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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year… for Candy Lovers

It’s official, pumpkins are rolling into local stores, haunting attractions are springing up, scary costumes are filling up the shelves, and spider webs are accepted as house decorations. This could only mean one thing; Halloween is just around the corner! Whether this year you’re the one trick-or-treating or the kind neighbor handing out candy, they key ingredient to a spooctacular Halloween is candy. Candy Direct has everything you need to awe your trick-or-treaters and your own taste buds from Jelly Belly Pet Tarantulas to the traditional candy corn. Wondering what little Frankensteins, superheroes, princesses, and mummies love the most? Chocolate is clearly the preferred choice. Of the $1.9 billion sold in Halloween candy each year, $1.2 billion is on chocolate candy alone.  This year, get ready with Candy Direct and their great selection of bite size Snickers, Reese’s, and Milky Ways, oh my! Trick-or-treaters are hungrier than ever for a sugar rush so start getting ready and let us help you get ready for our favorite time of the year.

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Gimbals Jelly Beans – Halloween Candy

Have a Magical Jack and the Beanstalk Halloween with Gimbals Jelly Beans

Take your guests right into the world of fairy tales this Halloween by recreating well-loved tales right in your own home. With Gimbals jelly beans and various decorations that keep with the theme, you can easily breathe life into one of the world’s favorite childhood classics: Jack and the Beanstalk.

Recreating Jack’s world isn’t very difficult. With a little imagination, along with some basic arts and crafts skills, you can create a fantasy world that even the giant would envy!

Use unused lamp stands or columns as your beanstalks and decorate them with green art paper for the leaves and crepe paper to make the stalk. You can even dress up as the giant and greet each visitor with a hearty bellow of “fee-fi-fo-fum!”

To complete the experience for every child, create a bag of magical beans using different flavored Gimbals jelly beans. With all these done, you can be sure that your costumed guests will have a Halloween to remember in a world of whimsy and storybookfantasy!

The Ultimate Jelly Bean Blog

Short Introduction

For those of you that don’t know, a jelly bean is more or less exactly what it sounds like. It is a bean-shaped candy with a semi-hard outer shell and a soft inside. They are generally fruit flavored, such as cherry and watermelon, but as production techniques have become more refined, companies have been able to experiment with many unique and interesting flavors, such as cotton candy and buttered popcorn. This candy has blossomed from an Easter-centered candy to a year-round favorite. Companies have the ability to change the colors and flavors of the jelly bean to match any occasion or season; red, white, and blue for the Fourth of July or orange and black for Halloween.


The exact date that jelly beans were created is unknown, but many believe they got their start during the civil war. In 1861, a man by the name of William Schraft began manufacturing jelly beans in Boston and encouraged people to send them to the soldiers to eat as snacks during the war. Some experts believe that the jelly center is descendent of a mid-Eastern confection known as Turkish Delight, which dates back to the biblical times.

However it was not until 1905 when the Chicago Daily News first mentioned jelly beans in an advertisement. Back then they sold for 9 cents per pound, and are considered to be the first “bulk candy.” Most historians have agreed that they were first linked with Easter in the 1930s.

In 1976, the Herman Goelitz Candy Co.,Inc. invented the gourmet jelly bean, which sprung new life into the jelly bean and assured it would last as a candy favorite.

Fun Fact: Jelly beans were Ronald Reagan’s favorite candy, thus during the Reagan administration, jelly beans could always be found in the White House. Reagan even had a specially made jelly bean holder for Air Force One so the jelly beans would not spill during turbulence. Jelly beans have also visited outer space when they traveled on the space shuttle.

Ingredients, Shape, Flavors

Although there are slight differences in the manufacturing processes between companies, the overall process required to make jelly beans is essentially the same.

The basic ingredients needed are sugar, corn syrup, and food starch. In addition to these ingredients, there are small proportions of flavoring that depend on the type of jelly bean. These natural and artificial flavors depend of the specific flavor and may include chocolate, coconut, peanuts, vanilla, oils, cream, or freeze-dried egg, milk, or fruit powders.

One of the recent advancements that has allowed for more creatively flavored jelly beans is the ability to have a particular jelly bean resemble its real world flavor. For example, a watermelon-flavored jelly bean has a soft red center and an outer green shell, so that it looks like a real watermelon. There is also a mixed fruit jelly bean, often known as tutti-frutti, that may have a soft pink center and a speckled outer shell, which suggests that it is a mixed flavor.

Believe it or not, the shape of the jelly bean remained relatively unchanged up until the mid-1970s when producers began manufacturing “gourmet” jelly beans. Gourmet jelly beans are typically smaller and softer than the traditional jelly beans. Since the introduction of gourmet jelly beans, manufacturers have been constantly changing the flavors available. They have been varying the flavors and colors that are available, replacing the less popular flavors with newly designed ones. Even creating fat-free jelly beans to adapt to a more health conscious generation.

The Manufacturing Process

This site has good pictures:

The manufacturing process begins far earlier than the actual creating of the jelly bean. It begins in a laboratory where chemists test new flavors and flavor combinations of jelly beans, in order to see which flavors will sell the best. These chemists develop small test batches based on customer studies, which are manufactured over a trial period and marketed to gauge their success. If the new flavor is a success, it will be put into production, if not, it will be discarded. A recent trend has been toward organic and healthier candy, with an emphasis on natural ingredients and low calories and fat content.

After the chemists and marketing team have determined a successful flavor it is sent to the candy kitchen where the jelly bean making process begins. The first thing that the kitchen must do is create the jelly bean center. This is made using a syrup that is created by dissolving sugar and other ingredients in a large boiler. Here, the syrup is heated to the proper temperature and consistency, as well as where the flavor and color is added. After the flavor and color have been added, it is transported to the starch casting area.

Each individual jelly bean is created through a process called starch casting. During this process a product called dry corn starch is laid across a plastic tray by a machine called a mogul. Dry corn starch is used because it is a fine powder that is able to retain shapes very well. After the layer of corn starch is laid, dents are pressed into the corn starch in the shape of the inside of a jelly bean. The corn starch covered trays can contain between several hundred to over one thousand individual dents for jelly beans.

After the dents are placed in the dry corn starch, the trays are transported to a machine that deposits the heated syrup, which was made in the kitchen, into each tiny mold. From here, the trays are transported to a cooling room where the temperature and humidity are controlled. This allows the liquid syrup to cool and form the gummy center of the jelly bean.

Now that the gummy center of the jelly bean has been created, it is time to move onto the outer shell. The process to create the outer shell is known as the panning process. This process gives the outer shell its color and flavor. After the gummy centers are dried, they are removed from the corn starch, which is then recycled and used to create even more jelly centers.

Did you know…? Did you know that all of the centers are the same flavor and color before they start the panning process?

Once removed from their corn starch housing, the centers are transported to stainless steel “pans” where additional ingredients are added to give the jelly beans flavor and color. These “pans” rotate several hundred times per minute, which, when sugar is slowly added, allows a hard, sugar shell to be formed. Workers then add the flavors and colors, which gives each flavor of jelly bean its distinctive color and taste.

This is a very time consuming process and can take anywhere between 6 and 10 days. The final step in the process is the package the final product. After they finish the panning process, the jelly beans are placed in sorting trays where they are still separated by flavor and color. They are then taken to a large bin where they are mixed until the desired combination is achieved. Exceptions to this of course include times when jelly beans are packaged as a single flavor.

After they are mixed together they are inspected by workers for quality controlled reasons. Jelly beans with any imperfections are removed, and those that pass the quality inspection are packaged in various sizes and made available for bulk sale or to customers for individual purchases. Some packaging machines can package and seal 80,000 jelly beans a day!

Come take a look at the vast selection of Jelly Beans and more at Candy Direct!

By Matthew Rogers

New sizes, prices, and no shipping and handling costs!

Have you ever been shopping for your favorite candy on-line and thought to yourself, “What in the world do I need 5 pounds of candy for?!” You know that when you shop in bulk you save money, but it has never seemed practical to buy 5 pounds of candy for personal or family consumption. Not only is there a good chance that some of it may go bad, but you also have to pay the increased shipping fee, which sometimes can be as expensive as the candy itself!

Well look no further, is here for you! At we now offer more conveniently sized bulk candy. Your favorite candy is now available in sizes approximately equal to 2.5 pounds! And do you want to know the best part of this promotion from Shipping is included! Can you believe that?! It is like a dream come true! No longer do you need to worry about ordering 5 pounds of bulk candy. You or your family can easily eat 2.5 pounds of your favorite candy!

What’s even more amazing about this promotion from is that if you want to try something new and do not want to pay an outrageous amount for it, we have separated the candy by price. That’s right! Candy now available in approximately 2.5 pound bulk bags for under $20, under $30, and under $40! There are even some below $15! This promotion is cleverly called the $20, $30, $40 deal!

Let me say that again so you fully grasp how amazing of a deal this really is: Your favorite bulk candy is now available in more convenient sizes! (Approximately 2.5 pounds) And it is available, with shipping included, conveniently bracketed by price, under $20, under $30, under $40!

This unbelievable deal might not last forever, so make sure to order your favorite candy in bulk, at a reduced price, with shipping included! Unbelievable!

Gimbal’s Sour Lovers Chews is currently running a special on Gimbal’s newest candy creation Sour Lovers Chews, so I decided to give them a try, and boy was I impressed. I am, by nature, a chocolate lover. If given the choice between a chewy or hand candy, and a chocolate bar, I will choose the chocolate bar every single time. But after trying this new sour candy, I can honestly say that I would choose these new Sour Lovers over the majority of chocolate bars.
The package claims, “Intensely Sour and Real Fruit Flavors! Experience the Long-Lasting Mouthwatering Flavor of Sour Lovers. Made with Real Fruit Juice and high in Antioxidant Vitamin C. Absolutely 100% Deliciously Sour!”
For most candies, this description seems too good to be true. The fact is, most candy does not have a “long-lasting mouthwatering flavor,” but that is not so with Sour Lovers. As soon as you bite into this new candy you will have a sour and fruit flavor explosion erupt in your mouth. The external sour sanding and delightfully sour centers are perfectly balanced with the delicious real fruit flavor. You can really tell that this candy was made with real fruit juice and not some chemical flavoring.
Sour Lovers are perfectly sour; not over powering, but not so weak as to be unnoticeable. They come in twelve deliciously sour flavors including Pomegranate, Fuji Apple, Grapefruit, Watermelon, Meyer Lemon, Tangerine, Baja Margarita, Sour Blueberry, Mango, Bing Cherry, Strawberry Daiquiri and Georgia Peach. Each flavor is unique from the others, and equally delicious. I especially love Pomegranate and Sour Blueberry with Baja Margarita and Watermelon coming in right behind as my favorite flavors. Each flavor is fantastically unique and all are sure to please.
This wonderful candy is peanut free, tree nut free, dairy free, egg free, gluten free, transfat free, gelatin free and soy free. So they are perfect for all those special people in your life with dietary restrictions. And since they are in the shape of a heart they are sure to put a smile on your loved ones.
I have consumed a lot of candy in my life, candy of all types, shapes, and sizes, and I can say that I am sold on Gimbal’s new Sour Lovers. I will definitely be eating more of these in my near future. They get my seal of approval.

by Matthew Rogers

To celebrate the launch of Sour Lovers Chews, Gimbal’s and Candy Direct are running a special promotion: For a limited time you can get TWO 11oz bags of new SOUR LOVERS CHEWS -or- 14oz bags of CINAMMON LAVABALLS for just $7! Shipping and handling included!

Easter Candy – Something New

Mix it up this Easter with new Ideas

Easter is right around the corner and if you haven’t stocked up on candy then you might find yourself in a tough spot. We all know that there are some popular Easter candies that just seem to run off the shelves themselves leaving us looking puzzled as we try to decide between green marshmallow peep bunnies and regular Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. This year, why not think outside the egg? Colors can be your best friend and with a day like Easter it is easy to think of colors that are appropriate. Spring colors are always a big hit and pastels really give you that Easter look without being overly suggestive of the theme. Some great products in these colors are available all year round so they might be more readily available than most of the themed candy you’re used to seeing, and don’t be afraid to get creative! Think of all the unique candies that you can have to make your Easter celebration delightfully surprising and a hit! Products like Smarties, SweeTarts, Gum Balls, Jordan Almonds, and Laffy Taffy are available all the time with color specific choices. Imagine being the only person on your block to include Gummi Bears and Twinkle Pops in your Easter decorations. Maybe even try a different brand of Jelly Bean, like Gimbal’s Gourmet Jelly Beans, with more than 40 flavors, you’re sure to find your favorites and maybe make some new ones. Plus, if you’re really aching for something more traditional you can always go with Cadbury Creme Eggs, which are available 8 months out of the year. Jump over to Candy Direct and check out the Color section, there’s even a Pastel Colors subcategory where you are sure to find some creative Easter ideas.

Gimbal’s Jelly Beans

San Francisco–based candy company Gimbal’s was born in 1898. (Yes, that’s Gimbal’s, not gumballs.) Brothers Alexander, Louis and Eugene Gimbal Joined forces to cook up some of the greatest candy in town. In fact, they first made a name for themselves by using a steam-production process under the name “Pacific Steam Candy Factory.” Making penny candies and nickel candy bars, not much has changed outside of the price. They still have the old-fashioned goods, but also some innovative candies in the works.

Good thing for Gimbal’s, some candies never get old. Take jelly beans, for instance. These are not just a sweet treat for Easter baskets anymore, but are yummy any day of the year. Gimbal’s Jelly Beans are of the gourmet variety, and they come in 41 flavors like tiramisu, java, buttered popcorn, baja margarita, key lime, boysenberry, french vanilla, passion fruit, peach, chocolate, lemon meringue, blue Hawaiian, tutti frutti and hot cinnamon—and that’s not even half of them. You may be thinking that these sound a lot like the Jelly Belly flavors, and they are very similar. But there are some different ones—and besides, there’s no copyright on candy flavors. That would be so limiting! The Java is a standout flavor—tastes just like a cup of gourmet flavored coffee. Perfectly Pear is divine, and Orange ‘n Cream tastes just like a Dreamsicle. You might be knocked off your feet when you taste the Butted Popcorn jelly bean. It’s strikingly similar to a movie theater bucket of buttery goodness. Strawberry Daiquiri was a bit over the top in flavor, and tasted artificial. But each flavor is so much it’s own, that you have to taste them all (with a big gulp of water in between) to really make a judgment call. I love Gimbal’s Jelly Beans, and will most definitely be a repeat customer. You should satisfy your gourmet tastes with a bag of your own.

Harry Potter Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans

If eccentric jelly beans are your thing, you’ll die for these peculiar little treats from Cap Candy. The complete flavor list includes some normal tastes, like blueberry, grape jelly, and green apple. If you’re a bit more daring, you’ll flip for flavors like grass, black pepper, and buttered popcorn. But only the truly brave (and all 5-to-10 year old boys) will be willing to stomach the grossest jelly bean flavors: booger, bacon, soap, sardine, earthworm, earwax, rotten egg, dirt, and—the kicker—vomit. I found these flavors absolutely disgusting. Still, that’s part of the charm of the candy. And if they intent was to gross me out, Bertie Bott’s Beans certainly did that. I found a surprisingly higher ratio of revolting flavors to enjoyable ones. Grape jelly was nice and fruity. Bacon and earthworm were rubbery and waxy.

This candy is part of the Harry Potter craze that swept across the world like wildfire at the turn of the century. Potter books and accompanying products found themselves in the hands of kids and adults alike as they sought a touch of magic in their everyday lives. Because of their link to the literary world, these jelly beans are sold in specialty, gift, and bookstores in addition to candy-specific shops. Other Harry Potter candies inspired by the book series include: Cockroach Clusters, Fizzing Whizbees (a popping candy), Chocolate Frogs, Jelly Slugs, and Blood Pops. Mmm, mmm good!

Is there something morally wrong with a company that can make kids eat booger- and vomit-flavored jelly beans—the same kids who wouldn’t pick up a piece of broccoli for a hundred bucks? I’d say so. Nevertheless, the clever marketing scheme behind these beans is a lesson for all candy companies: exploit what’s hot. The jelly bean giant, Jelly Belly manufactures the Bertie Bott’s brand in 10- and 20-flavor boxes. With that quality reputation, these beans have become an established treat rather than a mere passing fad in the novelty candy industry. Now, go wash out your mouth with a soap-flavored jelly bean.

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Gimbal’s Assorted Jelly Beans


These gourmet jelly beans are nothing short of amazing!  With over 40 flavors that explode in your mouth when you munch into them, you truly understand the craze of these magical beans. The greatest thing though, in my opinion, is that you can mix and match to create a smorgasbord of fantastical flavors. Here’s a tasty example for you to fantasize about: for a Mocha Latte you mix the following ingredients: (1) French Vanilla, (1) Chocolate and (2) Java beans and you have yourself a Mocha Latte on the go.  Just to keep you on your toes here’s the master creation of them all, the almighty Banana Split. You mix the following ingredients: (1) Banana, (1) Pineapple, (1) French Vanilla, (1) Chocolate and (1) Wild Cherry and SHA-ZAM! Banana Split! Jelly Bean style! And don’t think for a second you can tell the difference, because you can’t!

The Gimbal’s company has been around since 1898 so they know how to make candy better than most other companies out there. The Gimbal’s Jelly Bean is the main rival to the Jelly Belly jelly bean and make no mistake that there is something special going on.  Gimbal’s is leading the jelly bean revolution with new imagination to the benefit of your taste buds. With an astounding array of flavors and recipes, you are sure to get your Jelly Bean fill with these gourmet jelly beans. And when you find yourself lazing around, try to come up with your own creations. Spread the word. Maybe you will be the next jelly bean innovating guru. You want one of my very own creations? You know you do. Check this out! Mix these flavors: (1) Strawberry Cheesecake, (1) French Vanilla, (2) Chocolate and Bam! Hot dog! You’ve got the Cheesecake Blitz!