Lifesavers Gummies Fruit Splosions

Whoa. I mean…WHOA. These are excellent. I don’t care who you are, or what you do. You are not too old to open a bag of the new Lifesavers Fruit Splosions (if you Google “explosions,? you’re gonna come up dry) but if you try gummy candies then let them carry you away to a juicier place. I tried the sour cherry variety and discovered that these are heavenly. You can also grab a variety pack with orange, blackberry, strawberry and watermelon. Each six ounce bag has about four servings, but I’m not sure if mine lasted that long. The flavor is tangy without being too sour, and really tastes like fruit juice is fused inside. No, these aren’t going to quench your thirst, but they will please the palette just the same. If you’ve tried and dismissed other Lifesavers  gummies, don’t write off the Fruit Splosions. They are really ten times better just for the sour flavor and juicy insides. And the package says they’re made with real fruit juice: perfection in a round, gummy chew.

The Lifesavers brand, originally a hard candy available in peppermint and later produced in five-flavor rolls, was a member of the Kraft foods family before Wrigley bought the brand in 2004. But inventor Clarence Crane knew that he needed to make a candy to help out his chocolate business, which saw significantly lower sales in the summer months. Lifesavers did well, offering a more refreshing candy to the masses—one that wouldn’t melt in the heat. They were named after—you guessed it—life preservers. This was shortly after the Titanic disaster, after all. And life preservers were all the rage. Given the connection, I think it’s all too appropriate that Lifesavers liquefy their product. It’s simply a fabulous pairing and so much better than any fruit snacks that promise to “gush? with fruit juice. Try these and you’ll soon blow up with flavor like little Violet Beauregarde from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. You’ll want another bag, and another, and another….

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