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Creating Impressive Thanksgiving Desserts with Fall Candy

Besides serving the usual pumpkin or sweet potato pie for dessert, you can make Thanksgiving dinner more interesting by serving creative desserts using all sorts of fall candy.

Creative Thanksgiving desserts come in all shapes and sizes, using tradition as well as breaking away from it. For example, if you’re already serving pumpkin pie, why not improve on what you have and make it a pumpkin pie ala mode?

By adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of caramel syrup, your humble dessert can become a superb treat for both adults and kids alike. You can make it even better with a sprinkling of some of the best fall candy around like Milk Duds, Candy Corn, Raisinets, or chocolate-covered pretzels on top! Now that’s a treat to remember!

Don’t be afraid to try out different combinations of candy on your desserts. You’ll be surprised at how they can make your Thanksgiving dinner even sweeter than it already is!

Candy for Surprising Your Guests: A Fruity Blast of Skittles Blenders

Halloween candy doesn’t always have to be spooky or in the usual autumn colors. Instead of going with the usual, why not think out of the box, and surprise trick-or- treaters with the fruity mixed flavors of Skittles Blenders?

Skittles Blenders is the latest mix of the fruity chews we all know and love. While the original candy alone can be quite a satisfying treat for any taste bud, the new breed of Skittles packs ten different flavors into five juicy colors! These new flavors include Cherry Tropicolada, Watermelon Green Apple Freeze, Mango Lemonade Freeze, Strawberry Lime Blast and Melon Berry Burst.

The fun part about this particular candy is that it can really catch your guests unaware. The Blenders copy colors from older Skittles, which makes it easy to not notice that they’re really different. Just pour them into a bowl and let your visitors dig in—they’ll certainly be in for a really surprising treat!

Using Your Favorite Mini Candy Bars to Create the Perfect Halloween Cake

When planning a Halloween party, everything has to be in order, from the décor on the walls and tables to your collection of scary movies for a marathon. To really make your party a success, you have to pull out all the stops when it comes to entertaining your guests. Using your favorite mini candy bars like Butterfingers, Snickers, and Twix, you can go the extra mile and make one-of-a-kind cakes that’ll keep guests talking even after they’ve gone home!

Now, after you’ve set aside enough candy bars for the trick-or-treaters, use what you have left to make your choice of dessert. The best thing about these bite-size treats is that they’re easy to mix into any pastry, either as cake filling or something to top it. If you have any leftovers, they’ll be easy to keep too—whether for a new creation, or to entertain a new batch of visitors.

Mini candy bars are the way to go if you want to create unforgettable desserts with your favorite flavors. Whether you aim to make a simple Butterfinger roll or an extravagant Snickers chocolate cake, the sky’s the limit when you’re making treats out of your favorite candy!

Mixing Halloween Candy to Create the Perfect Mystery Trick-or-Treat Stash

This Halloween, don’t just give away wrapped candy like everyone else. Do it creatively!

By adding a gimmick to the usual Halloween candy bowl, your little trick-or-treaters can have an unforgettable night as soon as they arrive at your front door.

Making a creative Halloween bowl isn’t difficult. With just a few simple things you can find at home, you can definitely create an impressive presentation for any visiting vampire, fairy, ghoul, or pirate.

For instance, by using a black cloth with a small hole in the middle, you can add a dash of mystery and suspense to the trick-or-treating experience. Fill the bowl with all sorts of treats from classic favorites like Tootsie Pops and Candy Corn, to something a little more outrageous like sour brite crawlers and Atomic Fireballs.

To add to all the suspense, don’t forget to add special jackpot candy such as Snickers and Milky Way bars for the little creatures lucky enough to get them. Even a simple gimmick like this can really make you the talk of the town!

This isn’t all you can do to make your Halloween creative, though. With the right selection of Halloween candy, you can readily make all sorts of interesting ways to treat your doorstep visitors!

Getting a Bite of Autumn with Mini Snickers Bars

Creamy caramel, roasted peanuts and melt-in-your-mouth chocolate make for a combination that’s simply delightful for autumn! When it comes to capturing that right blend of savory-sweet flavor, nothing beats Snickers. Mini Snickers bars are the way to go if you really love the snack bar’s flavor but want just enough to satisfy your taste buds.

So why are Snickers so great for fall? Simple: the season is meant for enjoying the harvest. Fall also usually calls for heavier desserts, inspiring all sorts of pies and lavish pastries. But if you don’t have the time to spare for all the kitchen work, snack bars like Snickers hit the spot perfectly with that sumptuous blend of salty and sweet. There’s simply no other candy bar that does the same!

With Halloween and Thanksgiving fast approaching, mini Snickers bars also make great sweets for everyone to enjoy: from the neighborhood trick-or-treaters, to family and friends who stop by to celebrate the holidays with you. You can never go wrong with an autumn classic!

How to Decorate for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and that means it’s time to start decorating for the scariest day of the year! Even if you are on a tight budget, that doesn’t mean you can’t make some pretty scary Halloween decorations!

Everybody is familiar with classic jack-o-lantern; we’ve all been carving pumpkins since we were little kids. This year why not add a little something extra to set your pumpkin apart from all of your neighbors. Check out these innovative pumpkin designs.

Ever thought of turning the pumpkin sideways and using the stem as the nose? How about making fanged pumpkins by using wax vampire fangs? And finally, my favorite; check out this super cool pumpkin scarecrow!

Want your house to be the scariest on the block? All you need is a couple basic materials and an imagination, and you’ll hear kids screaming with delight all night! Firs thing you will need: black lights. These light bulbs are inexpensive and will add an eerie affect to your entire yard, not to mention they look really cool.

Now that you have your black light it’s time to make your dummy. All you need for this is some of your old clothes and either pillows, blankets, or towels. Simply stuff the pillows and blankets into your old clothes and arrange them to look like a person. Put this dummy on your porch and watch as unsuspecting kids walk to your door and are tricked by your clever dummy!

Finally head to your local Halloween store and pick up a CD filled with scary songs to add background noise that is sure to unsettle surprised trick-o-treaters. All this can be homemade or store bought for relatively inexpensive, so there is no reason not to be prepared for this upcoming Halloween season. Just make sure you have a reward for all those little trick-o-treaters that you just scared! Here are just a couple of candy and chocolate mixes that are sure to please. M&M’s anyone? Or do you prefer Hershey’s or Nestle? Chocolate not you thing? Don’t worry, Candy Direct has a Fun Mix that is sure to please!

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Jelly Eggs

Regular Jelly Eggs and Sour Jelly Eggs come in four different flavors: Lemon, Orange, Lime, and Cherry. The flavors are not overwhelming, and might even be on the weaker side for those of you who enjoy strong, dominant flavored candy. The flavors, nonetheless, are distinct from each other. My favorites are cherry and lime as I always seem to be drawn toward green and red candy, they also seem to have the most prevalent flavor.

About half the size of my thumb; in my opinion, they are too large to be considered a bite-sized candy and are therefore more difficult to eat than jelly beans or other similar candies which are much smaller. But if you only eat half of the Jelly Egg, the exposed section of the candy is extremely sticky and must be consumed quickly or it will stick to everything it touches, including your hands and all the papers on your desk.

Once consumed, some people prefer to chew them quickly; others prefer to savor the soft, sugary, candy, enjoying the full flavor the candy has to offer. Don’t be fooled, these candies do not have a liquid jelly center, but rather are a soft, chewable candy. I prefer to suck on these candies because I found that when I chew on them they tend to get stuck in my teeth and can be rather difficult to remove.

The Regular Jelly Eggs are lightly sprinkled with sugar crystals, while the Sour Jelly Eggs are sprinkled with sour sugar crystals. I found myself preferring the Sour Jelly Eggs even though I am not particularly inclined towards sour candy, simply because the sour sugar offers more flavor to the candy.

Check out the regular and sour jelly eggs, as well as all your candy needs now at