Color Bubbles Bubble Gum Balls

Color Bubbles bubble gum brings back a lot of memories for me. As a kid, I remember going into the candy store around the corner from my house and often buying a cellophane tube of colorful pieces of bubble gum for a quarter. I don’t know if it was the attractive multi-colored balls of gum that showed through the transparent cellophane or if it was because the gum was so good, but it was one of my favorite items at that candy store. Each package contains ten pieces of bubble gum and each of them is a different flavor, although it was quite a pleasant surprise when there were two of the same flavor side-by-side. This meant that I could chew both pieces at the same time for bigger and better bubble blowing capabilities.

Once your teeth bite down for the first time on one of the balls of gum from the package, your taste buds are immediately subject to the sugary taste that you would expect with a piece of bubble gum. But the exciting part about this kind is that you want to hurry up and chew the flavor out so you can move on to the next piece. Some of the flavors include grape, cherry, blueberry, among other common flavors that have a proven success rate of tastiness. The only problem is that the flavor lasts so long in each piece, it could take you a long time to get through the entire pack. With only 15 calories and no grams of fat per piece, you can even chew the gum without feeling guilty about it.

I like putting a few different flavors in my mouth and chewing them together. This creates a tasty combination to chew on for a couple hours or so. The more pieces of gum, the bigger the bubbles you can blow, too. And isn’t blowing bubbles the fun of chewing bubble gum?

The Color Bubbles bubble gum is made in Canada and distributed through the popular Hershey Candy Company. With a name like Hershey behind it, you can be sure that it is a quality product that you will definitely enjoy.

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