Milky Way Midnight

I am a huge fan of dark chocolate, so this one definitely caught my attention: a Milky Way bar covered in DARK chocolate. What more could I ask for??? Original Milky Way bars have been in production for over 80 years, and it was Mars, Inc’s first candy bar! When it was first made in the 1920s, a bar cost only 5¢! For a while, the company changed the name to the “Forever Yours�? bar, but finally in 2000, it earned the name Midnight for its rich, delicious dark chocolate.

Milky Way bars consist of a thick layer of nougat, which is heavily drizzled with caramel and covered in chocolate—dark chocolate in the case of the mighty Midnight. I’ve heard the nougat be described as creamy goodness, and I must say I agree. However, the chocolate coating makes a difference. In the Midnight, the nougat seems to have a more refined, bittersweet taste, whereas the milk chocolate-coated Milky Way bar tastes sweeter. The only downs side to the MW Midnight is that, like other caramel-filled candy bars, the caramel and nougat have an innate tendency to stick to anything, and in this case teeth are the obvious victims…

According to a 13-year-old Milky Way Midnight lover who wears braces, this candy bar is the worst of the best. That is, it’s one of her favorite candy bars, but she constantly gets that “sticky goodness�? stuck to her teeth. Still, she says that doesn’t stop her from enjoying the Midnight bar once in a while.  I tried to avoid so much stickiness by putting the bar in the freezer and trying to break it up and eat it frozen. Don’t try this at home. I’ve known other chocolate-covered nougat bars to taste great frozen, not to mention they’re not as sticky.  However, this one’s too big and just gets too hard to even chew!  Enjoy this at room temperature is my very strong suggestion.

One could even compare the MW Midnight bar to a dark chocolate Twix bar, only chewier. If you’re a fan of Twix bars and want to try something similar, but chewier, I would highly recommend the Milky Way Midnight. Not only is it chewier, but it’s also less sweet than the Twix and regular Milky Way bars. However, be prepared for it sticking to your teeth, because unless you are a master of caramel, this one’s bound to stick on you.

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