Hershey Kisses Vanilla Creme

I’m not a huge fan of vanilla, but I absolutely love Hershey Kisses. Hershey’s brand of chocolate just has its own unique taste and texture that simply cannot be duplicated. Its silver wrapping duplicates the silver wrapping that you’ve come to recognize as a Hershey Kiss, but the Vanilla Crème Hershey Kisses have a fun tan-colored swirl that circles around the kiss. These would be great in a candy dish with some other Hershey Kiss varieties for a fun and colorful display. Chances are, though, that once you have a guest, your candy dish will be empty before they leave. Yes…they are just that good.

I wasn’t looking forward to tasting the vanilla, thinking it would mess up my normal enjoyment of a Hershey Kiss. But once I bit down, I was hooked. The vanilla taste wasn’t overwhelming as it subsided to the chocolaty goodness that I love about Hershey’s chocolate. The middle felt like a creamy nougat of vanilla, but it was a subtle vanilla taste instead of an overwhelming one, which is what I was expecting.

Hershey Kisses have been around for nearly a century and they continue to make their trademark teardrop-shaped candies for people who enjoy them. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Many people have referred to the shapes and size as oversized chocolate chips. This is one of their best-selling candies in the history of their company and their new varieties have done nothing but increase their sales and popularity all over the world. Not only do the new and exciting tastes get you excited all over again when you hold a handful of Hershey Kisses, but the fun wrapping is just another aspect of the fun. Until 1968, they only offered the shiny silver foil wrappings, but they began offering different colors around Easter of that year. The pastel colors that they used were for a limited time during Easter and eventually they began offering special edition wrappings for other holidays, including Valentine’s Day and Christmas. They never cease to try to satisfy their consumers. In fact, with over 80 million individual kisses are produced on a daily basis by two separate factories, they seem to have done an excellent job at being a satisfying treat for any sweet tooth.

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