Jelly Eggs

Regular Jelly Eggs and Sour Jelly Eggs come in four different flavors: Lemon, Orange, Lime, and Cherry. The flavors are not overwhelming, and might even be on the weaker side for those of you who enjoy strong, dominant flavored candy. The flavors, nonetheless, are distinct from each other. My favorites are cherry and lime as I always seem to be drawn toward green and red candy, they also seem to have the most prevalent flavor.

About half the size of my thumb; in my opinion, they are too large to be considered a bite-sized candy and are therefore more difficult to eat than jelly beans or other similar candies which are much smaller. But if you only eat half of the Jelly Egg, the exposed section of the candy is extremely sticky and must be consumed quickly or it will stick to everything it touches, including your hands and all the papers on your desk.

Once consumed, some people prefer to chew them quickly; others prefer to savor the soft, sugary, candy, enjoying the full flavor the candy has to offer. Don’t be fooled, these candies do not have a liquid jelly center, but rather are a soft, chewable candy. I prefer to suck on these candies because I found that when I chew on them they tend to get stuck in my teeth and can be rather difficult to remove.

The Regular Jelly Eggs are lightly sprinkled with sugar crystals, while the Sour Jelly Eggs are sprinkled with sour sugar crystals. I found myself preferring the Sour Jelly Eggs even though I am not particularly inclined towards sour candy, simply because the sour sugar offers more flavor to the candy.

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