Hot Tamales


Hey Kids! The Sheriff here, reviewing one of my favorite treats…Hot Tamales. These little jelly candies pack a fiery cinnamon kick in each and every bite. Some people are not brave enough to eat them, but not The Sheriff. I LOVE hot stuff! The hotter, the better and Hot Tamales are definitely muy caliente!

Hot Tamales first arrived in the candy scene in 1950. Created by the Just Born candy company, they were among the first “hot? candies to grace drugstore shelves. Along with cinnamon toothpicks and Red Hots, they have spanned not only time, but the globe! Hot Tamales have brought the heat to China, South Africa and Australia, to name a few.

With a jelly bean sort of consistency, the Hot Tamales make for a fun, chewy candy. Bright red, with a sugary, hard outer shell that dissolves when you chew it, making way for the “hot? cinnamon jelly candy beneath, they are sizzling little candies that definitely live up to their name. But these aren’t your ordinary, everyday candies; they are candies that have been “kicked up a notch?. They are great when you don’t want the same old thing, but be warned, these little suckers are H-O-T! A box of these will leave your mouth on fire, so it’s best to have a bottle of water (or a fire extinguisher!) nearby! Even the packaging screams hot, hot hot! A bright red box that features a searing fireball reflects the energy and heat of these tasty treats. But fear not candy-kids, Hot Tamales won’t bring tears to your eyes…unless your box is empty, like mine. Waaaaah!

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