Cinnamon Bears


Individually wrapped in bright yellow packaging, Sweet’s Cinnamon Bears are hot (but not too hot) and big (but not mammoth—just the right size for your gummy-loving appetite). Sweet’s quality candies are based out of Salt Lake City (ironic, eh?), and their line also includes fruity Nummy Bears, Sour Bears and Black Tie Bears. But the cinnamon variety is truly top-notch. Open up this wrapper, and you’ll unpack a gummy treat that isn’t sugared on the outside like gummy fruit slices, but one that has a smooth outer surface wrapped around firm cinnamon innards. About an inch tall, Sweet’s bears are quite sizable when compared to gummy candies produced by other companies like Hairbo. The bear itself, being larger than most, has a visible smiling expression. But don’t feel bad about hurting this guy—he gets his pleasure out of making consumers happy.

The texture is, as I said before, firm or dense unlike the gummier chews available, making it a filling and satisfying treat. You can eat a handful of these for a well-portioned snack. Cinnamon Bears have been around for years and years; Sweet’s started as a family tradition in Portland, Oregon in 1892 by Leon Sweet. In those days, all of the company’s candy was made by hand, and varieties were limited. But the people couldn’t get enough. By the time these candy makers moved the company to Utah in 1900, they had earned a reputation for quality that still holds true today. Though they currently manufacture over 250 products, Sweet’s is still most famous for Cinnamon Bears, Chocolate Orange Sticks and Salt Water Taffy. I’ve only recently discovered these delicious Cinnamon Bears, but am already hooked on them. They are a perfect blend of sweet and spicy cinnamon, and I’d grab a handful on the go anytime. It’s no wonder they’ve been around for so long, a candy tradition that’s meant to be discovered.

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