Jolly Rancher Double Blasts

Jolly Rancher has gone wild with these new two-in-one candies, Double Blasts. The outside is still a hard candy shell (shaped like a small barrel), but the inside contains a blast of candy powder in a different flavor from the original. They call it “flavor-infused powder filled candy” and that’s exactly what it is. Don’t expect these to last as long as traditional Jolly Ranchers—the inner powder starts seeping out in under a minute, filling you with a complementary fruit flavor. Chorange (cherry-orange) is quite tasty, as are Raspilime (blue raspberry and lime), Strawapple and Mangolemin (take a guess on the contents of the last two). Though, you should be prepared for the lime and lemon to make your face contort a bit at the true-to-life flavor. These powders aren’t too sour tasting—just bold and packed with fruit flavor. Kids and fun-loving adults will flock to Double Blasts for the new candy experience, and because they already love and trust the Jolly Rancher name.

Started in 1949 by Colorado residents Bill and Dorothy Harmsen, the Jolly Rancher Company originally made ice cream in addition to their chocolates hard candies. Realizing their hard candies were growing in popularity at a much faster rate than their other products, they focused on these alone while growing their business. Jolly Rancher changed hands in 1966 to Beatrice Foods, in 1983 to Leaf Candy Company, and then again in 1996 to Hershey’s. The hard candies haven’t changed all that much from their original rectangular prism shape and traditional packaging until new varieties were introduced in the last decade, like Jolly Rancher Sourbolt Blasts and Double Blasts. The packaging of the Jolly Rancher Double Blasts is bright and exciting—plenty to pique your curiosity and make you pull a bag off the shelves. This is so worth trying, so don’t wait too long to snag a bag.

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