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New sizes, prices, and no shipping and handling costs!

Have you ever been shopping for your favorite candy on-line and thought to yourself, “What in the world do I need 5 pounds of candy for?!” You know that when you shop in bulk you save money, but it has never seemed practical to buy 5 pounds of candy for personal or family consumption. Not only is there a good chance that some of it may go bad, but you also have to pay the increased shipping fee, which sometimes can be as expensive as the candy itself!

Well look no further, is here for you! At we now offer more conveniently sized bulk candy. Your favorite candy is now available in sizes approximately equal to 2.5 pounds! And do you want to know the best part of this promotion from Shipping is included! Can you believe that?! It is like a dream come true! No longer do you need to worry about ordering 5 pounds of bulk candy. You or your family can easily eat 2.5 pounds of your favorite candy!

What’s even more amazing about this promotion from is that if you want to try something new and do not want to pay an outrageous amount for it, we have separated the candy by price. That’s right! Candy now available in approximately 2.5 pound bulk bags for under $20, under $30, and under $40! There are even some below $15! This promotion is cleverly called the $20, $30, $40 deal!

Let me say that again so you fully grasp how amazing of a deal this really is: Your favorite bulk candy is now available in more convenient sizes! (Approximately 2.5 pounds) And it is available, with shipping included, conveniently bracketed by price, under $20, under $30, under $40!

This unbelievable deal might not last forever, so make sure to order your favorite candy in bulk, at a reduced price, with shipping included! Unbelievable!

Ricola Refreshers Herb Drops

As if Switzerland hasn’t brought the world enough marvels in candy and sweets, they’ve also brought us Ricola—a natural alternative in throat drops. Ricola Refreshers Swiss Herb Throat Drops come in two flavors: the popular LemonMint and the lesser-known Elderflower. The ingredient list is impressive—these natural mints include herbs like horehound, mallow, elder, hyssop, lemon balm, linden flowers, peppermint, sage, and thyme. Being sugar-free, the throat drops have the added benefit or relieving minor sore throat.

I tried the Elderflower drops first—I was pleasantly surprised by these throat lozenges. Each drop is oval-shaped and packaged in a pocket-sized container. So what does an elderflower taste like? It carries a hint of citrus and a touch of floral flavors—but I really can’t describe the overall taste. Perhaps it’s a bit like Clark’s Teaberry Gum? Quite tasty indeed, these throat drops are long lasting and they have a smooth texture that doesn’t leave your teeth feeling filmy like some other cough drops do. It’s also not overwhelming in the menthol department, so you’ll enjoy a nice, enjoyable taste without feeling like you have breath more powerful than a dragon’s.

LemonMint is another popular flavor sold by Ricola, and rightly so. This throat drop is pleasant to taste and naturally refreshing. It tastes more like a fresh lemon rind than your typical lemon-flavored candy—you could easily picture how nice the scent would be if you could bottle it up and spray it around your home for a whiff of lemony freshness. Personally, I’d go for the Elderflower if given a choice of the two—but why not stock up on both? You know you’ll go through bags and bags of these the next time you have a sore throat. All in all, these throat drops live up to the name—they are truly refreshing.

Mojo for Energy Tri-Mint

You’ve heard of popping caffeine pills for energy or gulping down a Red Bull. But caffeinated mints? Mojo for Energy is the first caffeinated mint I’ve ever heard of, and I’ve decided to give it a whirl. Each minty tablet is said to equal one cup of coffee or one energy drink, providing 22 milligrams of caffeine. How do they get caffeine into a little tablet in the first place? The mint’s number two ingredient is guarana extract—and guarana fruit contains three times the caffeine of a coffee bean the same size! Ingenious. Ginseng, taurine and vitamin B12 round out the formula. Another benefit of this tablet? It only has five calories, which is a vast improvement over calorie-laden soft drinks and specialty coffees and the empty calories consumed there, just for the sake of staying alert. Each packet contains 12 mint tablets that you can stash in your pocket or purse for convenience.

Each mint is about the circumference of a nickel and has a cool taste. The actual flavor is called Tri-mint, which tastes a lot like chalky peppermint to me. The tablet must be savored like a lozenge, because it is too hard to chew right through. But that means you have more time to let the mint freshen your whole mouth while the ingredients kick in to give you a boost of alertness for that long road trip or snore-worthy business meeting. I have personally been scared straight from trying these kinds of supplements since I witnessed Jessie (Elizabeth Berkley) from Saved By the Bell fall into a dangerous rendezvous with caffeine pills in order to stay awake and study. But, used responsibly, caffeine is a part of life for so many people—and, for that reason, this seems like an ingenious product that could really catch on.

Mojo for Energy is brought to us by Sweet Stuff Innovative Products. Product creator Jill Pyles wanted to create an alternative to coffee and soft drinks for a quick boost of energy. The name “Mojo” was decided upon because it represented the first initials of people in her family—and the final “o” was added to signify the others who would try the product.

Ricola Breath mints

Sometimes, you feel the need to get back to Mother Nature. If you feel that longing yourself, why not treat your breath to the same experience? Ricola Breath Mints declare themselves to be nature’s perfect mint. In three flavors, Peppermint, Spearmint, and LemonMint (Ricola’s best-selling mint flavor), Ricola Breath Mints come in an easy-to-dispense .88-ounce box. The mints use naturally chewy gum arabic and a natural herb mix for flavorings. But the ingredient list also includes aspartame, which immediately negates the “all natural” taglines as far as I’m concerned. Not that I stray from aspartame as a general rule, but it’s certainly not the best for human health from what I’ve heard.

I first opened the LemonMint, to see what all the fuss was about. After all, don’t most breath mints claim to be sugar-free, refreshing, and long lasting? These chewy mints from Ricola have a gummy quality to them that is similar to a thick licorice. They are shaped like a tiny gumdrop and feel smooth inside the mouth, but are not easy to chew. The overall taste of these mints was definitely healthy, but not outstanding. Another downfall is I felt like I had to eat three or four mints to get the freshness I’d normally expect one breath mint to bring. The spearmint flavor packed a lot more punch than the lemon, as did the peppermint, which won out in the flavor department.

My favorite feature was the unique click-top box. I don’t know how they did it, but the cardboard box audibly “clicks” into place when you close the top. This is a great feature for a person who hates it when breath mints spill out in their pocket or inside their purse. The box is very much pocket-sized and is convenient to take with you when you’re on the go. All in all, I’d say Ricola Breath Mints’ strongest asset is packaging. If you’re looking for a more natural alternative to your standard breath freshener, this may be just what you need.

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Ricola Mini Natural Herb Cough Drops

What do you think about when you hear the word Ricola? If you ask me, I’m bound to start chanting the decade-old commercial campaign: Riiii-co-laaa.

(If you don’t know what I’m referring to, click here for the ad: The company, which has been going strong for over 70 years, is named after its Swedish founder. The abbreviation for the company’s full name is Ri-Co-La: Richterich & Compagnie Laufen. Now you know.

Memorable ad campaign aside, this company is reaching its target audience by offering reliable, good-for-you alternatives for the health-conscious consumer. To supplement their already innovative line of nature-infused mints and throat drops, Ricola has introduced Mini Natural Herb Cough Drops. There is nothing on the market that tastes like these lozenges. With the intensity of Halls and the smooth taste of herbs, these drops fight colds by suppressing the coughs and soothing sore throats. The flavor is more floral than fruity, and you definitely feel like you’re eating something that’s good for you. But, unlike spinach, these actually taste great too.

If you’re wondering what’s behind the brick-like shape of these Original Flavor lozenges, it’s because these are made today almost exactly the same way Emil Richterich first made them. Richeterich’s recipe was born in the 1930’s in Ricola’s founding place, Laufen, Switzerland (where they are still manufactured today—some things never change). Other varieties of Ricola lozenges are factory made and come in an oval lozenge. Ricola throat drops are made to suit the public who shop for natural foods and herbal goods. Whether or not you choose the sugarless variety, you’ll enjoy a healthy alternative to other throat drops brands. You can look for these throat drops in your grocery or convenience store, or visit the company’s website for more info.

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5 Gum

“5 is the new black.” Though you won’t see the manufacturer’s name anywhere on the package, Wrigley’s is the company behind “5”, the newest product to hit candy shelves. The name sticks, as each sugar-free piece of chewing gum has only five calories. Some people think there’s a greater significance to the name. Does 5 ignite the five senses when  chewed? It has been five years since Wrigley’s introduced Orbit gum in 2002. Could that be the reason for the mysterious, numeric product name?

Once you get past the perplexing title, you can instantly appreciate 5 for its sleek, black packaging. In fact, the company is targeting teens with this product with the slogan “5 is the new black.” I was familiar with this gum before I tried it, since I’d seen one of the company’s advertisements playing on the big screen in a pre-movie commercial. I was intrigued by the image of the gum before I even tasted it—talk about effective advertising.

When I picked up the box, I thought it looked strikingly similar to a pack of cigarettes. The gum sticks even stand upright in the pack and slide out the top like cigarettes would. The gum definitely has a bad-boy image to it, as much it is possible for a chewing gum to seem rebellious. Available in three flavors—Cobalt (Peppermint), Flare (Cinnamon), and Rain (Spearmint)—each pack contains 15 pieces of gum covered in bright, color-coordinated foil of red, blue, or green. Rain tastes a lot like other spearmint gums on the market—nothing new there. Flare is a bit tamer than Big Red, with more of a bubble gum flavor to it than the hot and spicy cinnamon you would expect. And Cobalt is refreshing like a candy cane, but again, not as intense as you would expect from the packaging. I must say that the flavor, though not as intense as some other gums bring, lasts and lasts. It’s doubtful that chewing a certain type of gum can give you an image boost. But if any gum could make you cool, it would be 5.

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Wrigley’s Orbit White Melon Breeze

Tooth whiteners are all the rage. If you haven’t noticed, just walk down the toothpaste aisle of your local grocery store and you’ll discover toothpastes, tooth strips, mouthwash, and chewing gums that all claim to whiten teeth quickly and easily. Enter Wrigley’s Orbit White chewing gum. This pack contains twelve pieces of sugarless gum “proven to remove stains and whiten teeth,” or so the packaging states.

I decided to put this gum to the test. Because this pack was the Melon Breeze flavor, I had my doubts. I’m a bit skeptical that something that tastes fruity can also be good for my teeth. But I decided to give it a whirl. Much to my surprise, the gum did leave my teeth and breath feeling cleaner. There was no sugary residue to complain about, nor any aftertaste. Each piece of gum (and there are 12 in the pack) is stored in foil-covered pockets. The white, rectangular gum pieces are complete with green specks that just make them look like a genuine tooth whitener. The wrapper calls these magical little components “sparkling speckles.” If you eat two pieces of Orbit White gum after eating and drinking, you should notice results after 8 weeks. That’s according to the clinical tests. Unfortunately, that adds up to a lot of cash. So much money, in fact, that you might actually be better off purchasing those super-expensive white strips if you want to get more bang for your buck.

At 2.5 calories per piece, you still can’t go wrong for a sugarless, fruit-flavored gum that makes your teeth and breath fresher. (Melon Breeze must be a combination of cantaloupe and kiwi from the looks of the packaging, but I actually tasted more of a fresh watermelon flavor.) You can also buy Orbit White in traditional flavors: Spearmint, Peppermint, and Bubblemint. Whether or not this gum lives up to the clinical tests, the packaging and product should be enough to draw you in.

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Certs Roll Peppermint

One thing is certain—we all need fresh breath. A roll of Certs in your pocket or bag can make a huge difference when you go to lean in for that big kiss. Or maybe you just want to sweeten up your breath for your colleagues in case they get a little too close. Whatever the reasoning, Certs peppermints are a classic breath freshener manufactured by the Cadbury Schweppes Corporation. They are as commonplace at grocery store checkout aisles as any other mint or gum.

When Certs were introduced in 1956, they were the first breath mint to really spark the American obsession with minty-fresh mouths. Though they don’t contain any peppermint oils, Certs are made with an ingredient called retsyn which gives the white mint its colored flecks. About the circumference of a penny, these mints come in handy rolls that you can take with you anywhere. The brand also released boxes of Certs Cool Mint Drops (shaped like tiny eggs) and Certs Powerful Mints (lots of flavor packed into the smallest mint possible). But the classic roll has remained a staple of convenience stores all over the U.S.

Debate ensued over the validity of Certs as a breath mint, because they don’t actually contain antibacterial ingredients. They’ve been referred to as a mint-flavored candy because the sweet flavor can lighten up your breath without really knocking out the odor-causing bacteria. This issue came to the forefront when Certs applied to be recognized as an oral-hygiene product rather than candy, to change tariffs applied to imports. After a back and forth battle in the courts, Certs triumphed and was recognized as a legitimate breath mint. (Well gee, I could have put one in my mouth and told you that.) Peppermint Certs are the classic flavor, though cinnamon and wintergreen are also popular. At one time, I remember Certs coming out with a cherry flavor, which I was always delighted to find in my mom’s purse. These classic mints are cheap, handy, and refreshing with decades of sales to prove their candy (I mean minty) legacy.

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Licorice Altoids

Maybe it’s the ultra-clever marketing. Or maybe it’s the crackle of that white protective paper you must peel back to get to the mints inside each nostalgia-inducing tin. Whatever it is, there is a reason why consumers choose Altoids, the “curiously strong mint�? over its competitors. Mint flavors like wintergreen and peppermint aside, Altoids are also available in cinnamon, ginger, and even licorice (or “liquorice,�? as the tin reads). That’s not to mention their newer Altoid raspberry, citrus, and passion fruit sours available in round tins rather than the traditional tins shaped like a deck of cards.

But to zero in on a particular mint, Licorice Altoids are a special candy for a special consumer. Indeed, not every candy connoisseur enjoys the flavor of black licorice. And from a company known for its mints, this is not quite a mint, though one could make a case for the fresh-breath potential. Closet black-licorice fans truly have limited options when it comes to the treat—it’s a rare flavor, and Altoids nearly has the market cornered on licorice mints. Twizzlers still makes black licorice ropes, but you won’t find it in all stores. The red licorice ropes are definitely more popular. In fact, black licorice is usually only enjoyed by mature taste buds, leaving young consumers with more kid-friendly flavors. It carries the flavor of anise, an herb used not only as a cough suppressant but also as a breath sweetener. So maybe there is reason to market licorice as a mint.

These Altoids are potent and packed with flavor, like other Altoid varieties. If you’re mildly fond of licorice, you’ll probably eat a few of these and get bored. If you’re a black licorice fanatic, you’ll ingest the entire can in a week. But don’t expect to offer this treat to unsuspecting friends under the label of a “mint.�? They may be surprised by the taste and spit it out in front of you. As one food reviewer for the Chicago Sun-Times stated, black licorice tastes like “stale tobacco dipped in cough syrup.�? Ouch, that’s harsh. But don’t let one person’s opinion stop you from at least giving Licorice Altoids a try.

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Simon’s Stars & Stripes Mints

A hard peppermint candy wrapped in red-and-white stripes with blue-and-starred twist ties, this mint is sure of one thing: It is proud to be American-made. Although the mint itself is plain white, the wrapper gives is a nationalistic feel from the time you see it in a candy dish until the moment you unwrap it and read “Simon Candy Co. Made in USA��? proudly displayed. The mint tastes refreshing, of course. It’s a mild peppermint that doesn’t blow you away or set your mouth on fire, but brings freshness like you’ve recently brushed your teeth at those times when you can’t. I don’t believe these mints have a whole lot on Brach’s more popular Star Brites mints—in fact, they are quite similar. But if you happen to be allergic to red dye, Simon’s Stars & Stripes mints would be the obvious better choice.

Patriotic from head to toe, the mint’s manufacturer is Simon Candy based out of the Amish hills of Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. They’ve been around since 1949 when the company introduced its line of decorative chocolates, only to switch to hard candies years later. Any candy company that has been around for several decades can testify that sometimes you need to test the waters and see what works. And Simon Candy has done just that with their timeless hard candies like sour balls, lemon drops, and root beer barrels. They also produce sugar-free lollipops and hard candies as well as fun holiday treats like Santa’s “Coal Candy.��? Their tropical treasures hard candies are flavored like non-alcoholic cocktail drinks, and they have broken into the organic food market with their College Farm line of hard candies. They were actually the first U.S. manufacturer to produce certified organic hard candies.

Whether or not you care to jump on the organic candy bandwagon, Stars & Stripes mints are for every American. Show some patriotic spirit and buy a bag—or snag some from your friend’s candy dish. Let’s face it—everybody needs a mint sometimes.

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