Mike & Ike Tangy Twisters

Introduced in 1940, delicious MIKE AND IKE chewy candies are loved by kids and adults alike. Throughout the years, Just Born expanded its candy production with different flavors. Although not marketed under the MIKE AND IKE name, the look and feel of the products were identical. We offered such flavors as Root-T-Toot (root beer flavored), Jack and Jill (licorice flavored), Cool Kids (spearmint flavored), and Jolly Joes (grape flavored), right alongside the popular MIKE AND IKE Original Fruits. In the 1980’s as consumer demand for flavors changed, we replaced Root-T-Toot, Jack and Jill, and Cool Kids with Strawbana (strawberry and banana), Lem and Mel (lemon and watermelon), and Cherri and Bubb (cherry and bubble gum). 

Today I am trying out the newest addition to the Mike and Ike family – Mike and Ike’s Tangy Twisters. Ok, as you all know, I love sour candies, so bring ‘em on! These look just like the regular Mike and Ike’s. They have a hard, but easily breakable sugar shell that is similar to a jelly bean. The inside is a soft, chewy jelly-bean like consistency. There are five flavors to test in this pack – Apple, Raspberry, Pineapple, Cherry and Citrus Punch. All are extremely fruity, tangy and sweet. None are too sweet or tangy, but just right. Apple tastes like a crisp, green apple, raspberry tastes fresh and tart, pineapple actually tastes a lot like a chunk of ripe pineapple, cherry tastes like a tart, sweet cherry and citrus punch tastes like a burst of orange, lemon and lime – possibly even grapefruit. These candies are very enjoyable and extremely refreshing. I think that this is a wonderful new addition to the already great Mike and Ike family, especially if you like sour candies. 

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