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Heath Bar

The Heath bar has been around since the early 1920’s, but really started to grow in popularity nationally during the Great Depression, mostly due to its size and price. It was one of the few five cent candy bars that were larger than most. Made by hand until 1942, the candy was produced on a major commercial scale for good after the US Army placed its first order of $175,000 worth of the bars. The Heath bar had been found to have a very long shelf life, and the Army included it in soldiers’ rations throughout World War II. Its popularity grew after the war, although the manufacturing process remained largely a hands-on, family-run operation. All four of L.S. Heath’s sons, his two daughters, and several grandchildren were involved in the business.Heath bars are essentially a brick of nutty toffee covered in milk chocolate. They are really yummy and the textures of both the smooth chocolate and cripsy toffee really compliment one another. The toffee is buttery and nutty – I think that there may be ground almonds in it. The chocolate is rich and creamy and melts in your mouth. This bar is very similar to the Skor bar which is also toffee and chocolate although the toffee does not contain the chopped nuts. Toffee is very popular in Europe and did not catch on as much in the States until the candy companies covered the toffee in chocolate. Evidently, we Americans are crazy for chocolate. I guess some things never change!




When I was a little girl, I traveled out of the country with my parents. I only remember bits and pieces of the trip but I distinctly remember having Toffifay for the first time. We were in an airport and I whined my way into a treat. My mom bought a couple of packages of the candy and I was in candy heaven. Even now, Toffifay is one of my favorite unique candies.

In 1973, Storck combined the four most popular confectionery ingredients in the world and the unique result was Toffifay. Its popularity in Europe quickly spread, and today, it is loved by young and old alike in more than 60 countries. No wonder Toffifay is so popular with more and more people every day! There’s a lot to love in Toffifay: A chewy caramel cup filled with a crunchy hazelnut, smooth chocolaty filling, and a drop of rich chocolate on top. It’s a combination that’s truly satisfying. I love hazelnut and chocolate together – Nutella is one of my favorite treats. When you combine caramel with that, it becomes even better. The Toffifay is also different due mostly to the fact that the base of the candy is an edible “cup? of caramel. A chocolate hazelnut cream is the next item and it cradles a whole hazelnut. The entire thing is topped off with a dollop of chocolate. There are so many flavors and textures in this candy, it’s hard to pick your favorite one. I choose ALL of the above!




How do you make crisp, buttery toffee even better? That’s right! Coat it in rich, milk chocolate. Which is exactly what the Hershey’s candy company did. I enjoy most things coated in chocolate, but I really enjoy the Skor Bar. Skors are an acquired taste, since many people do not know them, or mistake them for Heath Bars – BIG mistake! Skor bars kick Heath bars butt! Heath bars have nuts in their toffee, while Skor bars do not – which in my humble opinion, is much better. The nuts tend to add moisture to the toffee, making it chewy, rather than the glorious, crunchy perfection that is in the middle of a Skor bar. I like to eat the chocolate off the bar first and savor the crunchy toffee afterwards.

The chocolate is thick enough without overpowering the flavor of the toffee. It is smooth and creamy while the toffee has a nice crunch to it. Again, this is a perfect candy to use while baking. Chop up a few bars and use them as cake, candy or brownie toppers – it is even good over ice cream. The toffee is buttery and crisp. This is a very rich candy bar, but it is not too sweet. The name Skor, however, is a mystery. I have researched it and was not able to find why Hershey used it. “Skor? means “shoe? in Swedish, so unless the candy bar looked like a little brown shoe to the creator, I am stumped. If you have any suggestions, feel free to add them. Perhaps it is an anagram for something? Swedish Kids Order Radios? Sweet Kangaroos Originally Recline? Sweaty Karl’s Organize Races?