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Candy Corn Relay

Love the outdoors? Love candy? We have the perfect game for you. This Halloween organize a fun relay race with the little ones, friends, and family in your backyard or your local park. All you need is:

  • 2 bags of Candy Corn
  • 2 small/medium Jack O’ Lanterns (or 2 hollowed out pumpkins)
  • 2 buckets
  • 2 Spoons
  • Racing shoes
  • Costume (to add a little humor and difficulty)

Design the race course by adding a start and finish line. Place a bucket filled with the Candy Corn at the start and an empty Jack O’ Lantern at the finish line for each team. Split your players into two equal groups and hand a spoon to a player from each team. Now challenge the runner to scoop up a spoonful of candy corn and race as fast as he can—without spilling the candy corn—to the other side.They cannot spill any candy corn or use their hands! If any candy corn falls off the spoon, they must immediately pick it up and bring it back to the starting line bowl and start over with that scoopful.

When they get to the finish, they must dump the candy corn into the empty Jack O’ Lantern. Then, they must dash back to the start line to hand the spoon over to the next sprinter do repeat the same step. The team who fills out the Jack O’ Lantern first wins! As their reward, let the winning team keep both Jack O’ Lanterns and share the Candy Corn award them with freaky prizes such as Jelly Belly Pet Tarantulas or Rats. Visit us at Candy Direct to get your Candy Corn and your spooky prizes!

Spider, Bats, Ghost…Bingo!

bingo for halloween candy

If you are looking for a fast paced game this Halloween to settle the sugar-rush, look no further! This year organize a fun game of Bingo with a spooky twist. It’s fun, exciting, and kids all ages, including grandparents, will surely enjoy it. All you need is:

  • Ghostly themed Bingo cards- you can make your own or download them online
  • Deck of cards each having one of the Bingo words written on them
  • M&M candy markers
  • Witch’s hat, Cauldron, or Jack O’ Lantern to randomly pull the cards from

Shuffle the Bingo Cards and allow everybody to choose their lucky one. Shuffle the deck of cards with the Halloween word bank and put it in your mysterious card holder (Witch’s hat, Cauldron, or Jack O’ Lantern) . Pull randomly from the holder and call one word at a time; try making this fun by adding your own spooky voice or even turn off the lights and light the room with candle-light to add suspense. Players should mark the words called out with the M&M markers; contain yourself from not eating them!When a player fills a row, diagonal, or column, they should stand up and shout “Bingo!”  If you have called all the words they marked, they win. As a prize the winner can collect all the candy markers from the players or better yet receive a bigger prize such as Jack O’ Lantern filled with Trick or Treat Mix and Gummy Centipedes! Visit us at Candy Direct to get your candy markers or yummy prizes.

Let the Candy Games Begin… and May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor

Pin the Wart on the Witch Halloween Game

Looking for fun ways to entertain your little goblins this Halloween? Join us this month of October for a series of blogs with fun games and ideas to spice up your Halloween this year. If you decide to throw an indoor Halloween party, get the family together by organizing a game of “Pin the Wart on the Witch”; a Halloween version of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” with a twist.  All you need is:

  • a selection of different flavored Hershey’s Kisses
  • a poster or drawing of a witch’s face (17′ x 22′)
  • clear tape
  • poster clay (available in office supply stores and craft stores)
  • blindfold

Once you have the poster or drawing of the witch’s face, tape the poster to a wall that is free of other hangings and furniture. Prepare the witch’s warts by placing small pieces of poster clay on the backs of the different flavors of wrapped Hershey’s Kisses. Give the players a different flavor of Hershey’s Kisses so that it’s easier to identify their warts; if there are more players than Hershey Kisses flavors, break them up into teams. Finally, blindfold the players, one by one, and have them attach their Hershey’s kisses  to the poster. The person who attaches the Hershey’s Kisses closest to the tip of the witch’s nose wins! the prize? All the delicious warts attached on the poster! Visit us at to get your favorite flavors of Hershey’s Kisses and stay posted for other spooky ideas.