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I am also looking for cherry-a-let. Does anyone have any suggestions. Have found Big Cherry which as I remember similar. I haven't seen Big Smash before but would like to try it if I knew where to find it. Albertsons does not carry it in our area.
Cheryl <>
Lompoc, CA USA - Tue Aug 31 19:45:53 1999
Has anyone heard of the Powerhouse candy? Is it still available anywhere? What about the Big Hunk? Thanks!
Stephanie <>
NY, NY USA - Tue Aug 31 18:10:37 1999
I can't find Switzers Licorice anymore. I know that I've had it in the last two years, but now it seems to be gone. I'm also looking for Bonamo Turkish Taffy. I havn't seen that in years.
Denise <>
Henderson, nv USA - Mon Aug 30 02:54:51 1999
I am looking for a british candy called Malttiesers. I need to find them for a friend who is about to have a baby at any moment, if you have any info please let me know. Company name, websites, ect. Thank you.
Matt <>
USA - Mon Aug 30 00:18:54 1999
Hi,i was wondering if any of you know where to get ande's candies . they are mint chocolates. e-mail me if you find them. Thanks
K.K. <>
springfield, V.A. USA - Mon Aug 30 00:00:48 1999
I am looking for some Adams Sour Apple or Sour Orange gum. Can anyone help me?
Justin Naab <>
Chicago, IL USA - Sun Aug 29 04:16:46 1999
Can someone tell me if the Starlites Mints are the cinnamon flavored candy? The ones you find in restaurants? Where do I find them in a store?
dave smith <>
Bremerton, WA USA - Sun Aug 29 02:50:51 1999
I lov candy alot when ever I have money instead of buying clothes I buy candy. I'm a genuine candy addict
Christina Torres <Elia trrs @ net .com>
San Antonio, TX USA - Sat Aug 28 18:46:18 1999
Looking for Turkish Taffy. Remember buying a large wrapped piece, smashing it on the floor or street, opening the wrapper and then eating the smaller, broken up pieces. Rosie O'Donnel (sp) mentioned she love taffy on her show and I understand she even received information on where to locate it. Have sent email to her web site, but no response. Any help, assistance would be greatly appreciated. DESPERATELY SEEKING TURKISH TAFFY!!!
Stan & Sarah Kays <>
Niceville, FL USA - Sat Aug 28 14:00:54 1999
Dammit, I want some Cremesavers!
Bill <>
USA - Sat Aug 28 12:41:15 1999
Help! Does anyone know where I can purchase PB Max? It's needed for a birthday in 3 weeks, so any help you can give would be appreciated. Thanks.
Kim <>
Seattle, WA USA - Fri Aug 27 05:37:03 1999
I'm trying to find Snickers peanut butter bar.
Steven Hess <>
Long Beach, Ca USA - Fri Aug 27 00:02:51 1999
Hi, I am desperately seeking Rowntree's Fruit Gums. They are sold in the U.K. and produced by NESTLE. I have been in contact with Nestle and thay have been incredibly unhelpful. If anyone would be willing to sell them to me in a bulk quantity or hook me up with a site where I could buy them, I would be forever grateful. Thanks!
kymberly bartlo <>
pacifica, ca USA - Thu Aug 26 18:55:30 1999
Does anyone know when the Russel Stover Halloween candy will be out? I love the Orange Marshmallow Pumkins, and I am craving them now! Please e-mail me if you know....thanks!
Melissa <>
Cloverport, KY USA - Thu Aug 26 15:05:50 1999
Hay, I really want free candy samples. Can you tell me where to get them???
Kris Boyd <>
Lakewood, wa USA - Tue Aug 24 22:05:51 1999
The only bad candy is the candy not eaten. (Or candy that uses NutraSweet. Bleah! But at least it lets more people enjoy candy.) My favorites have always been SweeTarts, red licorice, Smarties (not the M&M-type things, the little disks of sugar & citric acid), and Skittles (which are good for you because they have real fruit juice). But I also like butterscotch, hard candies, chocolate (including white chocolate if it's really chocolate -- none of this "vanilla confection" stuff!), and just about everything else.
Chicago, IL USA - Tue Aug 24 20:14:25 1999
Does anybody remember a candy bar from the 70's called "Marathon"? I loved it, but haven't seen it in years. I'm not sure who made it, but it came in a long slim red wrapper and the candy bar was braided.
Karla Dillon <>
Rochester, NH USA - Tue Aug 24 17:30:00 1999
I am looking for a candy bar called Crunchie bar. It is made by Cadbury. A friend of mine brought it to me when she visited Canada.I would like to buy a bunch of is a sponge toffee candy bar covered in chocolate....delicious.
mollye <>
la USA - Mon Aug 23 00:59:04 1999
Looking for PEZ dispensers and PEZ items. Especially interested in old dispensers or those not currently sold in your average store. E-mail me at
Thai <>
Roanoke, VA USA - Sun Aug 22 22:06:56 1999
Could someone tell me where to find Atomic FireBalls my husband loves them and I can't seem to find them anymore. I live in the Beaverton Oregon area thank you to anyone who can help.
Carolyn <>
Beaverton, OR USA - Sun Aug 22 03:41:39 1999
Does anyone know where I could find a magazine about PEZ???
SweetSugar <>
USA - Sat Aug 21 15:24:56 1999
what flavor is now and later original and where can i find willy wonka oompas?
Rick <>
Santa Maria, Ca, USA - Sat Aug 21 06:03:00 1999
Is there anyone else out there addicted to jujubees? I eat them constantly,which is ironic as I really don't have a sweet tooth per say...I also can't find any candy sour enough for me, as the sourpatch kids aren't getting it anymore. Any suggestions?
Kim <>
Las Vegas, NV USA - Sat Aug 21 05:41:38 1999
Does anyone know how I can get in touch with Bart Simpson?
Bill Johnson <>
Parsons, TX USA - Sat Aug 21 04:04:15 1999
When I was a kid, the movie theaters would sell "flicks". Remember those little chocolate drops? If anyone knows if the still make those, please let me know.
Scot <>
Cheboygan, mi USA - Sat Aug 21 00:47:26 1999
somebody was asking about hard candies dusted in powdered sugar. I remember them, i had an aunt that had a stroke and when I was little we would go to visit her in this creepy old nursing home. She couldn't talk, she would just look at me and point to the bedside table where those tins of candy were. I think they were called Tavener's ....... English i think and the ones i remember were fruit flavors and colors. Do most of you have a vintage candy store in your cities? In Toronto, there is an excellent retro candy store called Sugar Mountain, full of local and international candy favorites from the past and present. From reading this board, I can see that lots of candy i thought was local or Canadian really isn't. I'm sure KooKoo taffy was a Canadian thing, flat striped taffy in three colors flavors, Neopolitan?
Mutt <>
Candyland, ca USA - Fri Aug 20 07:54:40 1999
Whatchamacallit candy bars were first sold WITHOUT the caramel topping. Can anyone recommend a substitute? I think the AERO bar was like that. Thanks! I will reward (with candy) anyone who helps:)~
Anita <>
CO USA - Fri Aug 20 05:44:13 1999
Where can i buy honey candy. I love honey and can't find any honey candy..?????
Matt <>
Lagrange, Il USA - Fri Aug 20 04:31:37 1999
I am looking for the company that makes the Sweetheart Candies for Valentines Day. They are little candy hearts that have messages on them. Thank you.
Nicole <>
Kent, WA USA - Fri Aug 20 00:19:56 1999
I am also looking for Willy Wonka's Oompahs! Oh I would love to find those again!
USA - Thu Aug 19 11:01:26 1999
Does anyone know where I can get Bubsdaddy bubble gum! I would love to find it! My favorite flavors are Red Hot, Green Apple and Original.
Jennie <>
USA - Thu Aug 19 10:58:58 1999
does anyone know where i can buy "NIGROIDS" ernest jackson & co. ltd from crediton, devon, england makes them. i can no longer get them here in victoria. thanks-"eh" from canada
teri <>
victoria, bc canada - Thu Aug 19 03:33:58 1999
Does anyone know what happened to a malted milk candy bar called??? It was one of my favorites, and used to be sold in New York City. E-mail me- if you know anything!!!!
Lauren Friedensohn <LAURIEKISS@AOL.COM>
west palm beach, fl USA - Thu Aug 19 00:28:51 1999
Does anyone know what mallomars are? I don't even know if I spelled it right. I have a friend who wants some but can't find them and I don't really know what they are. Evidently they are commonly chocolate but she said she has had (and wants to get more of) the vanilla ones. Can anyone help? Please EMAIL me as I do not check this board as often as I would like. Thank you!
Erin <>
Elkinsq, WV USA - Wed Aug 18 23:57:57 1999
I want to know where I can get the old kind of Tart n Tiny's. The candy coated ones are great, but the plain sweettart ones served a purpose, too. I found a candy on a bulk site called Tiny T's Tarts which looked like it could be an attempt to fill the void left when the real ones were reupholstered, but they're not shaped quite right. The uncoated Tart n Tinys were truly cylindrical. Also, does anyone know where can I write to "Mr. Wonka" to complain? I can't find a website.
Amanda <>
St. Louis, MO USA - Tue Aug 17 23:24:37 1999
i am looking for a source for old fashioned candy i.e. ribbon candy, peppermint sticks, rock candy etc. this will be used to construct a candy house for a cancer treatment center fund raising effort in chesapeake virginia. Know any sources for discount purchases or donations??? contact sherry at THANKS
sherry simmons
USA - Tue Aug 17 23:02:50 1999
I'm looking for Choclairs. In Wisconsin they used to be plentiful but then they quickly disappeared. Now I'm in Missouri and folks here have never even heard of them.
John <>
Rolla, MO USA - Mon Aug 16 01:12:16 1999
has anyone ever heard of hersheyettes- they are the hershey version of m&ms. they only are sold around christmas time and come in the little plastic candy cane shaped containers
Emily Gruyo <>
ft. worth, tx USA - Sun Aug 15 19:41:37 1999
To the person who is looking for "Cherry Smash" candy - I have seen that candy at Albertson's Supermarkets. Does anyone know if the "Seven Up" candy bar is still being made? I remember getting it at the movie theatre when I was a kid in the '60s. Also does anyone know if you can still get "Bottle Caps"? I have found the Willy Wonka version of "Bottle Caps" at Halloween time, but these are not like the original "Bottle Caps" I remember from the '70s. Also, you have to buy a big bag of "Willy Wonka" Halloween mix candy, just to get a few packs of "Bottle Caps". The original "Bottle Caps" were larger and had the ridges around the edges, just like a real bottle cap. If anyone has information on either of these candies, please post a message Thanks!
LA USA - Sun Aug 15 03:10:01 1999
I am looking for Slopokes. Does anybody know where I can get them? I am also looking for carmel suckers that had a different color maze thing going through the carmel. Please email me ASAP. I want these two kinds of suckers. Thanks.
Lisa P. <>
Overland Park, KS USA - Sat Aug 14 20:49:07 1999
Need information on specialty chocolate shops that may be able to help me build a custom mold for chocolates I am thinking of selling.
Amy Ranl
Kent , WA USA - Fri Aug 13 19:37:58 1999
Got me!? Steve
Candy Direct <>
San Diego, CA USA - Thu Aug 12 20:42:19 1999
Why are they called "Sixlets" when each package contains 10 candies? Please e-mail me with this answer!! -Julie
Julie <>
USA - Wed Aug 11 17:03:46 1999
Brachs phone number is: 423-899-1100. Largest jawbreaker is 2 1/4 inches I believe - we carry these and tangy taffy/candy lip sticks
Candy Direct <>
San Diego, CA USA - Tue Aug 10 21:13:41 1999
How big is the worlds largest jawbreaker?
Matt <>
Imperial, CA USA - Tue Aug 10 20:33:17 1999
What ever happened to Candy Lipsticks!
Patricia <>
Imperial, CA USA - Tue Aug 10 20:29:33 1999
Does anyone know where I can get Tangy Taffy. 7-11 was the only place and then they stopped selling it. Please help...for the love of god help me!
Todd <>
Dallas, TX USA - Tue Aug 10 20:08:42 1999
Looking for Brach's chocolate covered blue diamond almonds or a link to Brach's web site???? My store recently discontinued these.
M Parker <>
USA - Tue Aug 10 18:53:13 1999
Yes, it is still made - comes in milk chocolate and dark chocolate
Candy Direct <>
San Diego, CA USA - Tue Aug 10 05:07:10 1999
what happend to the rocky road candy bar?
edward e jordan <>
phoenix , az USA - Sun Aug 8 18:34:34 1999
I'm looking for a place to buy Nestle Smarties (the chocolate candy, not the hard one). Anyone know where I can find them? Please E-mail me.
Jacob Farmer <>
Evansville, IN USA - Sun Aug 8 07:23:46 1999
Can some one help me find the snack size ABBA ZABBA's in the bag??? I found one bag at Longs Drug Store, but cannot find them again Please help me!! I need my abba zabbas!!! E-mail me at
Tami <tebartshe>
Henderson, NV USA - Sat Aug 7 22:34:25 1999
Does anyone know where I can find Mallo Cups? I don't know who made them, but I am searching for them for a woman at my workplace. Also when you order from this page, how do you pay for the package? Is it COD, credit card #, or do they simply send you a bill? thanks
Renee <>
New Roads, LA USA - Fri Aug 6 22:02:39 1999
When I was a kid growing up in Arizona there was a chocolate candy "bar" that I just loved. It was either called 'cherry-a-let' or 'cherry smash'. About a year ago I found some in a little out of the way place in Arizona, but when I went back to get more they were out, and no one seemed to know what I was talking about. They were a mound of chocolate w/ chopped nuts mixed in - and in the center there was a cherry nougat kind of thing. It was wonderful. If anyone has seen or heard of this recently, please let me know.
Cindy W. <>
Anaheim, CA USA - Fri Aug 6 21:50:28 1999
Looking for the sucker called black cow. It's sorta like a sugar daddy but covered with chocolate
Becky <>
Pittsburgh, PA USA - Fri Aug 6 21:33:45 1999
I am looking for a candy which we produced in Disneyland 15 years ago called Creme Filberts. It is a white round ball of candy with a filbert nut inside. They are a melt-in-the-mouth sweet. Another one is a licorice root. It looks like a piece of bark from a tree. You cut the stem and suck or chew the root to get the flavor. I found it one time at Knotts Berry Farm. They no longer have this candy. Anyone can help me on these I would be most greatful. Thanks, Chprahoy
Claudia Brown <Chprahoy>
Costa Mesa, CA USA - Fri Aug 6 15:33:27 1999
Chucky Cheese <>
SOMEWHERE, ? USA - Fri Aug 6 01:51:09 1999
My wife and I teach in a very low socio-economic area. We are looking for the best deal "quantity" of candy. We want it to be wrapped so the kids are not touching all the candy. Any suggestions? We have a large number of students to provide for.
Mike Thomason <>
Peoria, AZ USA - Fri Aug 6 01:16:02 1999
Check out - almost the best pudding ever made (still like the pudding I used to get at the old KMART cafes better - my father would buy me mashed potatoes w/gravey and pudding there when I was a kid) - stupid things would make me happy :) Anyway, try their pudding - its' fantastic! I've only tried the banana flavored pudding thus far...they list where you can find their pudding throughout the country.
Stephen Traino <>
San Diego, CA USA - Thu Aug 5 19:21:58 1999
I am trying to find signage / store fixtures from the old Barton's Candy stores in New York City. Does anyone own anything or know someone who does? Notice my first name... Thanks much.
Barton Hill <>
New York, NY USA - Thu Aug 5 18:57:43 1999
I am very upset about the one-colored "bonkers" candy. If anyone wants these one-colored candies that are like starbusts, I found mine at an "Only a Dollar" chain store. They're alright...but not the double-colored wonders I remember.
jenny <>
USA - Thu Aug 5 18:32:08 1999
I am looking for "Peanut Butter Snicker Bar" It came in a red package, just like the regular Snicker bar. All of a sudden it just disappeared! Also looking for "Peanut Butter Chewz" and "Fruit Chewz" which I bought at Sam's Club 7/5/99 and now they say they are discontinued. I don't know if this means the company (which I don't know the name of)has discontinued making it or if Sam's has just discontinued stocking it. It is wrapped like taffy in clear paper and comes in 6 fruit flavors or 4 peanut butter flavors. Any info greatly appreciated. Thanks
Madlin <>
Newhebron, MS USA - Thu Aug 5 01:52:19 1999
does anyone know where I can find "Bonkers" ? like starburst but it's bonkers ?
sean <>
oakvill, on canada - Thu Aug 5 00:55:44 1999
I guess we Wisconsin people are lucky. We have pop rocks, candy lipstick, the wax bottle candy, lollies, slopokes, circus peanuts, those dots on paper, and all the penny candy everyone remembers! Inflation hat taken prices between 10 and 15 cents!
Roxanne <>
Merrill, WI USA - Wed Aug 4 22:10:08 1999
Does Anybody know how i can get something called lucas it is made in mexico and i used to be able to get it because i lived in AZ but now i live in WA and they dont have it here can anyone help me find it or is there some place were i can order it of the internet. Thanks!!!!!!
Scar-Face <>
USA - Wed Aug 4 09:39:40 1999
Does anyone remember the white candy bar from years ago, it was made by nestle I think, I can't remember the name but I think it may be Alpine White or something. If you know what I am talking about and it has a different name please let me know. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU KNOW WHERE TO FIND IT!!! thanks :)
Corinne <>
-, IL USA - Tue Aug 3 22:01:49 1999
I have been searching for a company that could provide me with a bulk shipment of rock candy on a stick. Thank you!!!
Bridget <>
Somewhere, MI USA - Tue Aug 3 19:20:36 1999
I'm looking for Giant Tarts, they are basically giant sweet tarts. I haven't seen them around for 5 to 10 years. They also only come in either grape or cherry flavors. I saw some Giant tarts in Canada here a couple years back, but there were 3 to a pack, different flavors and soft. I want a couple or three boxes of the individualy wrapped grape and cherry *hard* Giant Tarts. Where do I find them???? Please help me!!!
Willie <>
Kamloops, BC Canada - Mon Aug 2 23:09:29 1999
Looking for info on two candies: From the 60's called "Pets", they were kind of a cross between Jujubes and Jujyfruits with cats and dogs on them. Second, from the 80's, a hard licorice-flavored candy shaped something like "Dots" with an initial (an "H"?) on it. Thanks.
USA - Mon Aug 2 22:59:11 1999
hey i love gummi bears and i cant get enough of them.i cant wait till my mom says, "its time to go to the store do you want to go"?and when i go i get a pack of gummi bears.and she says if you keep eating you'll weigh 100 lbs! but im 11 years old and im 5'2 and i weigh 91 lbs is my mom in denile?
ryan <>
philidelphia, pa USA - Mon Aug 2 21:58:20 1999
just looking for the ZERO chocolate bar.
conni <>
west palm beach, fl USA - Mon Aug 2 18:44:31 1999
i am looking for a swiss made choclate that was described as having a center like a heath bar.individually wrapped.may be called "trembulet". excuse the vaugeness. would appreciate any help with actual name,maker&where to find. thank you, Chocoholic
dan <>
laf, in USA - Mon Aug 2 05:39:08 1999
We call candy lollies in Australia. I love reading all about yours and wish we could get them all over here!
Lise <>
Adelaide, SA Australia - Mon Aug 2 01:23:22 1999
I'm trying to find out if a candy called Sourbites are still being made. They were semilar to Sweettarts, but were softer, more sour and had faces of cute creatures or animals on them. I haven t seen them in years, since the 70's. My brother and I liked them a lot better than Sweettarts, and are just hoping we may be in the wrong part of the country to find them. We live in the SC and GA area. If anynoe out there knows who made this delicious candy, or where we might be able to find them, please let me know at Thanks, Sandra
Sandra Ferrell <>
SC USA - Sun Aug 1 15:31:28 1999
I'm trying to find out if REGAL SOUR Candy is still made. They were package like life saveres but were much bigger, did not have a donut hole and were individually wrapped. Plus they were EXELLENT sour candies.
MCHENRY, IL USA - Sun Aug 1 03:08:35 1999
hi..does anyone remeber the candy called "punch" it was in a package with little different colored dots on it and the candy was square similar in taste to pez..has anyone ever heard of this..also does anyone know if there is a bubble gum that is bananna flavored..e, thanks
ilyse <>
cherry hill, nj USA - Sat Jul 31 01:52:06 1999
I've been looking for this certain candy. I guess it's a roll on candy. Does anyone know what it's called..?
Kimberly <>
Mesquite, TX USA - Fri Jul 30 16:33:45 1999
several postings have asked for something called COAL CANDY.inever heard of it then but tonight came across a website for a store called trolley taffy. they list utah coal candy. the description is exactly what the descriptions on candychat have been{alarge coal like lump of licorice flavored candy. i hope this what you have all been wanting. steve
new york, USA - Fri Jul 30 11:10:22 1999
My husband and I have been arguing about this - maybe someone out there can help settle it. We were talking about sugar babies candy and the sugar daddy and he was trying to tell me that there was a sugar mama. I think he's crazy. He says it was just like the sugar daddy (caramel on a stick) but covered with chocolate. It any one out there has heard of this or knows what it's called, please let us know. Thanks!!!
KANE, PA USA - Fri Jul 30 02:13:55 1999
does anyone know if Callard and Bowser still make their excellent nougat? i have searched all over australia and the UK!! pleas help!
jasmine <>
bris, qld australia - Thu Jul 29 10:29:47 1999
I have looked high an low but haven't been able ti find Three items that i adore so much. I got hem in England. Thay are; The Cadbury Flake, The Mars Bounty Bar And The Nestle Areo Bar. If anybody knows where to get these wonderful things please Contact me.
Chris C <>
wa USA - Tue Jul 27 22:56:09 1999
I am searching for a place to order a coffee candy called Kopiko that comes from Jakarta. I previously purchased the candy in Italy. Is there a U.S. distributor or does anyone have an address where I can obtain this very addictive candy?
Mary Speroni <>
Burlington, VT USA - Tue Jul 27 17:08:46 1999
Hi. Can anyone sponsor my beanie/candy club? I would be very thankful! thanks Courtney
Courtney <>
AL USA - Tue Jul 27 17:02:11 1999
We have been testing upgrades to our site and turned off chat by accident last Thursday - we apologize for the inconvenience.
Candy Direct <>
San Diego, CA USA - Mon Jul 26 00:03:40 1999
I would like to know where I can find the candy thats shaped like a slice of watermelon and is maade of coconut?
karen <>
durham, nc USA - Thu Jul 22 16:37:42 1999
I need to find wax bottle candy. It's sweet liquid in wax bottles. If you know what i'm talking about, and where I can find it, PLEASE e-mail me.
Meg <>
FL USA - Thu Jul 22 02:41:22 1999
Does anyone know a mail order source for Cadbury FREDDO JELLY chocolates. How about Nestles ORANGE KIT-KAT Bars? I understand both of these are available only in Austrailia. h
steve <>
USA - Thu Jul 22 01:26:50 1999
Has anyone ever heard of Turkish Taffy??? I remember the vanilla and chocolate thin flat bars of flavor and texture and I can not locate it anywhere. Do you know where I can find it?? E-Mail me...... thank you!!!
Debbie Petrusovich <>
Poland, OH USA - Thu Jul 22 00:53:16 1999
Total candy addict here. I wonder if anyone knows where to buy big bags of jelly belly sours? I have only been able to find them in a 5oz box and it costs two bucks!! Would love to find them in a big bag. Email me if you see any.
Candice <>
CA USA - Thu Jul 22 00:40:50 1999
Anyone know where to find Pearson's Licorice Nips??? I need them!!! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
K <>
Eugene, Or USA - Wed Jul 21 05:00:46 1999
Does anyone know of a candy called ovation? It is a thin choc mint. I bought some in Canada and I would like to find a place in the U S to buy some.
Dawn <>
, WI USA - Wed Jul 21 04:27:28 1999
When I was in the USA a couple of year ago I bought some candy, It was like M&Ms except the outer coating was coffee flavoured Dark Coffee and Light Coffee. Does anyone know wher I can order it from Thanks
Geoff Hill <>
Auckland, New Zealand - Tue Jul 20 19:38:22 1999
Does anyone knows if small gums of different flavors covered with sugar are still made? The main difference with regular gums is that these ones are hard and you chew on them for a long time, the flavors I remember were eucaliptus and resin. I'been longing from them for more than fifty years.
Luis Valderrama <>
Cuernavaca, Mor Mexico - Tue Jul 20 15:11:17 1999
Sheila, I have been looking for candy raisins, as well. Any luck finding them? They were not really raisins, but chewy candy drops. I used to buy them in Milwaukee, when I lived there.
Julia <>
KC, MO USA - Tue Jul 20 14:13:11 1999
i would like to know if they still make a candy that was popular back in the 60"s.they called them julip mints. they were like a taffy candy,little small squares. if anyone knows if they still make them please let me know. thank you cm
charlotte morris <>
scottsboro, al USA - Tue Jul 20 13:29:33 1999
Jon, You have probably already found out the answer. But if the bar you are taling about has peanuts all through it then they still make it over here in the UK under the name Sneakers. I think its produced by the company Mars and is a major sweet bar over here,
Scorcher <???@???>
USA - Tue Jul 20 12:39:44 1999
Does anyone know if they still make a candy bar by the name of Marathon? It's a long, skinny, chocolate and caramel bar that was unbeatable. I remember the TV commercials as they had a cowboy with a white western outfit on a white horse. I haven't seen them since I was a kid. Please help!! Thanks.
Jon <>
Salem, IN USA - Tue Jul 20 12:24:28 1999
Does anyone know what was the first candy bar named after a baseball player? I know Baby Ruth wasn't named after Babe Ruth, but was Oh Henry! named after Hank Aaron (I only read that in one site, others said it wasn't named after him) and if it was, was that the first? Thanks.
Ann <>
USA - Sun Jul 18 19:39:33 1999
I'm trying to find information on what decades some old-time favorite candies were introduced--like wax lips, candy cigarrettes, candy buttons, etc. Anyone know where I can find such information
Steve Sparks
USA - Sun Jul 18 04:56:58 1999
i just wanted to say that there are alot of post notes on this page. if anyone here is from australia can you please email me and tell me about any kind of candy EXPO or candy convention9i think i spelt that right). and the last thing i wanna say is that the best candy ever is GUMMY BEARS they are so YUM!!!!!! ok bye .
tim <>
Brisbane, Qld Australia - Sat Jul 17 23:24:20 1999
Are there any other flavours of a herseys bar than cookies and cream because i am from a small country and we haven't gotten any others yet???
Sarah <>
Auckland, New Zealand - Fri Jul 16 21:40:34 1999
can anyone tell me where i can find sugar free suckers for my two year old daughter. i cant find them anywhere. plese let me know. thank you. linda
linda lima <>
tampa, fl USA - Fri Jul 16 18:17:07 1999
steve <>
NEW YORK, NY USA - Thu Jul 15 10:40:16 1999
madeline rodriguez <>
chicago, il USA - Thu Jul 15 02:09:52 1999
Does anyone know where to get PB Maxx candy bars? Who is/was the manufacturer? PB Maxx is a chocolate-covered graham cracker cookie with a peanut butter center. I believe they came in a white square wrapper.
Desperately seeking PB Maxx
San Francisco, CA USA - Wed Jul 14 22:02:58 1999
Desperately seeking Mallow Cups. Does anyone know the name of the company who makes them and where I can purchase some? Thanx
Marcia Aleksunes <>
USA - Wed Jul 14 02:18:33 1999
i do enjoy candy
Ronald Deschamps <>
cornqall, ontario canada - Tue Jul 13 02:54:55 1999
Can anyone find Clark's Tendermint gum in their town? The only place I can find it is at the Dollar General where it is always stale, plus I have to buy it in a multi-pak that has Cinnamon which I don't want. Has anyone seen it?
Patrick Mayo <>
Staunton, VA USA - Tue Jul 13 02:03:22 1999
MT.PLEASANT, SC USA - Tue Jul 13 00:27:36 1999
Looking for a candy called Sour Socer Balls, Not sure who makes them. They come in 3 colors, orange, yellow & green. Candy is very sour & i have been trying to find them. Can anyone HELP?
Steven Eng <SEng1@AOL>
USA - Mon Jul 12 04:57:26 1999
Does anyone know where I can find Murray Mints?
Nancy <>
New Rochelle, NY USA - Mon Jul 12 00:19:29 1999
Hi I am looking for a Chocolate Bar Called Wig Wag It sounds a whole lot like what you are calling the Marithon bar to me it was like a twisted braid of carmel with chocolate coating any one heard of it?
Cathy <>
USA - Sat Jul 10 21:19:12 1999
Is there a market out there for penuche candy? How does one find out how to maket this? I really know how to make great penuche!
Dick Drury <>
winona, mn USA - Sat Jul 10 20:15:12 1999
im trying to find a way to make vegis chocolaty! i think that they should ground up vegis and put them in chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!! write to tell me what ya think!!~
Laika <>
poco, bc canada - Sat Jul 10 05:11:24 1999
Here's a great article about Bonomos Turkish Taffy...BTW, Victor Bonomo died about 2 weeks ago at 100 :(
Candy Direct <>
San Diego, CA USA - Fri Jul 9 19:36:45 1999

I AM TOTALLY ADDICTED TO CANDY!!!!! Being a first-year medical student, sometimes, it was the only thing to get me through the tough times. Know what I mean?!!!!
Matt Hummel <>
Lexington, KY USA - Fri Jul 9 18:37:05 1999
i am trying to find a source for sugar covered chocolates. they look like jordan almonds in shape and size but are actually chocolate inside. does anybody know where i can find these or what they are actually called???
janet <>
USA - Fri Jul 9 16:37:04 1999
Hershey Food Corp can be found on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker "HSY" trading today for $58.50.
lil bebe
new York, NY USA - Thu Jul 8 03:43:32 1999
bar none was made by hersehy's-dont know why they stopped making it because it was the best candy i ever tasted. i have found it in "costco" here and there. birght yellow packaging.mmmmmmmmm!!!
USA - Thu Jul 8 03:21:39 1999
I am looking for a bubble gum that was called 'Gold Nuggets" or something. They were little yellow coated chunks of gum that cam ein a small cotton drawstring bag. I have not seen them since teh 70's - anyone know about this gum?
lesley <>
ssan jose, ca USA - Thu Jul 8 00:31:21 1999
would like to buy stock in hershey candy company, anyone with information, please let me know.
lenai cooper <>
tampa, fl USA - Wed Jul 7 15:00:36 1999
Hi.. I was looking through these posts and could not help but to notice someone saying something about a candy EXPO? Do they really have these?? And how can I get information on them?? Thank you =o)
Lucia <>
Long Island, NY USA - Tue Jul 6 06:28:55 1999
Hi, I am searching for a candy called "candy raisins" and where they are manufactured. Please help me, we love them!!
Sheila <>
San Antonio, TX USA - Tue Jul 6 04:22:18 1999
Clark Gum: the number we have is 800-544-4378. Their address is: 1100 Military Rd, Buffalo NY 14217.
Candy Direct <>
San Diego, CA USA - Tue Jul 6 04:04:51 1999
Does anyone have any information concerning the Clark Gum Company? On the pack it says they're located in Buffalo, but when I called information to get the number I was told that there was no such listing.
Patrick Mayo <>
Staunton, VA USA - Sun Jul 4 19:02:09 1999
Remember Marathon bars? (The big long choc covered caramel "twisty" bar that was in a big red package with a ruler on the back) Anyone that is looking for these, I have found a version of Marathon bars. It is a British candy called Curly Wurly's and they have them available at the King's Head Shoppe at the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. Hubby and I longed for them and on our last trip there we stocked up. They taste just like we remember. They are a little smaller though. Also there is a site online that has them available though I forget the URL.
Lady Kristine <>
Southern, CA USA - Sun Jul 4 17:10:02 1999
When I was a kid, I'd go to my grandma's house and she would always have these hard candies. I loved them. I cannot think of the name of them. I hope someone out there does know. They were hard candies in a small round tin. They were caramel(?) mint flavor and they were coated with a dusting of powdered sugar(?) If you know the name of them please email me. Thanks!
Nancy <>
New Rochelle, NY USA - Sun Jul 4 02:17:52 1999
I love candy
USA - Sun Jul 4 00:41:58 1999
Sad news today. It is only fitting that Forrest Mars Sr. who developed M&M Candies died during the fourth of July holiday weekend - a true candy learn more visit:
Candy Direct <>
San Diego, CA USA - Sat Jul 3 08:06:30 1999 - have fun!
Candy Direct <>
San Diego, CA USA - Sat Jul 3 08:03:47 1999
Pleas does anybody know if Hersheys candys have a web site? And if they do, Do you know what there e-mail address is? See I am looking for Hersheys Hugs w/Kisses & Alomnds. I live in Missouri and I have not been able to find them anywhere so I would like to ake them if they d/c them. Thanks. Happy 4th
NMCipponeri <>
lake st louis, mo USA - Sat Jul 3 07:07:46 1999
I am looking for a gummi watermelon candy(looks like a 1/4 slice) that is coated with sugar. Yummy!!! Bought some in another state and loved them and now want to find them.
Kathy <>
Great Bend, Kansas USA - Fri Jul 2 22:49:46 1999
Please, anybody, send me e-mails with names of lollopops. Need to find the right kind and if I see it written I'll know which one it is I need.... Thanks
Bre <>
Westville, Il USA - Thu Jul 1 16:19:04 1999
Hi! I,m looking for a candy called Bonkers. It was made about five years ago I think. They have come out with new ones but the old had grape, strawberry, orange and cherry. they are GREAT!!!! Please help me find them.
Elissa Bybee <>
Shell Knob, MO USA - Thu Jul 1 07:43:41 1999
I love candy and cannot stop eating it when I have it. Some of my favourites are Nerds, Chewy Runts, Gobstoppers, Dino-Sour Eggs and anything sour and chewy!!!! I'm now craving candy!!!!!
Owen Sound, Canada - Thu Jul 1 01:49:37 1999
julia <>
perth, australia - Wed Jun 30 06:02:51 1999
I want cnady? lollipop, lolipopp ooooo lalalalala lalipopp bumbumbumbum help please me? thanking yuo veri much.
Aliababwau <>
I donot rekal that um, yes USA - Wed Jun 30 02:57:11 1999
I am looking for this great candy called "Circus Peanuts" or something like that. They are orange and marshmallowy. Any clue where to get them?
Becka <>
Kansas City, KS USA - Wed Jun 30 02:53:31 1999
i would like to know how to make a jaw there a recipe someone might be able to pass along? thanks
CANMORE , ab USA - Wed Jun 30 02:30:09 1999
I've been looking for a candy called "snaps". They are small multicolored black licorice pieces. I've even written to the American Licorice Co. in Chicago with no results. HELP,PLEASE!!
Kate Krechel <KATERN4>
St. Louis, Mo USA - Wed Jun 30 02:29:37 1999
What was the name of those awesome lollipops that were two toned and powdery. The stick was actually plastic and they sold for about 5 cents. Are they still out there?
Lynne <>
USA - Wed Jun 30 02:01:38 1999
I don't know if anyone will know what I am talking about. I remember eating this wonderful snack at a friend's house. They looked just like slim jims, but they weren't. There was a chocolate flavored one, and a peanut butter one. They came in a box. I don't even know what they were called, but they were so yummy! Please email if you know.
Lynne <>
USA - Wed Jun 30 01:59:05 1999
I want to have a pushpop
Kayley <>
ca USA - Tue Jun 29 23:55:42 1999
Has anyone seen a delectable treat that comes in a glass jar called Nutella? It's is made with hazlenut, cocoa, and skim milk. Tell me if you've tasted or heard of it because anyone i meet never has. Thanx:)
Valerie Smith <>
Spokane, WA USA - Tue Jun 29 23:16:20 1999
Looking for a candy that was shaped like a watermelon slice, tasted like coconut there were also bacon strips (3 colors on a flat strip) and tasted like coconut too? Anyone remember these & where available?
Debbie <>
Pompano Beach, FL USA - Mon Jun 28 21:04:18 1999
Does anyone know if someone still makes Slopokes? They're a caramel sucker and I can't seem to find them anywhere.
C. Duffy <>
Madison, WI USA - Mon Jun 28 17:35:07 1999
I am looking for only red sour patch kids. I have only seen them sold this way in a small store in Newport, Rhode island. Please Help!!!!!!
E <>
waterbury , CT USA - Mon Jun 28 14:13:42 1999
??does anyone know what flavor the purple jujubes are suppose to be???????
greg <>
seattle, wa USA - Sun Jun 27 22:52:48 1999
Have you heard about a new, multi colored chocolate coated ,Sunflower Kernal shown at the All Candy show in Chicago ?? Do you know where we can buy ??It sounds great !!!!!!!!
John <>
Sacto, Ca USA - Sun Jun 27 21:06:13 1999
i want pop rocks
amanda < >
satillite beach , Fl USA - Sun Jun 27 16:58:16 1999
Does anyone remember the candy bar caled Bar None? It was advertised with "something to cure YOUR chocolate beasty" At least I think thats how it went. If you know who made this candy bar or if it is still being made PLEASE email me, I haven't cured my beasty in soooo long.
Lila <>
Indianapolis, in USA - Sun Jun 27 05:14:55 1999
Does anyone know where I can buy the new lifesavers "Creme Savers" in bulk? I can hardly find them in this area.
Marie <>
Allentown, PA USA - Sun Jun 27 03:54:40 1999
I am looking to find a candy that may be discontinued (but I'm hoping that there are still some lurking around!) They are called "Fruitland Chews" - they came in small packets and were bite size gummy droplets in an assorted array of flavours. I also believe Sunkist made a version of these gummy treats - but I can't find those either. If you know what I'm talking about and where I can find them, please let me know. Thank you.
Julie Ng <>
Mississauga, ON Canada - Sat Jun 26 03:42:06 1999
i am looking for a complete novelty stand of candy i saw it at the coast here its about 10 ft tall has circular plexiglass with holes in them going down the tube in the middle theres about 6-7 of these circles in the holes they hold a sour liquid in test tubes the rack is full of them in the main tube in the middle theres little water weenie size tubes but clear with liquid bubbling up through them really cool trying to find so i can set one up in my store an sell them please help desperate to find
chris <>
albany, or USA - Sat Jun 26 03:25:27 1999
Does anyone know if it is still possible to get Bonomos Turkish taffy? Nothing like it! Thanks in advance!
Tom Koch <>
Rochester, NY USA - Sat Jun 26 02:41:15 1999
Does anyone know where to buy Pastailles(sp?) Black Currant candy in chicago?
Millie Hurley <>
Chicago, IL USA - Fri Jun 25 04:33:15 1999
I love candy.Its the best thing in the world.hhhhmmmmmm okkk that was a stupid comment oh well just wanted to be posted up on the chat board.Later people.
Bloomington, IL USA - Fri Jun 25 04:17:34 1999
Hi, I have noticed alot of requests about Marathon bars. A similar thing that is still available in Australia is the Curly Wurly bar. You can buy them in a bar or small bars in a multi pak of 12.
Mary <>
Canberra, ACT Australia - Thu Jun 24 10:06:38 1999
Does anyone know where i can find "Bazooka" coca-cola bubble gum? The only place i have found it is Israel, and i am never going back there again. I miss my gum! :) Please email me directly if you know how i can find some!
Zach <>
Mercer Island, WA USA - Thu Jun 24 06:24:26 1999
I am looking for a company that sells Zagnut Bars! Does anyone know? Please Help
Dave Dodd <>
Ft. Lauderdale, fl USA - Thu Jun 24 00:40:43 1999
I used to buy Needler's Jersey English Toffees at Walmart, but they are not there right now. Does anyone know where I can get these toffees? Thanx.
USA - Wed Jun 23 22:35:35 1999
there's an all candy expo in chicago tommorow at navy pier. any true candy lover should go. i'm very excited. just thought i'd spread the word.
blah D. bloo <>
USA - Tue Jun 22 20:53:14 1999
IIIIIIIIIIIII want candy (hm hm hm hmhm) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII want candy(hm hm hm hmhm)>00o0000< yum! (burp)! excuse me!
sarah <>
?????, ??????????????????????? USA - Tue Jun 22 15:25:04 1999
Can you identify this candy? You know those Brach's red-and-white starlight mints? This candy is like those, but it is sperhical and light and disolves real quickly. We always called it puff candy. Little red and white mint balls. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Please email me at Thanks!
David N. Hurt <>
Logan, UT USA - Tue Jun 22 03:34:22 1999
Im looking for a candy named "Angel Food" if an one can help me to locate it I would greatly appericat it! Thank you.
Bill McSorley <>
Tampa, FL USA - Mon Jun 21 18:38:54 1999
There are two types of candy that I am currently looking for. The first one is one that I had when I was growing up. It was by Pearson or something. It was called "I think" fireballs. This was a very good cinnamon candy. It is NOT the atomic fireballs. The second one is a licorice candy known as coal candy. This came in a large chunk with a little hammer to break off a piece to eat. If you have information regarding these candies, please let me know.
Valerie Delaney <>
Lake Charles, LA USA - Mon Jun 21 18:28:23 1999
ANYONE!!!! i am looking for a candy i used to enjoy as a child way back in the 70's. It was about the size of a dime and kind of like a sweetart, but they had animal faces on them. the tiger was orange, the hippo was purple. i would love to get these again!!!!
Coleen Webster <>
Rochester, ny USA - Sun Jun 20 20:26:54 1999
Does anyone know if ther is still candy lipstick
Pam Simon <Motox784>
Punta Gorda , Fl USA - Fri Jun 18 22:27:23 1999
When I was in high scool in Connecticut I used to buy a candy bar at the school store called HOLLYWOOD BAR. It was so good. Does anyone know if they are still available?
Ronkonkoma , NY USA - Fri Jun 18 14:13:53 1999
Does anyone know where i can get Death by Chocolates? This is made in the UK.. It is my favorite....Hope someone can help...Thanks
liz klatt <>
sandusky, oh USA - Thu Jun 17 22:11:46 1999
New to this locality. Any one know of some big candy manufacturers around here. I wanted to go and see how candy is made. Meanwhile , i guess i'll just enjoy them!!!:-)
navneet Chandra <>
Phoenix, az USA - Thu Jun 17 21:02:36 1999
New to this locality. Any one know of some big candy manufacturers around here. I wanted to go and see how candy is made. Meanwhile , i guess i'll just enjoy them!!!:-)
navneet Chandra <>
Phoenix, az USA - Thu Jun 17 21:01:49 1999
New to this locality. Any one know of some big candy manufacturers around here. I wanted to go and see how candy is made. Meanwhile , i guess i'll just enjoy them!!!:-)
navneet Chandra <>
Phoenix, az USA - Thu Jun 17 21:01:26 1999
Does anyone remember a candy that it was a gumball with crystals inside of it. I believe the crystals were sour tasting?
Holly Walburn <>
Parma, OH USA - Thu Jun 17 18:50:35 1999
*Seas Candy* Looking for info about Seas Candy or any company/retailer selling Seas Candy. If you have any info, pls forward via email to I am looking to purchase for a friend who loves "Nuts & Chews" made by Seas Candy.
Ron <>
Dallas, TX USA - Wed Jun 16 22:55:42 1999
I know I have seen POP ROCKS at Mr. Bulkies... they have a wide range of things. I suggest you go there. I have also them at Walgreen's. Good luck. P.S. still looking for that hard licorice candy that has a creamy taste to it. Has anyone seen it or heard of such a thing? Please get in contact with me if you have. Have a good one.
Allyson <>
Den Haag, Holland - Wed Jun 16 19:44:29 1999
Does anyone remember "POP ROCKS" , the candy that literally "exploded" like tiny firecrakers in your mouth.I think it came out in very late 70's or early 80's. It was the "coolest" candy on the market( when I was a kid). HOW COULD I GET SOME NOW ? If anyone knows, please contact me !!
Covington, LA USA - Wed Jun 16 00:32:05 1999
I've been trying to find out where I can buy the candy Bonkers, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. It's my childhood candy and I really miss it!!
wa USA - Tue Jun 15 23:24:59 1999
I don't remember Volcano Rocks, but i remember Pop Rocks.
USA - Tue Jun 15 20:35:05 1999
I just love sweets. I'd like to have a augar loving pen pal to e-mail. Write me from anywhere in the world!
Cassi <>
OH USA - Tue Jun 15 14:15:30 1999
Hi! Does anyone remember a candy, possibly made by Willy Wonka Co. called "Volcano Rocks"? It was my favorite as a kid. It came in a box like "Nerds" andf was just great. It has been about 15 years since I last saw them, but I sure would like to get some again. Any ideas?
Cassi <>
OH USA - Tue Jun 15 13:52:07 1999
Violets...Anyone with information on where to order the candy Violets online (made by C.Howards) please tell me. Or, if you have them near you...please thanks!!!
Wu Buddha <>
FL USA - Tue Jun 15 00:33:15 1999
We are looking for "grape swedish fish" We don't want 30+lbs that costs more than $100.00
Gail <>
Eagle, WI USA - Mon Jun 14 17:46:30 1999
please help...we are trying to find the tootsie pop "drops" that were available years back..does anyone know if there is anyway that i can find these ? thank You :) Donna
Donna Lanza <>
Houma, LA USA - Mon Jun 14 00:24:16 1999
We are looking for the Willy Wonka candies called "Oompas" and the "Everlasting Gobstoppers". Does anyone know if they are still in production? If so, where can we purchase them?
Colleen Dorsey <>
USA - Sun Jun 13 22:18:00 1999
I have been looking for Giant Jaw Breakers and little one and all different sizes but I can't find them anywhere.If anybody has seen any or knows whee you can get them PLEASE LET ME KNOW>Thanx :O)
Sarah <>
Bloomington, IL USA - Sun Jun 13 19:26:19 1999
A few years ago i had this gum that had a foam coating on the outside and than bubble gum under that. I think it was called "Mad Dog" bubble gum. If anybody knows where i can get it please lat me know. THANX ALOT
Josh <>
MA USA - Sun Jun 13 04:08:45 1999
I am looking for a candy that I think the name is Coconut Bon Bons. I have looked all over for them here in Charleston. They used to have them but now I can't find them. Please let me know if I can get them somewhere.
Kathy Bennett <>
Summerville, SC USA - Sun Jun 13 01:26:34 1999
While visiting Mammouth Caves in Ky.I purchased a candy named cream candy. This was in 1961. My mother use to make this candy. It was tinted in pastels, poured out on a cold slab and stretched like taffy,then cut with the sissors into small pieces and put into coffee cans to keep. It was very soft to the taste like mints. Would love to hear from any one with the receipe. God Bless!
Maggie <>
USA - Sat Jun 12 20:55:56 1999
Has anyone heard of JELLY BABIES? I bought a box at a Doctor Who convention and haven't seen them here in America.Can you help me get some?Make that A LOT!
Gentleman Ted <>
Concord, CA USA - Sat Jun 12 17:23:10 1999
Great! you answered my first question. Now.... how about locating FanTan gum. It came in a pack like Juicy Fruit, but was white and had an Indian with headress on the front. My aunt used to give me this when I was little. I think the gum was pink. thanks.
ShirLee <>
Oak Harbor, OH USA - Sat Jun 12 11:50:49 1999
Bonomo turkish taffy went out of business years ago. I am told that they sold the formula to another company but i can't find out what company. If anybody knows please let me know I am a BONOMO freak.
art lavaique <>
ridleypark, pa USA - Fri Jun 11 03:16:39 1999
hi..i have been looking for a candy called "punch" for the longest is like a pez but better..i am also looking for bananna bubblelicious bubble gum..any help would be great..thanks..
ilyse <>
cherry hill, nj USA - Fri Jun 11 01:52:21 1999
QUINCY, MA USA - Fri Jun 11 00:03:18 1999
Hi i'm 16 years old and i love candy very very very much and there is a very good candy store near me called ben& Bills it is very good i just wanted to know if anyone would like to be my pen-pal and we could talk about candy well thanks a lot.
Jessica Parker <>
Eastbrook/ellsworth, ME USA - Thu Jun 10 19:28:49 1999
Looking for the candy my sisters and I called "flying saucers" they were a two wafer-like pastel colored candies shaped like a flying saucer and filled with little round hard sugar candies like the ones on the long white strip of paper that we called "pills"? Know where I can find them? I'm trying to put together a birthday basket with old candy for my sister.
ShirLee <>
Oak Harbor, OH USA - Thu Jun 10 11:27:25 1999
What ever happened to the ZAGNUT candy bars?
Donna <>
TX USA - Thu Jun 10 03:58:56 1999
Does anyone remember a chocolate candy from the 60s that was sold in foil-covered cardboard tubes? I can't remember the name, but they kind of looked like flattened Hershey's Kisses.
Karen <>
El Segundo, CA USA - Thu Jun 10 03:10:18 1999
I am looking for a hard candy that tastes like black licorice... but it is almost a creamy taste when you suck on it. I loved it a lot when I was a kid... and for the life of me I can not remember the name of it. Can anyone help?
Allyson <>
USA - Wed Jun 9 14:55:45 1999
We're looking for a cone shaped sucker. It's shaped kind of like a closed beach umbrella, it's multicolored and about 6 inches long
Rebecca Cooper <>
USA - Tue Jun 8 22:02:27 1999
Like many others looking for a source. Last summer used some individual squeeze pack peanut butter, jelly, cheddar cheese, jalapina cheddar cheese on a backpacking trek. Looking for a source or manufacturer.
l saddler <>
grapevine, tx USA - Tue Jun 8 21:00:33 1999
Reese's Peanut Peanut Butter Cups - miniatures - boxed... anyone seen any? Up till a few years back I could go into someplace like Kmart or Rose's and fine the minatures without foil in just the paper in a white waxpaper carton flat like a cigar box having two layers the box being wrapped in traditional colors and logo made from that typical plastic shrink wrap. They actually tasted better packaged this way... maybe it was a particular distubutor who boxed them that way - don't know never payed attention till a few years ago when I moved up to VA and now I cannot find any. Thought I'd just drop a note and see if anyone has seen any. Thanks!
icon <>
Charlottesville, VA USA - Tue Jun 8 17:15:02 1999
i am trying to find out who makes or sells the candy bar called curly wurly. it resembles the ols time candy bar called marathon. a long braided caramel coated with chocolate. i have a long running bet that i will find this. if anyone can help i would sincerely appreciate it. thanks stacy
stacy <>
Palmdale, ca USA - Tue Jun 8 08:22:26 1999
Does anyone know where I can find Pulaski licorice in the NY area. My husband talks about them all the time and I have never been able to find them.
Ulrike DiCola <>
Hauppauge, Ny USA - Tue Jun 8 02:11:38 1999
To the person looking for Mountain Bars. Yes, Mountain Bars are still around. I have found them in Tacoma,WA where the Brown & Haley factory is located. I'm not sure if they are available in California but you should be able to call information and get their number. I believe they have a gift catalog available for special ordering. Hope this helps.
Kathryn <>
Roy, WA USA - Mon Jun 7 21:15:42 1999
Does anyone from Washington, DC in the 60's know of a shop somewhere around 7th and H Streets that sold a candy that was sliced in the shop(possibly Swedish deli) and sold by the pound. This candy was the color of caramel, but the texture of gum drops, it was rolled into a log, approx. 1-1/2" diameter, inside the roll were chopped walnuts, then the log rolled in confection sugar. I lost the name of the shop and the name of the candy after I moved away from Washington, DC. Have been looking high and low for this candy ever since. Anyone ever seen or heard of this candy? Thanks. Email any infor to
Charlene Reynolds <>
Birmingham, AL USA - Mon Jun 7 19:47:44 1999
I saw "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" just reciently. Do "WONKA BARS" Really exist ???? I noticed that there was mention of them in this chat forum - WHAT do they tast like ?? Curious !!] Mike
Mike <>
Perth, WA AUSTRALIA - Mon Jun 7 15:42:01 1999
Does anybody remember a candy bar called "Coconut Grove?" It has been years since I have seen them but my grandmother used to make a cookie and put these candy bars in them. I don't have the recipe and am hoping that it might be on the wrapper.
Beth <>
Alma, AR USA - Mon Jun 7 03:39:33 1999
Howdy! Anybody know where I can buy Delson's Merri-Mints? These were a mint about the diameter of a 50 cent piece that had been dropped on a corrugated rubber mat and sold in a rectangular box containing these mints in white,yellow,green and pink.
Dick Newell <>
Billings, MT USA - Sun Jun 6 23:46:59 1999
I'm looking for a candy made by Ferrara-Pan that was named Fruit Cocktail. Anyone remember it? Know if it is still available?
Chris Cawein <>
Memphis, TN USA - Sun Jun 6 18:16:00 1999
Anybody know where I can find Fizzers candy? My wife loves it and I can get it when I'm in England, but no luck in the US.
Steve <>
USA - Sun Jun 6 13:44:54 1999
Does anyone know what candy/wax lips are? or candy/wax mustache????????/i luv that candy!!!!!!!
Alexandra <>
nj USA - Sun Jun 6 01:06:03 1999
It seems like a lot of people here yearn for the Seven-Up bar..the Canadian Import that had seven different fillings, all in one chocolate bar. Well...I must tout New England here...Sky Bars, made by Necco, up in Cambridge, Mass, are still around. Sky Bars have 4 fillings in one chocolate bar. Just a reminder to those of you missing the old Seven Up bar. ( A 5 pack sells for $2.29 at local grocers. )
Randy Shaffer <>
Bristol, RI USA - Sat Jun 5 23:47:11 1999
Anybody remember a Czechoslovakian import called "Candy Tabs"? They were like Pez candies, but, in the late 1960's, they, they were only a penny a package. They came in a variety of fruit flavors. They were a great deal..a penny for a Pez-size package of candy!!
John <>
Naalehu, HI USA - Sat Jun 5 23:36:24 1999
Maria Quintanilla's quest for Love Hearts is a long one of mine also..( the post a few below mine ). Love Hearts are made in England by Swizzels-Matlow. This company makes a variety of fizzy type candies. One can see their offerings by visiting their web page at www.swizzels-matlow. I would like to point out that Love Hearts are available here in the US, but they are not at all like their British counterpart. Love Hearts, here in the US, are made by the same company that makes Smarties. They are very similar to Smarties. The bad thing about American Love Hearts is that they do not fizz, and are not as flavorful as the British variety. ( American Love Hearts are made under license of Swizzels-Matlow. ) True, English-made Love Hearts, are very flavorful..the black currant flavor is outstanding..and they DO fizz. American-made Love Hearts are easy to find here in Rhode Island. Stop and Shop supermarket carries them every Valentine's day, in pound bags of small rolls. Again though, they are insipid compared to the British version. Fizz is part of the zest of Love Hearts. I enjoy true British-made Love Hearts. I have purchased them, on occasion, in Ontario and Quebec, during travels to Canada. Apparently, Canada has access to British made Love Hearts. I once brought home as 50 roll container on a visit to London, Ontario. My question is this: Where can one find authentic British-made Love Hearts, here in the USA? I am not interested in the American version; my candy jar is filled with those, which will unlikely ever be consumed. Swizzels-Matlow may consider vending them online; at least a Mr. Unsworth, of that company, once told me that they were considering it..nothing yet has come of it. Until then...I am seriously "jonesing" for the real thing. Any of you Brits out could make a killing selling real, England made Love Hearts.
Randy Shaffer <>
Bristol, RI USA - Sat Jun 5 23:28:46 1999
Does anyone know where I can find chocolate covered jelly beans?? Not the chocolate flavored type...these are covered in chocolate.
emily weiner <aluckyej@aol>
boca raton, fl USA - Fri Jun 4 22:29:28 1999
As a kid in about 1946 we had a candy that was like a nicely browned strip of bacon. I just wonder if it is still made.
Tom <>
USA - Fri Jun 4 21:04:24 1999
I am looking for a kind of sweet tart candy. I came in a roll and I beleive they were called LOVE HEARTS. They were sour and had a little fizz to them. HELP ME PLEASE!!
Maria Quintanilla <>
Chicago, IL USA - Fri Jun 4 19:42:40 1999
Years ago Kraft caramels came in light and dark chocolate. Now all I can find are the light ones. Does anyone know wher I can buy the dark ones? Thanks
Jay Lucas <>
Los Angeles, CA USA - Thu Jun 3 18:06:02 1999
Has anyone ever heard of ICE cubes...? There chocolate squares with a really cool center...but there's nothing in the middle just chocolate....
Dianna <>
Bronx, NY USA - Thu Jun 3 16:35:36 1999
I am looking for e-mail friends that are candy-holics to chat and send/receive candy from all over the world !!
Mike <>
Perth, WA AUSTRALIA - Thu Jun 3 16:20:16 1999
I'm looking for Kentucky Mints made by Brach's. I haven't been able to find them in local stores for the past couple of years. If you know where I can find them PLEASE let me know!!!! Thanks!!!!
Fran <>
Cleveland, Oh USA - Thu Jun 3 12:57:31 1999
Good people. I remember about 10 years ago that Heath Bar used to have a "chewy" or "soft" bar. Has anyone heard of this recently, or even remember them? Please drop me a note on my email at Thanks, B
Brian <>
Washington, DC USA - Thu Jun 3 12:07:22 1999
Does anyone remember a candybar called Boppers? They had peanut butter in the center and had chocolate and cookies crumbs on the outside. I loved them and now I cannot find them in my area. Any information?
Debbie <>
Princeton, NJ USA - Wed Jun 2 17:29:17 1999
I am looking for a licorice candy that was called "BEN HURS". It was a "pillow shape-ed" dark gray colored candy with slight grooves running along the top of the piece. The candy was approx. 1/2 inch square. It was made out of pressed powdered sugar (like an after-dinner mint). Please let me know if you carry such an item. Thank you!
Joseph F. Schmidt <>
Granite City, IL USA - Wed Jun 2 16:00:20 1999
When I was young and full of grace ... we had these things called marathon bars, basically chocolate covered caramel in a pretzel type of elongated configuration. Do they still make these. I need a fix. Sweet toothed from Baltimore
Patrick <>
Baltimore, MD USA - Wed Jun 2 15:44:52 1999
When I was a teenager, there was a candy called "Fizzies". It was sort of like a flavored Alka Seltzer tablet. You dropped it in a glass of water and had an instant pop. I haven't seen them in years. Does anyone know if they are still made and where they can be obtained? For that matter does anyone even remember them? If you do give me an email and lets talk. Dave
David Wach <>
Eugene, OR USA - Wed Jun 2 05:56:12 1999
Just yesterday, at my school, they were selling candies called BIZZERKS. I can't find them any where. If anyone knows, E-Mail me.
Nate <>
Cleveland, OH USA - Wed Jun 2 00:15:19 1999
Hi-Does anyone know where I can get a Wonka bar. I bought one when I went out of town a while ago in a walmart but when I looked to find it again near where I live-I can't find it anywhere.
Natalie <>
Ca USA - Tue Jun 1 19:32:18 1999
I have been looking for ribbon candy for a long time! My Aunt loves it! I also want to find the candy smokes. The kind with the powder in them so when you (drag) on them you get the white puff of smoke! My 9 year old nephew wants to get his mom & dad to quit smoking so he says " If I show them what they look like to me, Maybe they will stop!"
Mischelle <>
Fort Wayne, IN USA - Tue Jun 1 15:44:07 1999
GEORGETOWN, SC USA - Tue Jun 1 15:00:21 1999
Do you sell grab bags for children birthday parties I need about 25 bags of assorted candies the Kid's love them. They have them at every birthday party I've been to. I must have them!!!
Growstrong <>
Los Angeles, CA USA - Mon May 31 21:55:05 1999
does anyone know the name of a candy from years ago that was like a SEN-SEN but it was a violet color, but not the violets brand? they were about 1/2 " square.
gene <>
des plaines, il USA - Mon May 31 02:10:35 1999
OLD FASHIONED TAFFY in the wide thin strips (multi-colored). Who makes it? Any guesses?
Kanina <>
Sacramento, CA USA - Sun May 30 04:53:32 1999
Does anybody know what company makes pop rocks?
Tony <>
Lake Villa, IL USA - Sat May 29 23:04:47 1999
Looking for two candy bars-Denver Sandwich and Chicken Dinner. Can't remember who made them and last time had them was in the 40's!!! Sending an E-Mail to person looking for source of Walnettos. Interesting site. Will return. Grammy
YUCCA VALLEY, CA USA - Sat May 29 20:13:11 1999
I'm looking for Y & S licorice. Does anyone know where it can be bought? My email is Thanks.
Toni Schmidt <>
Banning, CA USA - Fri May 28 22:45:41 1999
Does anyone know where I can purchase a candy called "hummingbird eggs"?
USA - Thu May 27 19:56:33 1999
I'm looking for a candy called Nut Goodies. Brach's has a product called Maple Nut Goodies that is similar but not quite the same. Does anyone know where I can find these?
S Patel <>
Central, SC USA - Thu May 27 17:38:32 1999
Does anyone know how to get a hold of some BLACK CAT or GREEN CAT gum? I'm desperate! Thanks!
Sharon Donais <>
Drumheller, AB Canada - Thu May 27 02:13:43 1999
Could someone please help me a little.. I just moved, and no-where here (that I can find) sells ravens revenge, and I really really really really like it ;) So I've turned to the internet looking, but can only find it at kinda expensive prices. If anyone knows of a candy dealer that has it, could you please email it to me? I would really appreciate it. Thankyou.
Maxx <>
Redding, CA USA - Wed May 26 17:00:56 1999
Is it possible to still buy Milk Shake candy bars? I don't know who manufactured this particular candy. I do remember there were two candy bars that I really enjoyed. One was Milk Shake and the one I have forgotten. They were both produced by the same maker. Also, is it still possible to buy Mountain Bars? They were made by Brown and Haley.
Pam <>
Scotts Valley, CA USA - Wed May 26 15:55:44 1999
I need help! I've been trying to locate Bubblicious Chocolate Mint bubble gum. I haven't been able find it for a really long time. It used to be really popular. Does anyone know if they still make it? I miss this gum alot. It was so wonderful. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
Kathryn <>
Roy, WA USA - Tue May 25 07:15:59 1999
To the person who hasn't been able to find the coconut chews. I've seen them recently in my local grocery store. They are made by Brach's and I think they are called Neopolian (or something like that) you know like the chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla ice cream but these are coconut square yummy candy. Hope this helps. Good Luck
Kathryn <>
Roy, WA USA - Tue May 25 07:12:23 1999
To the person who was looking for the gum that gushed out liquid when you bit into it. I think that was called Freshen Up gum. It came in Cinnamon (my personal fave), Speriment and Pepperiment. I haven't seen it in a long time though. Hope that was the name.
kathryn <>
Roy, wa USA - Tue May 25 07:04:15 1999
Does anyone remember a candy bar called "Chocolite"? I think it had a brown wrapper with yellow letters. It was similar to Nestle Crunch except it didn't have actual krispies in it, they were more like air pockets. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Gina
Gina Dye <>
Rochester Hills, MI USA - Mon May 24 20:45:06 1999
While visiting the UK, I became addicted to a little chocolate candy called Minstrels put out by Galaxy. I'm dying to know where I can purchase them online or here in the US (I live in Southern California). Thanks!!
Noelle <>
- Mon May 24 18:35:28 1999
I would like to know more about Sandy Candy. Who makes it? How is it ordered? Etc.
MGS <>
USA - Mon May 24 03:18:05 1999
31 year old lady.the candy called ravens revenge is,like the pixy dust in a straw!person asking about razzlers is from willie wonka!I love this site I'am glad I got my e-mail back so I can get the recipes and things you send!BYE!
jan <>
pleasant hill, CA USA - Sun May 23 02:37:18 1999
Does anyone remember taffy which I think came in 3 flavors - vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. It wasn't salt water taffy nor like Laffy Taffy. It was about the size of a Jolly Rancher Stick. Also, these aren't exactly candies, but does anyone remember 7-Up and bananna popsicles?
Kathy C. <>
Bay City, MI USA - Sat May 22 04:41:00 1999
Hi, Anyone know where I can get Callard & Bowser white nougat (the kind wrapped in rice paper?). I've been looking for it for years and have not been able to find it locally. Do they have a website? thanks
Ismail Esmail <>
Edmonton, AB Canada - Fri May 21 01:32:15 1999
Does anybody remember the words to the Good n'Plenty jingle that started with "Choo Choo Charlie was an engineer..." Thanks for any help.
Dave Schwartz <>
Santa Cruz, CA USA - Thu May 20 21:24:45 1999
I am looking for a type of bubble gum called Thunder Bolts. It is bubble gum with sour crystals inside. Please let me know if you know where I could get some. Thanks.
Sam Ponder <>
Indy, In USA - Thu May 20 16:41:15 1999
Does anyone remember a candy bar called Chocolite? It had a brown wrapper with yellow letters. It was similar to a Nestle Crunch, except it didn't have krispies, it was like air bubbles. I would love to find one if anyone knows where. Thank you! Gina
Gina <>
Rochester Hills, MI USA - Wed May 19 22:10:34 1999
Please can you help a candy-crazy Brit writer. What are the American equivalents of our medium-soft jelly candy like wine gums (no shell - not jelly beans). I remember jujubes from my trips there....but what are things like Amazing fruit? could anyone give me the definitive rundown of American jelly-candy? Or tell me a URL that would help me out. Thanks from London, England
Laurence <>
London, England, fla USA - Wed May 19 14:50:29 1999
PUNTINI wrapped hard candies. I had some in San Francisco and would like to get more.
roger enfield <>
haslet, tx USA - Wed May 19 14:20:24 1999
When I was a kid (mid-1960's) my favorite candy was a caramel ring with a white powdery middle. It came in a thin cardboard sleeve wrapped in clear celophane with I think 4 or 5 in a sleeve. I MUST FIND THESE AGAIN!! (or something like it) Please help me!...Thanks
Perry <>
Simi Valley, ca USA - Wed May 19 04:43:34 1999
WHO MAKES SEN SEN? our local distributor can only get the big sized ones. Am looking for tiny "chips" in small packages. Willing to buy them by the box! NOT SUGAR FREE! Any info would be helpful. THANKS.
Paula Kortis <>
Macomb, MI USA - Wed May 19 02:11:35 1999
Where can I find "Bonomo's Turkish taffy". Is it still made?
Joyce Bertone <>
nj USA - Tue May 18 23:03:23 1999
TITANIC EXTRA STRONG MINTS???????Does anyone know where I can find them?
merry <merry2308>
ny, ny USA - Tue May 18 22:48:23 1999
AKRON, OHIO USA - Tue May 18 18:29:04 1999
I have beeen racking my brain to find out who makes the candy RAZZLES. They don't sell them anymore around here and I just want to know the company who makes them. If you know please e-mail me thanks
Chris <>
Stafford, Va USA - Tue May 18 02:07:01 1999
I happened to find this sight by accident,so maybe someone can help. I remember as a kid, candy lipsticks. Not the ones in the plastic tubes,but the one in cellophane with gold paper wrapped around it. does anyone know where to get these, they were my favorite.
Barbara <>
Glendale Heights, IL. USA - Tue May 18 00:48:33 1999
Even though it's not really candy--where can I find discontinued Kool-Aid flavors? I'm not exactly sure on the flavor though...I guess I need a list...I think "Blue" was in the title. If anyone can help please e-mail me! Thanks! =)
Denise <>
MI USA - Mon May 17 18:26:52 1999
Does anyone know if they still make Marathon bars? They were around in the 70's. It's carmel covered with milk chocolate about a foot long. Patrick Wayne used to do the commercials dressed in a white cowboy outfit. "It lasts a long, long time."
Dawn <>
Mpls, MN USA - Mon May 17 14:37:02 1999
hi I just love candy I wish i could have a lifetime supply but we are so poor
Alana <>
New Plymouth, New Zealand - Sat May 15 22:52:12 1999
I'm looking for a vanilla pudding pie that was sold a few years back. It came out when the cartoon show "The Real Ghostbusters" came out. The pie showed Slimer on the outside and the pie itself had a green suger coating. The pie was semi-circle in share and came in a wrapper much like the Hostess Pies. It also came in Chocolate pudding. I have been craving it for months. If anyone knows anything, please e-mail me. Thanks.
Elvis Ortiz <>
Boston, MA USA - Fri May 14 16:46:46 1999
I'm looking for a hard candy that was yellow (& maybe other colors inside) that was packaged in a rolled paper tube (like toliet tissue but thicker) with plastic ends that fit inside the end. On one end you could flip open the plastic top to get to the candy. The paper tube had yellow and green writing on it. Thanks for anyone's help!!!!
Oceanna <>
Siler City, NC USA - Thu May 13 18:05:43 1999
DO you sell a french candy called VICHY Mints?
Parker Thomas <>
Gainesville, FL USA - Thu May 13 12:03:47 1999
We're working on more detailed descriptions - takes lots of time - site always improving :)
Candy Direct <>
San Diego, CA USA - Thu May 13 01:32:13 1999
I think a better descripton of the candies and gums would be nice.
Jim Wieske <>
Bedford, Tx USA - Wed May 12 22:58:29 1999
Hi, all candy lovers! Looking for "Mint Julip", a one-inch square taffy-like candy--individually wrapped-- made by Phoebe Phelps(?) in the 50's and early 60's. Still available? Where? Later, the company produced banana and grape flavors as well. They used to be available for 2/$.01 (such a deal!). E-mail info., please! Haven't seen these for years...
Gary <>
Amston, CT USA - Wed May 12 20:22:37 1999
Candy Recipes: or We now carry chocolate covered gummy bears via our special order section AND now we carry them in the warehouse.
Candy Direct <>
San Diego, CA USA - Wed May 12 19:03:48 1999
Can anyone tell me if they have heard of Hula chews?they are by the Brach's candy company.they were chocolate covered coconut candy (soft)and I havent seen any since I was a kid and was wondering if they are even on the market any more.I would really like to find them again.Please e-mail me if you know anything about them.Thanks!
Jo <>
IN USA - Wed May 12 19:00:04 1999
im looking for a place i can buy chocolate covered gummy bears i didnt see it on the list does anyone else know where i can get them ??
rich <>
ny USA - Wed May 12 18:42:46 1999
Hello, Does anyone know any good candy recipes?
Holly <>
Parma, OH USA - Wed May 12 15:56:53 1999
Yes, these are now called Apple Heads - made by Ferrara Pan - we have them under our novelty candy department
Candy Direct <>
San Diego, CA USA - Wed May 12 06:01:09 1999
Does anyone know where I can find a candy from the 80's called Johnnie Apple Treats. They were made by the same company that makes Lemon Heads, Boston Baked Beans,etc. The Johnnie Apple Treats are small,green, and sour hard candies. They were green on the outside and white on the inside and very, very, yummy. Thank you in advance for your help.
Felicia <>
Orlando, Fl USA - Wed May 12 05:27:14 1999
I am looking for the manufacturer of a candy mint/ dispenser that is made in Germany. The product, which is a tin mint dispenser that opens with finger pressure, is known by the name "click clack". Can anyone help with info on company name and contact info?
David P, Promo XPress <>
Montebello, CA USA - Wed May 12 02:32:49 1999
chris <>
cANT TELL, NO USA - Wed May 12 02:01:04 1999
Jayson Botha <>
Johannesberg, South Africa - Tue May 11 15:33:55 1999
i think this web site is fantasic and yummy so somebody e-mail me and we can share this candy craze to gether
aysha powell <>
leicester, england - Mon May 10 15:50:29 1999
I am looking to open a cindy store/ in my country, can anyone here make any suggestions..on this subject in terms of set up and layout and ordering infomation. Thanks
micel <>
Barbados - Sun May 9 15:30:04 1999
I've lost my recipe for "Coal Candy"! It was a fairly standard hard candy recipe--sugar, corn syrup, food coloring, anise oil, etc. Does anyone have a recipe for hard black anise candies?
Paula <>
Highland Park, IL USA - Sat May 8 17:28:37 1999
Unlike many of the candies I recall fondly, it hasn't been more than 20 years since I had those coconut striped (pink, white, brown)Brach's chewy candies, usually sold in the Brach's bulk section. What happened to those?
Paula <>
Highland Park, IL USA - Sat May 8 17:26:41 1999
I think English chocolate bars are far superior tasting than the US bars. Can you get English bars (proper English - not soapy US chocolate), as I`m spending a few months over in the US. PLEASE HELP
Gary Silver <JINO123@TESCO.NET>
MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - Sat May 8 14:10:17 1999
Anyone know where I can find Prairie Schooner candy bar? Also, Walnettos and Choclettos? These chews came in packs of about 10 square chews. Great. Also - Kits, came in Chocolate, Strawberry and Banana flavors.
Analoo <>
Modesto, CA USA - Sat May 8 06:47:22 1999
Hi, I'm trying to eat my way through the alphabet but I'm stuck on Q. What brand name candy begins with Q? Help! I'll starve if I don't get an answer! Thanks ahead of time. Roger.
Roger <>
Grove City, PA USA - Fri May 7 01:03:54 1999
Does anyone recall a hard candy, packaged in a roll, and individually wrapped - it was bigger than a life saver and it was solid. It had a very tart sour cherry flavor. It could possibly be imported. If you recall the name or manufacturer, please let me know. Many thanks.
Jan Datz <>
Washington, DC USA - Thu May 6 17:46:16 1999
Hey all of you Horlicks malted tablets they are out there they are sold in foil packets of 9 for about 50 cents a packet you need to look in your local china town in the candy section most of the words on the packet are in chinese but it does say Horlicks natural malties
Pat <>
Kailua, Hi USA - Thu May 6 09:17:05 1999
On a recent trip to Hawaii, I came across a candy by Brach named "Special Treasures", and featured flavored toffees in coffee flavors. Haven't been successful in locating here. Any hints/help??
Don Ostheim <>
Largo, FL USA - Thu May 6 01:28:53 1999
I recently had the good fortune of tryiny a new candy made by lifesavers called creamsavers they come in strawberry and orange flavors since then I can not find them in any of the stores they are always sold out or something if anyone happens to know what the email address of lifesavers is I would like to write to them and see if they still make that great tasting candy thanks
Sharon Nappi <>
littleton, ma USA - Wed May 5 16:10:46 1999
i'm looking for the swedish raspberry flavored candy. it is shaped like a gum drop and covered with small candy balls. please tell me where i can find them.
me <>
USA - Tue May 4 21:50:06 1999
My Mom will soon be 84 and I would like to find a special candy for her. It is maple flavored and I think they were made in the shape of people and 3-4 " high. Anyone have a clue where these can be found? Thanks
Sandy Martin <>
Burwell, NE USA - Tue May 4 21:18:03 1999
What about Chunky? Here in Ireland there is new Kit Kat "extra chunky," but it's not Chunky.
James Boylan <>
Cork, Ireland - Tue May 4 16:36:14 1999
Where can I find Mallow Cups? Who makes them? Thanks!
Barry <>
Dayton, OH USA - Tue May 4 10:14:46 1999
Hi~ Does anyone remember a candy bar that had peanut butter and crisp rice w/ chocolate on it? I think it was an 'Oompa Loompa' or Willy Wonka brand. It was the best, and I cannot find these anywhere. Thanks!
stacey <>
Eagan, MN USA - Tue May 4 03:22:45 1999
Could you please tell me if any of the licorice that you have has actual licorice extract or anise? Also do you have access to James Salt Water Taffy's out of Atlantic City New Jersey (or maybe it is Beach Haven New Jersey)? Thank you, Maureen Pramanik
Maureen Pramanik <>
gilroy, ca USA - Tue May 4 03:08:08 1999
Looking for Spiced Jelly Beans that are NOT Jelly Bellies. Often available around Easter, but couldn't find them this year. Help!
Don <>
Santa Clarita, CA USA - Tue May 4 00:13:00 1999
I was wondering if anyone else in this world has ever tasted these things called "smoothies",i think,made by the mallow cup company? aren't they good?I know where they sell them.they look like reese cups,but are filled with a very good,sweeter kind of peanut butter,and even have little peanut chunks!!!Sound good? email me!!!!!and in case you're wondering,mallow cups are good too. they're these chocolates,filled with mrshmallow stuff and has a little bit of coconut on the top,under the chocolate.MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EMAIL ME AT MRBERRY21@HOTMAIL.COM
megan <>
Coeburn, va USA - Mon May 3 23:04:38 1999
does anyone know where i can find trident freshmint gum for a reasonable price if you know e mail me and if anyone knows where any other good candy cites are send them to me
Chris <>
ny USA - Mon May 3 16:36:35 1999
BONOMO TURKISH TAFFY - When I was a little girl I would always get turkish taffy at the movie threatre. I absolutely love the stuff - and I've been asking where to get it for years. Does anyone know??????????????????
Sue Pagliaro <>
North Providence, RI USA - Mon May 3 15:30:29 1999
First, at last I've found a place where a green mouth from Tangy Taffy in a 31 year old woman is not looked down on. But I have a great NEED to know what Ravens Revenge is! I just must know. Also I'm trying to find some powder candy that comes in test tubes they are very colorful and very very sour please send help.
Susan <>
Cincinnati, Oh USA - Sat May 1 22:08:40 1999
A while back I was searching for a German candy called (i Believe) Kinderbon, it was a taffy chewy like candy, someone did email me about a store in georgia that might carry it but I misplaced the email. HELP ME IM DESPERATE for any information. Thanks!
Mark <>
Va USA - Sat May 1 05:14:45 1999
Hello All: I recall a candy from my youth (20 years ago) named Royal Crown Sours. They were probably the best sour candy I ever had. Anybody know if they're still around and where I might get some? Steven
Steven Woodcock <>
Colorado Springs, CO USA - Sat May 1 04:18:16 1999
ok, my favourite candy (or loLLy) is the double loLLy, made by smarties (or rockets, in cAnAdA). So who is this company, SwiZZles, that thinks they can come along and make a Double Lollie...note the speLLing diFFerence...The latest news is that smarties is coming out with the "mega double lolly"...a larger version...the only trouble is, the same thing had already been made by swiZZles. so its kinda like, one copies the other, and then the other copies them!? i dont understand. if someone could clear this up for me, id be extremely haPPy!
loLLy <>
tOrOntO, ONT canada - Fri Apr 30 00:19:18 1999
I am trying very hard to find the "Dove" chocolate truffles that were around at Easter time. They were the absolute best I've ever had! If anyone knows where I can find them, please let me know. I greatly appreciate it!
Tiffney Pratt <>
Dallas, TX USA - Thu Apr 29 18:52:55 1999
does anybody know the words to the "choo choo charlie" good & plenty commercial?
Ken Zolot <>
cambridge, MA USA - Thu Apr 29 18:47:43 1999
I'm looking for information regarding "Wacky Pak" trading cards. They were similar to baseball cards but featured funny ads for popular products. For example, Captain Crunch was "Cap'n Crud". I'd like to start a collection. Any thoughts?
Pete Owings <>
USA - Thu Apr 29 15:34:07 1999
Back in the 60's when I was in grade school, we had a candy store across the street from the school. My favorite candy and I haven't seen it since was "Spearmint or wintergreen licorice".It was in 8 inch spiral sticks like the way Twizzler twists are today. If ANYONE has any info or has any memories of this licorice please write me. Thanks
Gary <>
Orlando, Fl. USA - Thu Apr 29 03:37:10 1999
Looking for a candy from the 60's and 70's called SOUR BITES The ad was "Yikes Stripes it's Sour Bites" Thanks!
admck <admck5>
in USA - Thu Apr 29 00:28:14 1999
Oh my God! I just ate a pound of Willy Wonka Bottle caps, man am I fly'n!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
USA - Wed Apr 28 21:41:47 1999
- Wed Apr 28 21:06:13 1999
Looking for Kentucky Mints made by Brach's. Has anyone seen them lately? I haven't been able to find them anywhere in the past 2 years! Aren't they made anymore?
Fran <>
Cleveland, Oh USA - Wed Apr 28 15:33:15 1999
Looking for Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream candy. Hard candies, taste just like ice cream! The local Sam's Club had them around Christmas but no more. They come in an ice cream container...
Kristen <>
Northbrook, IL USA - Wed Apr 28 14:52:30 1999
This one is mainly for FRENCH people My girlfriend spent a part of her childhood in Paris,France. She once told me that one of her strongest memories from those years is the taste of some sort of a chocolate bar called "Sundy"by Nestle. It would be an amazing surprise for her if i could find this charmed bar. So what I'm looking for is a good soul that has access to that candy and is willing to send me some (not for free of course). so how about a randon act of kindness ? thanks in advence. elad.
Elad <>
Israel - Wed Apr 28 14:42:53 1999
Looking for an old time favorite....TOOTSIE DROP POPS!!!!!
Scott <>
Biloxi, MS USA - Wed Apr 28 14:10:10 1999
What in the world happened to MEGA WARHEAD *HOT* candies? The *SOUR* IS IN MARKET. I really enjoyed HOT ones, rather than the fireballs, cuz it lasted a bit longer! Anyone knows?
Ronald Boucher <>
Rochester, ny USA - Wed Apr 28 13:40:30 1999
Anyone know where to find a bubble gum by the name of "Sugar Loaf", or a candy bar by the name of 7-up or butternut candybar?
Jackie Richardson <JackieR>
Irving, TX USA - Wed Apr 28 13:38:53 1999
first time here...hope someone can help. I'm looking for (regular or sour) blue raseberry, apple, and peach licorice sticks. Our bulk candy store went out of business and I haven't been able to find any store internet or otherwise that carries them. If anyone know where I can find them e-mail me ASAP. I NEED MY LICORICE FIX!!!!
Janet Peters <>
Sabina, OH USA - Wed Apr 28 04:06:12 1999
Hey! I was wondering if anyone knows whatever happened to those Bonkers! I heard that there is a new kind...but whatever happened to the kind where you had the light colour on the outside and the dark colour on the inside?? I heard they are only one colour now. I was wondering if anyone knew if they still make the old ones! Please let me know if you do...thanks =o)
Dana Kristen Blacklock <>
Niagara Falls, ONT Canada - Tue Apr 27 22:06:16 1999
ADDISON, IL USA - Mon Apr 26 17:54:35 1999
Does anyone know who makes Sandy Candy and where I can get some?
Debbie Lambert <>
Darlington, Pa USA - Mon Apr 26 14:26:45 1999
Does anyone know if they still make MARATHON bars and where I could find them.......Thanks
Karin <>
Springfield, VA USA - Mon Apr 26 12:58:35 1999
My daughter (and I!) have been looking for a candy called "Koo Koo Bar" or "Coo Coo Bar". It is about 12 inches long, 3 inches wide and very thin. It is a taffy kind of like neopolitan ice cream, it has three stripes of flavor, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. I'm not sure who made it, or if it's a Canadian thing, but we haven't seen in stores for about 3 years.
Beth <>
Lethbridge, AB Canada - Mon Apr 26 02:06:20 1999
I am also a poor soul looking for Turkish Taffy. If anyone knows of where to get it, please drop me a line...
J Bennett <>
Phoenix, AZ USA - Sun Apr 25 02:36:25 1999
Thanks for a trip down memory lane! I loved seeing the different candies that I haven't eaten in years and hearing other "candyholics" describe other candies not shown here. Thanks, what a kick! Peaches, LK
LadyKristine <>
SoCal, USA - Sat Apr 24 15:43:54 1999
Does anyone know where I can find Brach's peppermint nougats? They apparently are only sold around Christmas and Valentine's Day. My baby sun conure (parrot) has developed a strong liking to them and, since chocolate is toxic to birds, I would really like to find this candy.
Holly Knowles <>
Chicago, IL USA - Fri Apr 23 15:43:45 1999
Hi, Have any of you tried the New Lifesaver Swirls? They are great. They come in three flavors. Chocolate with carmel, Orange, and Strawberry. The trouble is the stores in the area can not keep them on the shelves, they sell out to fast to meet the demand. Cool Site. Take care.
Marcie Bradley <>
Carnation, WA USA - Fri Apr 23 15:24:45 1999
Does anyone know where I can find Oompas? They were made by Willie Wonka. Similar to M&M's only they had peanut butter and chocolate inside of a candy coating. Thank you!
Gina <>
Rochester Hills, MI USA - Thu Apr 22 21:20:24 1999
love your site.....but i have a couple coments...doesn't switzers make licorice any more????and i fround other people looking for the same things i'm looking for. bonomos turkish taffy and horlicks malted milk tablets.. if anyone finds them please e-mail me...also has anyone else been getting a craving for chicken bones??remember the candy and the commercial on the radio. chichen bones are dandy a different kind of candy their crunchy and munchy and the flavor is a dandy. jean
jean <>
kennesaw, ga USA - Thu Apr 22 17:59:09 1999
Does anyone know where I can get some strawberry flavored Bonkers candy, popular in the 80's? They are sort of like Laffy Taffy but softer, rectangular shaped with dark pink outside and light pink inside? PLease help!!!!
Maegan <>
USA - Thu Apr 22 15:42:04 1999
This is the funniest site I've visited lately. Real candyholics here! :) Does anyone know if there's a similar site for ice cream? That would be great for me! Thanks. You all have a warm summer!
Päve <>
Virrat, Finland - Thu Apr 22 06:34:12 1999
Where can I find the Hamburger gum in the container. They had a commercial saying where's the beef. Please Help
Paul Ratliff <>
Austin, Tx USA - Wed Apr 21 20:46:30 1999
This candy was discontinued in the early 80s; however, one of our customers recently informed us that the "Curly Wurly" candy bar is quite similar. We will carry this candy if there is enough of a demand.
Candy Direct <>
San Diego, CA USA - Wed Apr 21 16:44:29 1999
Does anyone know where to find a Marathon bar. It had a red wrapper and had a ruler on the back. It was caramel covered in chocolate.
Shelliegh <>
San Clemente, CA USA - Tue Apr 20 22:31:25 1999
Got a cavity just looking at this site!
Mitch Delmage <>
Knights Landing, CA USA - Tue Apr 20 14:26:23 1999
Hello fellow candy lovers I was just browsing through your very worthwhile web site (as you do) and i noticed that someone was enquiring after pastel coloured after dinner mints I just thought i'd let all you pastel crazed mint eaters out there that whilst in Holland my chocoholic dad and i came across the biggest after dinner mint warehouse in the world and it stocked mints in every colour imaginable including sky blue, forest fern, caribbean crush, barley twist and turquoise pool. not only did these mints look good but they tasted fab too.
oliver gibson
england - Tue Apr 20 13:08:39 1999
Am looking for a hard candy that is anise flavored. Was originally found in the Bay area several years ago. Anyone know a brand name or where I might find a source for this candy?
buzzy <>
Phoenix, AZ USA - Tue Apr 20 01:47:02 1999
I am a Candy Freak, I love candy so much the word has become a kinda alias for me! Crazy! Top three: BUBBLE GUM, Penny Candy (well now 1-50 cent sour, sweet, banannas, strawberries etc..yumm), NIBS (go Waynes World!!!)
Candy <>
Toronto, ON Canada - Mon Apr 19 18:46:55 1999
alex Andros
USA - Sun Apr 18 19:34:51 1999
CANDY JAR. Glass with black plastic top. 3 3/4" high 3 1/2" diamater. "Volleyball" painted in red with white volleyballs around clear glass. I give them to my graduating high school seniors, but the store around here have stoped selling them. Mark on jar bottem 102 95 7 & 1 in a circle in center. Lid has 89MM MPR. Anyone know where I can get them?
Coach Howell <>
USA - Sat Apr 17 20:38:46 1999
Does anyone know where I can order Winnie the Pooh and Friends candy? If so, please email me. Thank you!
Brenda <>
HI USA - Sat Apr 17 09:43:24 1999
Does anyone know what happened to peanut butter Twix?? Do they still sell them? I haven't seen them in years.
Stephanie <>
Dallas, TX USA - Fri Apr 16 22:01:45 1999
Does anyone know where you can buy "Non-Parrells"? It is a flat piece of dark chocolate (the size of a nickel) with round sugarlike things on top. Write..... Please.
Betty Hoenstine <>
Ocala, FL USA - Fri Apr 16 17:59:55 1999
Does anyone know where you can buy "Non-Parrells"? It is a chocolate flat piece of dark chocolate with little flat round (the size of a nickle) sugarlike things on top. Write..... Please.
Betty Hoenstine <>
Ocala, FL USA - Fri Apr 16 17:58:00 1999
Does anyone remember the "Sevenup" candy bar? It was made up of small squares of filling, e.g. jelly, creams, caramel, nut, etc., and then covered over with a chocolate covering. The only place I ever had them was at a local movie theater. I I would love to find them, if they are still made. I would also like to know who made them and why they can no longer be found.
Nancy Mielke <>
Cookeville, TN USA - Fri Apr 16 16:57:31 1999
Does anyone know where I can get Reeds cinnamon hard candies? They came in roll like lifesavers, but were individually wrapped and delicious. I also think it was a British company.
richmond, va USA - Fri Apr 16 15:15:17 1999
I've been searching for B-O-N-O-M-O ho ho ho Bonomo Turkish Taffy Has anyone found any? Whoopi even mentioned it in her book "Book" Let me know. Thanks
Kathi Schade <>
Vienna, WV USA - Fri Apr 16 05:40:24 1999
Gace McQueen <>
ROCHESTER, NY USA - Fri Apr 16 00:50:36 1999
i need caffine free chocolate
USA - Thu Apr 15 21:48:55 1999
I was wondering if anyone knows where a candy called Flitch originated? You may know it to be call "pinwheel candy" Thanks! Great Site
Michelle Mitten <>
Ashland, PA USA - Thu Apr 15 21:38:37 1999
Help!!! I owe my sister some Frango mints but i want to order online and Marshall Fields doesn't have a website that you can order me back with info on how to buy these chocolates!! thanks.
Andrea <>
Richmond, VA USA - Thu Apr 15 20:07:41 1999
if anybody is looking for a great email pal u found her. i love ccccaaaaannnnndddddyyyy
Alexis <>
orlando, fl USA - Thu Apr 15 18:02:25 1999
Great news!! I just heard on the radio that Dryers now offers real honest to goodness girl scout cookie ice cream using my favorite cookies! The mint kind! Has anyone tried this flavor yet?
Stephen Traino <>
San Diego, CA USA - Thu Apr 15 01:52:14 1999
I'm looking for sugar-free and diary-free carob candy.
June Knox <>
Savannah, TN USA - Tue Apr 13 20:46:04 1999
Does anyone know where I can find Trebor brand candies? Hickory Farms carried them years ago. They are hard candies (coffee and chocolate flavored) with chocolate in the center. Thanks!!!!
Mary Anne <>
Omaha, NE USA - Tue Apr 13 16:12:02 1999
Can anyone help me find Dessert Nougat by a company Callard and Bowser. Pining away - need a fix. Help appreciated.!!!
Barbara <>
Brisbane, Qld Australia - Tue Apr 13 12:40:58 1999
Does anyone know what happen to pineapple NOW and Laters they are my favorite? Also what exactly are Sweetarts Giants?
Keyana Jeffries <>
Whitewater, WI USA - Tue Apr 13 05:28:18 1999
>I LOVE CHOCOLATE. It makes me feel good when I am sad. I can not live without it. I think >about chocolate all the time. When I am in school everything. I think I need help, don't you >think? >Kasey Coffman Most definately, but candy has little to do with it. Try lithium. Lawrence, KS USA - Sat Apr 10 21:51:13 1999
Dr. Katz
USA - Tue Apr 13 05:00:26 1999
Anyone know where I can get good non-chocolate candy?
doughchick <>
USA - Tue Apr 13 01:31:08 1999
1st time on the sight-are there really people talking about candy out there?
Alan <>
Needham, ma USA - Tue Apr 13 00:37:40 1999
I'm looking for online retail bulk candy companies
corey kiprakis <>
va bch, va USA - Mon Apr 12 21:03:54 1999
Looking for an after dinner mint in pastel colors - any ideas?
Jan R.
Miami, FL USA - Mon Apr 12 17:42:50 1999
It is unbelievable how many people ask for whatever product they are looking for when it's right in front of their noses! A good example would be a recent post for Clove chewing gum. There's a link right on the main page of this website that has it listed.
Bill <>
USA - Sun Apr 11 22:29:31 1999
i am looking for a receipe for lollipops. I saw one on a cooking channel but can't remeber all the ingredients. Please let me know if you know of any.
Michelle <>
Gardner, MA USA - Sun Apr 11 00:10:54 1999
I LOVE CHOCOLATE. It makes me feel good when I am sad. I can not live without it. I think about chocolate all the time. When I am in school everything. I think I need help, don't you think?
Kasey Coffman <>
Lawrence, KS USA - Sat Apr 10 21:51:13 1999
Does anyone remember Horlick's Malted Milk tablets? Know where to get them? It would be a nice birthday surprise for my sister.
W. Martin <>
Havana, IL USA - Sat Apr 10 21:30:40 1999
Has anyone seen or even heard of a new hard candy that Starburst is supposedly introducing?
Dennis H. Smith <>
LeMars, IA USA - Sat Apr 10 16:29:37 1999
hi, we are interested to buy confectionery products (chewing gum, lollipops, hard/soft candy, jelly products etc.) please forward us your complete product catalogs alongwith C&F price list to the following mail address. (AL HUDAIDA SWEETS & FOOD STUFF EST. , PO.BOX. 22708, PIN-13088, SAFAT, KUWAIT. (TEL- 965-4818747, FAX- 4838747)
a.aziz al absy (General Manager) <>
kuwait, kwt kuwait - Sat Apr 10 15:44:09 1999
hi, are you interested to export in bulk? please provide us complete product catalogs alongwith C&F price list to the following mail address. (AL HUDAIDA SWEETS & FOOD STUFF EST. , PO.BOX. 22708, PIN-13088, SAFAT, KUWAIT. (TEL- 965-4818747, FAX- 4838747)
ubed pocha (commercial secretary) <>
kuwait, kwt kuwait - Sat Apr 10 15:37:29 1999
This site could be dangerous for sugar lovers. I am looking for a carmel nougat sucker called a slap stick. It is flat caramel with ribbons of pink,yellow, and white nougat swirled through it. Please help.
Melinda Ramsey <>
Lake Havasul, AZ USA - Sat Apr 10 05:03:02 1999
does anyone knwo were you can buy, "mothballs"?? They were round white balls with a nut inside.I think it was a hazelnut??
Karen Fritts <>
Erie, PA USA - Sat Apr 10 04:41:55 1999
hi! does anyone remember a candy from the 60's that was in a can ,small squares with peanut butter stripes and peanut butter filling. it was sold by the lion's club or some civic club. i wonder where you can find this candy now?
debbie <>
martin, tn. USA - Sat Apr 10 04:26:32 1999
I've seen several messages asking for Chum Gum - I think it is "different" than Freshen up??
Candy Direct <>
San Diego, CA USA - Fri Apr 9 21:11:26 1999
that gum is called (freshen up) not chum gum
brenda <>
akron, oh USA - Thu Apr 8 20:00:09 1999
i would like to know if anyone has ever heard of caffine free chocolate or where i can go to find out
brenda <>
akron, oh USA - Thu Apr 8 19:57:26 1999
Was the name of that gum with the liquid center called chum gum? I"m not sure but let me know if that's close.
USA - Thu Apr 8 18:41:20 1999
This is for the person looking for rock candy.I know i have seen it in drug stores here but now it is by the cough medicine or ask the pharmisist
USA - Thu Apr 8 18:35:04 1999
Does anyone remember a candy we used to get at Easter when I was a kid (in the 60's) - it was a little yellow chicken (not marshmallow peeps) about an inch long. I think they must have been made out of powdered sugar and cream cheese, bright yellow, a little creamy on the inside, but rolled in bright yellow sugar, with the eyes and comb painted on with hard frosting? I guess I could probably make them in a chocolate mold, but would rather not. We used to buy them at the bakery. Any information would be appreciated.
Wendy <>
USA - Thu Apr 8 15:37:44 1999
ok like im going insaneeeeeee anyone remember the name of that gum type candy from like 10 years ago and um, ok it was gum..but when u bit into it it gushed out some gooey sweet liquid???? i know it has 2 names...and its driving me insane cuz i ferget the name..if u do know please email me thanks :)
quiet solitude <>
USA - Thu Apr 8 01:02:50 1999
Doing a survey!!! Looking for persons who like divinity. If you do, do you think you would be interested in cherry nut divinity, banana nut divinity, and maple nut divinity? Many other flavors as well. If this product could be found in a candy store, or through a on line candy shoppe, do you think you would purchase it? If yes, what do you think a fair price per pound would be, keeping in mind regular divinity is sold anywhere from $5.50 a pound to $6 something a pound. Thank you Jeri
Jeri <>
USA - Wed Apr 7 05:39:01 1999
Does anyone know of any poems on Chocolate or on candy? It's a requirement for a project of mine. Please email me with any suggestions. :) :) Thanks!
Kasia G. <>
Houston, Tx USA - Tue Apr 6 23:59:54 1999
I'm looking for a gum for denture wearers besides the plain spearmint and winterfresh. Something like cinnamon or fruit flavors.
Ginger Blair <>
York, NE USA - Tue Apr 6 21:24:15 1999
Does anyone know if a candy called Rock Candy is still available? It looked like crystals and came in various colours and sizes.
Barbara Kleynhans <>
Raceland, LA USA - Tue Apr 6 17:46:41 1999
Does anyone know where I can get fructose sweetened chocolates and Marzipan? I have seen them in Europe, but I don't know where to get them here.
Mary Jo <>
Chicago, USA - Tue Apr 6 00:19:16 1999
Does anyone know where I can get Clove gum?
Cindy Copeland <>
Lubbock, TX USA - Mon Apr 5 21:32:19 1999
Does anyone know where to find grape licorice laces (not the ropes -- laces, the really thin kind)?
Dayna <>
Brea, CA USA - Mon Apr 5 19:44:16 1999
Does anyone remember Hubba Bubba chewing gum. Their blueberry was my favorite. I can't find anything. Were they bought out by someone else and under a different name??
Lisa <>
Pittsburgh, PA USA - Mon Apr 5 17:06:38 1999
Does anyone know if Orange pop rocks are still made and where one can go to find them???
Tulsa, OK USA - Mon Apr 5 16:33:25 1999
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