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Sour Bloops

Fans of tart chewy candies like chewy Sweetarts will rave about these. Lance, that’s right—the cracker company—keeps these little sweet and sour gems tucked in their repertoire. And what a bag of tricks it is, about the size of an bag of M&Ms. I opened up my first package of Sour Bloops to discover nickel-sized candies staring me in the face, in colors of peach (peach lemonade), red (wild cherry), and lime green (green apple). Red seemed the most promising, so I popped it in first. It tastes a bit like those chewable wax lips that used to be popular, or those little wax bottles of soda pop. The taste gets better as you go along. Peach was next. I kind of get the pink lemonade flavor from this, and a bit more sour taste than the red. Green is the only one left to go, but I’m already a little mystified by these candies. I don’t see the major draw, as the overall consistency seems a little, well, waxy. Green apple is actually quite nice, and the flavor is very much like a green Jolly Rancher. This one didn’t seem sour either. I wouldn’t go running out and about trying to find these things—one of each flavor is pretty much enough for me. Maybe that’s why Lance is famous for other products more than its candies.

Lance has been making fabulous snacks since the days of World War I, and started up in 1913. Among the company’s first products were peanut butter sandwich crackers and a peanut brittle bar. In the ‘50s, they marketed single-serve cracker packs to restaurants—brilliant! Captain’s Wafers and Thunder potato chips are also among their best-selling products. I’d give Sour Bloops another try if they were in someone else’s candy dish, but again, I won’t go out of my way to eat these again. As far as the wrapper states, Sour Bloops certainly aren’t “intense? chewy fruit candies. Maybe the “blooper? was making them in the first place.

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Lifesavers Gummies Fruit Splosions

Whoa. I mean…WHOA. These are excellent. I don’t care who you are, or what you do. You are not too old to open a bag of the new Lifesavers Fruit Splosions (if you Google “explosions,? you’re gonna come up dry) but if you try gummy candies then let them carry you away to a juicier place. I tried the sour cherry variety and discovered that these are heavenly. You can also grab a variety pack with orange, blackberry, strawberry and watermelon. Each six ounce bag has about four servings, but I’m not sure if mine lasted that long. The flavor is tangy without being too sour, and really tastes like fruit juice is fused inside. No, these aren’t going to quench your thirst, but they will please the palette just the same. If you’ve tried and dismissed other Lifesavers  gummies, don’t write off the Fruit Splosions. They are really ten times better just for the sour flavor and juicy insides. And the package says they’re made with real fruit juice: perfection in a round, gummy chew.

The Lifesavers brand, originally a hard candy available in peppermint and later produced in five-flavor rolls, was a member of the Kraft foods family before Wrigley bought the brand in 2004. But inventor Clarence Crane knew that he needed to make a candy to help out his chocolate business, which saw significantly lower sales in the summer months. Lifesavers did well, offering a more refreshing candy to the masses—one that wouldn’t melt in the heat. They were named after—you guessed it—life preservers. This was shortly after the Titanic disaster, after all. And life preservers were all the rage. Given the connection, I think it’s all too appropriate that Lifesavers liquefy their product. It’s simply a fabulous pairing and so much better than any fruit snacks that promise to “gush? with fruit juice. Try these and you’ll soon blow up with flavor like little Violet Beauregarde from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. You’ll want another bag, and another, and another….

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Sip N Chew Straw

A huge candy straw? That’s an odd idea for a candy, but it is very intriguing. I was excited to see it was covered in sugar, though. In fact, it looked like it was just dipped in sugar right before being placed in the package. I think this is a product from the same company that manufactures the Sour Patch Kids candies because of its utterly sour taste and the pictures on the package. Sip N Chew Straws are also made by the American Licorice Company, so you can be sure that there is a reputable candy company behind this great idea.

The flavor of the Sip N Chew straw that I tried was the Chargin’ Cherry flavor. That was a bonus because my favorite flavor of any candy is cherry. I took the first bite, which was kind of tough, but the taste packed quite a punch. It was a strong sour taste, which I expected because the package said so. But other than the sour taste, the sugary coating created a delicious sweet combination to offset the amazingly sour taste. The cherry flavoring was strong, too. This candy was just covered in tasty goodness, but it was so sweet it made my tooth hurt a little bit. It was well worth it, though. It was the perfect relief to my sweet tooth cravings. The problem is, now I want to try the other available flavors. The only other flavor I’ve found, though, is apple. I’m not a big apple fan, but I’d be willing to give the Sour Apple Sip N Chew Straw a try.

Although this candy is marketed as a candy straw, I didn’t try it’s straw qualities. I was too focused on just eating the candy. The long slender shape resembles normal licorice, which I used to use as a straw for fun when I was younger. The fact is, the Sip N Chew Straw didn’t last long enough for me to try it as a straw. Once I took a bite, I didn’t want to take a chance in ruining the taste by putting it in a beverage. This was undoubtedly a pleasant treat that is ideal for candy connoisseurs.

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Bubble Gum Smarties


Was there really an improvement needed for the classic Smarties candy? I didn’t think so, but then I tried the Bubble Gum Smarties. While I still enjoy the classic taste of the original Smarties, the bubble gum innovation was clever and still pretty tasty. As a matter of fact, when I first noticed the package, I thought maybe it was just bubble gum flavored Smarties, but then I put one in my mouth and bit down. I was surprised to notice that it was chewy instead of crumbling like their classic counterpart. The Bubble Gum Smarties even come packaged in the original type of package – the small tube of candies wrapped in transparent cellophane. Inside the plastic is 10 small tablets that are full of semi-sour flavored candies that you can’t enjoy one at a time because they are so good. The vivid color of each tablet give it an alluring appearance along with the simple packaging.  The same is true of the Bubble Gum Smarties, only you can chew all of the pieces together to create a medium-sized piece of gum that’s full of flavor. Although these pieces provide for a soft chew, the only problem with the Bubble Gum Smarties is that the gum flavor doesn’t last very long. If long-lasting flavor is your goal, you should savor the pieces by enjoying them one by one. However, if you want good bubble-blowing capabilities, you have to chew at least half of the pack at one time to create a great piece of bubble gum.

The Bubble Gum Smarties are manufactured by CeDe Candy, Inc. Other than the Smarties variations of treats, the company has also been known for candy necklaces, watches, lipsticks, and bracelets that are popular among little kids during Valentine’s Day and other holidays. Other variations include Smarties money themed candies along with Sour Smarties. They also offer their variation of lollipops and double lollipops with the classic taste that candy lovers have come to expect from Smarties. It seems that the CeDe company found a formula that works and stuck with it, which is a good thing. You can buy Smarties brand candies either in individual quantities or in bulk, depending on your needs.


SO the name on the tin says, Sqyntz!. I’m wondering if they mean what they say. Do they mean Sqyntz as in you will squint from it being so “Super Sour?. Or do they mean you are going to make the squinting sound because they are that good. One can only hope none of these are going to happen. Sqyntz Super Sours look like something out of the 70’s. The psychedelic tin with tie-dye swirls only makes one wonder what lies within. Now it says it is “Low Carb? which is good, because I’m trying to watch my girlish figure after all that holiday food and candy. It also says it has Vitamin C, which is also good because, Vitamin C is good. And good for you. Never underestimate the power of your vitamins kids. Upon opening the tin I am hit with the familiar smell of tart sour fruity goodness. But hidden underneath that is a distinct smell of something else. It could only be that Vitamin C they had told me about on the cover. So with that in mind I further inspect the tin and find that there are three colors awaiting me. And which to try first. The Green, Orange or Purple?

Now I am no stranger to flavor. The Green has got to be Sour Apple. The Orange, well Orange right? I mean how many other flavors could be Orange. And last but not least Purple, it has to be Grape. So here we go. Not as sour as other candies I have had before but you can definitely taste the vitamin C. Now I don’t know if the sugar and the Vitamins are supposed to be mixed like this I can tell you it is pretty darn good my friends! I wasn’t expecting this at all. I have to tell you this is quite the surprise. These babies are actually quite good. I think out of the three. My favorite has to be the Green. Sour Apple more than likely. Over all these guys weren‘t as psychedelic and super sour as they had originally disclaimed in the outset, but I do give high marks for taste and flavor. These might have a tough time competing against other more well known sour treats but I believe they have an edge others do not. And that‘s the Vitamin C.

Sour Punch Rope


So you know those little guys on the front of the candy box that looks like he’s chewing on a lightning bolt? That ain’t no lighting bolt, that’s a Sour Punch Rope ya’ll! It’s what happens when you try to take on the raw power of Sour Punch. It’s not called sour so you can withstand the kick in the face you get, it’s not called power so you can muscle this thing down or your Popeye pounding can after a can of spinach. No buddy I don’t think so. It’s called Sour, Punch, Rope, for a reason. Because It’s the Gummy treat that kicks all other Gummy treats to the floor with it’s lightning bolt action karate chop! Seriously guys this is not something I recommend anyone jut pick and try. This is not for the weak at heart. Oh and women who are pregnant shouldn’t eat this either, your kid might come out looking like the Hulk or some weird looking X-Men.

These guys don’t mess around. They have severe sour power action wrapped in a hurricane of crazy nestled in a tornado righteousness. These guys can also be found in other cool creations like Sip N’ Chew, where you bite off the ends and measure to what length you want your sour power straw. And once you are done consuming your beverage, you have a snack to keep you company. You can check all the delicious yet powerful flavors of the regular Sour Straws found at just about anywhere. But be warned, for you have heard from the horses mouth itself that these are not for anyone. These are for the more advanced candy consumer. The ones who dare to go beyond the borders of normal and cross over into the land of SOUR POWER!

Warheads Extreme Sour


Hold on tight and get ready to contort your face while wiping tears from your eyes. Warheads Extreme Sour candies are everything they claim to be. They are even sold with a warning label on the package, discouraging consumers from eating multiple Warheads at once. But if you tell kids not to do something, what is the first thing they will do? Exactly. We have our friends from The International Candy Company in Taiwan to thank for the discovery of this candy. Invented in 1975, it was first imported to the U.S. in the ‘90s and was electric in sales. In 2004, Impact Confections bought the Warheads brand, and they are now produced stateside in New Mexico. Over the years, many copycat sour candies were created, but Warheads holds the greatest fan base by far.

Black cherry, watermelon, lemon, sour apple and blue raspberry are the Extreme Sour flavors, and packages are sold with assorted flavors so you can try each on several times. True candy sissies should not eat these—it just wouldn’t be an enjoyable experience. But if you are of the braver sort, pop in these candies for a jolt of extreme sour flavor that will make you look like none other than Wally Warhead (seen on the front of the packages). You may not sprout a mushroom cloud from the top of your head, but like him, you will most certainly curl your lips in pain for the duration of the sourness. Technically, the extreme sour taste lasts only as long as it takes the outer coating to dissolve (about 5 seconds), allowing you to access the real fruity flavor part of the candy. But it seems to me that the sour flavor used to last so much longer, which leads me to wonder if the company had too many parental complaints and changed the recipe. Anyhow, black cherry is my preferred extreme sour candy, but it’s really difficult to read the flavor right off the bat. Lemon also has a jolt to it, a natural choice for sour candy flavor. Just don’t slip it to an unsuspecting friend under the guise of a much milder candy, like a lemonhead. You might just see that mushroom cloud erupt…

SweeTarts Singles


A classic candy, Wonka’s SweeTarts are a tangy fruit tablet originated in 1963. Somewhere between sweet and sour, these rainbow candies come in the color-coordinated flavors of orange, blue punch, lemon, green apple, cherry and grape. Mmmm. This is the type of candy you might see being thrown out of parade floats, or the kind you’d run across in goody bags or pick up while trick-or-treating. The reason? It’s affordable, comes in mini packs of three, and it has candy durability (read: it doesn’t melt like chocolate or get crunched up like cheap o lollipops). But the three-pack singles are just one member of the family. You can also buy SweeTarts in larger packages of the regular, giant, gummy or chewy varieties. Color-changing SweeTarts and the giant chewy rope are the newest innovations from the makers of this delightful sweet and sour treat. But the original tarts, large or small, are the bestsellers by far. Holidays like Easter and Christmas have brought SweeTarts in candy cane or jellybean form for increased sales and exposure in a competitive candy market.

I’ve found that there’s nothing better than opening up one of these little three-packs and seeing two of my favorite flavors duplicated in the pack (cherry and/or grape tingle my taste buds). But then again, the opposite feelings arise when I find I’m doubled-up on a lemon or green apple, a flavor ratio that leaves something to be desired. I’m obviously not the only fan of these candies, because they’ve been a bestseller for decades. Parents prefer giving these treats to their little ones as opposed to the messier Pixy Stix or Lik-M-Aid powders based off a similar recipe. Whether or not you are inclined to buy these candies, one thing is for certain: the candy market would have a huge whole in it without them…a SweeTart-shaped hole. If you haven’t tried SweeTarts in awhile, your taste buds haven’t partied. So return to your days of yesteryear and pop in a few of these classic tangy candies.

Dorval’s Sour Power Straws

Ok, when I am not busy munching on chocolate or saving the world from bad guys, from time to time I like to punish my tongue with sour candies. The more sour, the better! And more than anything, I like chewy sour candies. You know the kind I am talking about, right? The little flat or rope shaped numbers that are covered in that delicious sour, sugary “sand”. The kind that you can lick off and then are left with a sweet-ish chewy candy to savor at your leisure.

Well, Sour Power straws give you just that. I have sampled dozens of different chewy or gummy sour candies, but these might be the best. This particular package features candy “straws” that are dual-flavored. One side is cherry while the other is raspberry – double the sour flavor, double the fun, right? RIGHT! And boy, do these little babies pack a sour, powerful punch!  They are chewy, tart, tangy and have a hint of sweetness towards the end. They chewy enough, not too gummy and the sour flavor can be tasted throughout the entire candy, not just the sour-sugar coating. That is a first because most sour candies are just coated with the sour taste (through the sugar) but this sour flavor seems to lie in the gummy candy as well. I also love that you get two flavors in one – the cherry and raspberry combination is great! One half of the candy bright red (cherry) while the hot pink is raspberry. It makes for a great flavor twist. They’re hollow in the middle, so you can always bite off the ends and use it as a soda straw (we used to do this when I was a kid – we thought we were super clever). These are a great sweet treat when you are bored with the same old thing – and after reviewing all that chocolate, my tongue was certainly craving a change!

Mike & Ike Tangy Twisters

Introduced in 1940, delicious MIKE AND IKE chewy candies are loved by kids and adults alike. Throughout the years, Just Born expanded its candy production with different flavors. Although not marketed under the MIKE AND IKE name, the look and feel of the products were identical. We offered such flavors as Root-T-Toot (root beer flavored), Jack and Jill (licorice flavored), Cool Kids (spearmint flavored), and Jolly Joes (grape flavored), right alongside the popular MIKE AND IKE Original Fruits. In the 1980’s as consumer demand for flavors changed, we replaced Root-T-Toot, Jack and Jill, and Cool Kids with Strawbana (strawberry and banana), Lem and Mel (lemon and watermelon), and Cherri and Bubb (cherry and bubble gum). 

Today I am trying out the newest addition to the Mike and Ike family – Mike and Ike’s Tangy Twisters. Ok, as you all know, I love sour candies, so bring ‘em on! These look just like the regular Mike and Ike’s. They have a hard, but easily breakable sugar shell that is similar to a jelly bean. The inside is a soft, chewy jelly-bean like consistency. There are five flavors to test in this pack – Apple, Raspberry, Pineapple, Cherry and Citrus Punch. All are extremely fruity, tangy and sweet. None are too sweet or tangy, but just right. Apple tastes like a crisp, green apple, raspberry tastes fresh and tart, pineapple actually tastes a lot like a chunk of ripe pineapple, cherry tastes like a tart, sweet cherry and citrus punch tastes like a burst of orange, lemon and lime – possibly even grapefruit. These candies are very enjoyable and extremely refreshing. I think that this is a wonderful new addition to the already great Mike and Ike family, especially if you like sour candies.