so with Sour Lovers. As soon as you bite into this new candy you will have a sour and fruit flavor explosion erupt in your mouth. The external sour sanding and delightfully sour centers are perfectly balanced with the delicious real fruit flavor. You can really tell that this candy was made with real fruit juice and not some chemical flavoring.
Sour Lovers are perfectly sour; not over powering, but not so weak as to be unnoticeable. They come in twelve deliciously sour flavors including Pomegranate, Fuji Apple, Grapefruit, Watermelon, Meyer Lemon, Tangerine, Baja Margarita, Sour Blueberry, Mango, Bing Cherry, Strawberry Daiquiri and Georgia Peach. Each flavor is unique from the others, and equally delicious. I especially love Pomegranate and Sour Blueberry with Baja Margarita and Watermelon coming in right behind as my favorite flavors. Each flavor is fantastically unique and all are sure to please.
This wonderful candy is peanut free, tree nut free, dairy free, egg free, gluten free, transfat free, gelatin free and soy free. So they are perfect for all those special people in your life with dietary restrictions. And since they are in the shape of a heart they are sure to put a smile on your loved ones.
I have consumed a lot of candy in my life, candy of all types, shapes, and sizes, and I can say that I am sold on Gimbal’s new Sour Lovers. I will definitely be eating more of these in my near future. They get my seal of approval.

by Matthew Rogers

To celebrate the launch of Sour Lovers Chews, Gimbal’s and Candy Direct are running a special promotion: For a limited time you can get TWO 11oz bags of new SOUR LOVERS CHEWS -or- 14oz bags of CINAMMON LAVABALLS for just $7! Shipping and handling included!

Wedding Candy – Party Favors

Wedding Candy – Party Favors

Make Your Reception Sweeter with Wedding Candy

There are many ways to add color and style to a wedding. Candy is a popular choice, whether on the buffet table or as party favors for guests to take home. The best part is that there is no limit to what candy can be.

Want to give your wedding a crystal theme? Decorate with rock candy in colors of your choice. Or if you’d like to coordinate with silver accents, there are a number of candies with elegant plain silver wrapping to use both as décor and party favors. No matter how you want to style your wedding reception, there are definitely candy choices to suit it.

With candy, you can even make receptions more personal by making the favors yourself. Gather selections of your choice into a bag and tie a ribbon around it. You can use a personalized ribbon printed with your names and the date of the wedding to give the favor a special touch. You can choose treats that follow the wedding’s theme, or make things sweeter and choose retro candies that you and your spouse love.

Wedding candy buffets have always been a popular addition to any reception. They are also very easy to make, for the reception on a budget. Collect glass or clear plastic jars of different shapes and sizes then fill them with candy bought in bulk to suit your wedding reception theme. Make sure to keep tongs, scoops and bags nearby for guests to gather candy to take home. Varying the colors, the heights of the jars and even the types of candies can make a very eye-catching display. You can even separate this from the rest of the buffet and give it a special table of its own.

Skittles Crazy Cores

When you want to taste a rainbow of flavor with a crazy, tasty kick, turn to fruit-flavored Skittles Crazy Cores. These bite-size candies look like traditional Skittles candies, until you bite them open. What sets these apart is the second flavor in its core, much like Everlasting Gobstoppers.

Each Skittles candy has one flavor outside, and another flavor inside, for five total flavor combinations: Mango Peach, Cherry Lemonade, Melon Berry, Strawberry Watermelon, and Blue Raspberry with Lemon. Each candy has a hard sugar shell, not at all detracting from the soft and chewy texture inside. I especially liked the Mango Peach and Blue Raspberry with Lemon flavor combos, but there’s wasn’t a bad grouping in the bag. In fact, if you eat a handful and don’t pay attention to the flavors, they all mix well in my opinion!

Available in bright orange 2-ounce pouches (great for singles) or 7.2-ounce bags (suitable for sharing at the movies), Skittles Crazy Cores look appetizing from the moment you lay eyes on the packaging. Each dual-colored candy gracing the cover appears to float in a dream world of color, like a party supply store on caffeine. Skittles are classic fruit candies produced by the Mars Candy Company. They were introduced to candy lovers in 1973, and have enjoyed over three decades of success in Europe, though they first came to the States in 1982. With the popular advertising slogan “taste the rainbow,” Skittles have successfully won over candy addicts from children to adults, all over the world. If you like Crazy Cores, you ought to also check out Chocolate, Wild Berry, Tropical and Sour Skittles for a delicious aside from the classic fruit-bowl flavors (Lemon, Lime, Grape, Orange and Strawberry).

The Snickers Fudge Bar


Mars has done it again! Not the planet, the candy company, although the new Special Edition Snickers Fudge Bar could be considered astronomical. Just when we all thought we had curbed our hunger with all possible variations of Snickers bars, they release this bad boy of chocolate for a limited time.

I’m talking Nougat, Peanut Butter, and Peanuts, slammed with Fudge and wrapped in that delicious Milk chocolate that we all know better than our Mom’s cooking. The Snickers Fudge Bar is a simple change from the standard Snickers bar, a kind of change that we all thought of, but never dared to whisper out loud, well now you can yell about it, if your mouth isn’t too full.

This is the Snickers bar for the chocolate lover; everything you love about a normal Snickers bar, except the Caramel is replaced with Fudge. This makes the bar more solid in its overall consistency, and you don’t have to deal with that stretchy caramel oozing all over your face. Like in our favorites Snickers, Milky Way, and 3 Musketeers bars, the peanut butter Nougat is fluffy and light and the peanuts are tasty as usual, but the Fudge adds a new dense consistency to the center layer, which makes for a “chocolate punch to your dome” effect for the overall bar.

Usual of their limited edition bars, the bar is smaller than a standard Snickers bar, the smallest yet, to be exact at 1.78 ounces. But at 250 calories it doesn’t need to be bigger, and trust me, if you’re wondering whether it will satisfy your Snickers craving, after you bite into this chocolate juggernaut you’ll be singing Benny Benassi’s “Satisfaction” in no time.

Snickers Fudge bars are available for a limited time, so get them while you can at

Sorbee Crystal Light Hard Candy


The popular diet drink has made its way to the candy aisle! Crystal Light Sugar Free Hard Candies are relatively new to the market, released by Sorbee, a Philadelphia-based sugar-free product developer. This product’s availability is good news for calorie counters who can’t seem to release their sweet tooth. From the image on the wrapper, you can tell this is a candy meant to please adults, not kids. There are no cartoon characters here—just the familiar label and giant images of fruit on the Pepto-Bismol pink, 3-ounce bag. Advertising 50 percent fewer calories than regular hard candies, these Crystal Light lozenges boast less than 7 calories per piece. How’s that for diet candy? Sweetened with Splenda, the candies are also kosher, utilizing natural and artificial flavors.

The star flavor out of this package is Orange. Tasting like an orange popsicle, this flavor is smooth and bright, with a bit of tang to it—and not the orange drink. Strawberry pretty much tastes like a diet drink, so there are no surprises here. With a hint of chemical to the flavor, I found Strawberry to be overwhelmingly strong and too fake in the taste department. Cherry and Raspberry are almost indistinguishable in color, with the latter being a shade lighter. Cherry tastes a bit like wax lips you’d wear at Halloween and Raspberry tastes like Lip Smackers raspberry chap stick. Take that as you will. What I do like about theses hard candies is the individually-wrapped packaging style, perfect for tossing in your bag. The candies themselves have a nice shape to them, like LifeSavers with the middle filled in.

Overall, these candies are okay if you’re on a diet, but don’t expect to enjoy them more than you would a Jolly Rancher or a bag of fruity LifeSavers. You may just get hooked on Orange, though.

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Wazoo Candy Bar

What can we say about the Wazoo Candy Bar? Originality is key here, meaning there’s nothing like this on the market—no candy even comes close. With carnival-colored sprinkles dressing up a cotton-candy-colored blue chew, this rainbow-inspired candy bar is sugar and corn syrup at its best.

The inside boasts a layer of bright pink taffy atop turquoise chew, giving you an overall raspberry flavor that’s pretty close to perfection. Surrounding the taffy bar is a layer light blue layer resembling white chocolate. Think of a Charleston Chew gone completely fruity, and slap on some purple, yellow, red and pink sprinkles for good measure. Even the aroma of this candy is appealing, with floral undertones. After finishing this candy, you can’t help but scope out the wrapper for remainders. Were there any orphaned sprinkles? Yes…and with the taste of rainbow Nerds, the sprinkles are in fact the best part. This candy bar isn’t without its caloric content, however. The modest-sized bar boasts 170 calories and 5 grams of fat. For you’re the same taste you could get from fat-free taffy, you can probably satisfy your sweet tooth elsewhere and be just as happy.

The Wazoo Bar is brought to us by Topps, the company famous for bubble gum in baseball cards. The company’s marketing materials beckon candy fans to “excite their taste buds with Wazoo.” After diving in, I’d have to say that’s easy to do with this fun-tastic candy bar. Also available in Wild Berriez flavor, this candy is a delight with yellow and pink taffy, wrapped in lavender-colored coating with multi-colored sprinkles. Can’t decide on a flavor? You’ll probably want to try pick up a few of both flavors, because all of your friends will want a bite of this unique candy bar. And at just over 4 inches long, you’ll likely find that there’s really not enough to go around.

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Stride Sweet Cinnamon

Billed the “ridiculously long-lasting gum,” Stride Gum has only been on the market since 2006. In that time, the brand has established itself on product shelves as a name in the gum business, which says a lot in the somewhat crowded market. In flavors like Spearmint, Winterblue and Sweet Peppermint, Stride knew it was time to branch out. Its Sweet Cinnamon and Forever Fruit flavors were added to the roster to round out the collection. And, not being a diehard fan of a lot of cinnamon gums for their burn-the-mouth qualities, I decided to give this new Sweet Cinnamon a try.

Overall, I’m impressed with this gum. First, the packaging is awesome. In what feels like a cardboard billfold, the box opens up to reveal 14 rectangles of gum, individually wrapped and lined up like little soldiers ready for battle. Old-style stick packaging (like Wrigley’s and Extra) is definitely a way of the past. From this package, it’s easy to grab a piece, but the gum won’t easily fall out in your purse or pocket because of the sleek, walletlike design. Also, the box flap tucks under a tab to keep it in place—but again, it’s not hard at all to get the gum out of the box. You actually look quite James Bond as you whip out the box, shake it open and slyly slip out a piece for your friend or colleague. And your friends will definitely ask you for a piece. The Sweet Cinnamon smell emanates from the box, just as it does around your mouth when you chew it. Though the flavor is long lasting, it doesn’t punch you in the gut with its spiciness. It’s a more subtle, sugary-tasting chew. But the best part of all is that it’s sugarfree. At less than 5 calories per piece, chewing Stride gum is a great way to keep your mouth busy instead of snacking at the vending machine. I’d not only buy this gum in the future, but I’d also consider it “the” gum of the future.

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