Fascini Creatables

Want candy you can pull apart and play with before you eat it? If you’re a fan of Fruit Roll Ups with pop-out shapes, Twizzler’s Pull-n-Peels and Oreos (the cookie that’s meant for twisting apart and licking the insides), you’ll probably dig Fascini’s Creatables. This candy puts the emphasis on “eat” (Cr-eat-ables), but the wrapper shows that this is meant to be fun for your hands, too. In fact, the company markets this as the candy you absolutely must play with before you eat. Open up a pack of these fruity shoelaces and you’ll chew on strawberry, apple, tutti frutti or blue raspberry fun.

I love the idea of candy that’s multidimensional. If it can provide kids with entertainment, rather than being here today, gone tomorrow, that’s a huge bonus. These candy ropes can be braided into lanyard jewelry, or sculpted into animals, buildings—whatever the mind can dream up. Unfortunately, the taste and the general waxy texture of the candy left something to be desired. These aren’t especially great going down. But then again, kids probably won’t notice. They’re busy having too much fun! Props to Fascini for inspiring creativity in its eaters. This would make a great candy for a special occasion, like Easter or Christmas. If you’re curious and would like to try your hand at lanyard-making, try out a pack of these fruity ropes today.

Based in the Netherlands, the Fascini company is nearly a century old, getting its start not in candies, but in rodent repellent. Now attracting instead of repelling its clients, Fascini has expertise in licorices, peppermint candies and other chewy or gummy treats. The company also makes some great sweet and sour gummy candies like Sour Snagx and Sour Cosmix, made with the same fruitgum recipe. All in all, Creatables get an “A” for fun but a “C” for taste.

One thought on “Fascini Creatables

  1. rovershol

    i work at this factory …
    the reason why they taste so WAXY is the fact that most candy laces
    you would buy,are just a sticky bunch that snap off as you try to take
    them apart…the wax makes these lances to easaly pull off from eachother
    so the play can begin….and the kids don’t mind….the taste is good after a few moments…..

    try to let kids taste this product and report these findings!!!!
    this product is made for kids…so let kids review it.

    please mail if you like more info!!


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