Jolly Rancher Fruit Smoothies

The Jolly Rancher Candy Company was founded in Golden, Colorado, by Bill and Dorothy Harmsen in 1949. They called the company Jolly Rancher to suggest a hospitable, friendly western company. The company originally made ice cream, chocolate and hard candy. As hard candy sales grew, however, they began to concentrate on developing their “Famous for Flavor” line of hard candies.  In 1966, the Harmsens sold Jolly Rancher to Beatrice Foods, but the family continued to be involved in the day-to-day operation of the business. Leaf purchased Jolly Rancher in 1983. Hershey Foods acquired the Leaf candy company in 1996.

Jolly Ranchers are one of my all-time favorite hard candies. I had a 7th grade English teacher who gave them the name “Happy Farmers?. I have never forgotten that and have loved the candy ever since. Now this is my experience with the Bold Fruit Smoothie line, but I am sure they will be just as delicious (if not more) that the original Jolly Ranchers. And I was right! Gosh, I love being right. These fruit smoothie candies are sweet, tart and deeeee-licious! They are the same size and shape as the original Jolly Ranchers, but each one has the creamy taste of a fresh fruit smoothie, without all the mess and fuss. These “no straw needed? little smoothies come in peach, orange, strawberry, watermelon and mixed berry. All are fruity, creamy and tasty, making them a must have! If you have not tried Jolly Ranchers Bold Fruit Smoothies, do so…now!

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