Dorval’s Sour Power Straws

Ok, when I am not busy munching on chocolate or saving the world from bad guys, from time to time I like to punish my tongue with sour candies. The more sour, the better! And more than anything, I like chewy sour candies. You know the kind I am talking about, right? The little flat or rope shaped numbers that are covered in that delicious sour, sugary “sand”. The kind that you can lick off and then are left with a sweet-ish chewy candy to savor at your leisure.

Well, Sour Power straws give you just that. I have sampled dozens of different chewy or gummy sour candies, but these might be the best. This particular package features candy “straws” that are dual-flavored. One side is cherry while the other is raspberry – double the sour flavor, double the fun, right? RIGHT! And boy, do these little babies pack a sour, powerful punch!  They are chewy, tart, tangy and have a hint of sweetness towards the end. They chewy enough, not too gummy and the sour flavor can be tasted throughout the entire candy, not just the sour-sugar coating. That is a first because most sour candies are just coated with the sour taste (through the sugar) but this sour flavor seems to lie in the gummy candy as well. I also love that you get two flavors in one – the cherry and raspberry combination is great! One half of the candy bright red (cherry) while the hot pink is raspberry. It makes for a great flavor twist. They’re hollow in the middle, so you can always bite off the ends and use it as a soda straw (we used to do this when I was a kid – we thought we were super clever). These are a great sweet treat when you are bored with the same old thing – and after reviewing all that chocolate, my tongue was certainly craving a change!

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