Myntz! Vanillamynt Blast

I’ve never had a Myntz! before. I’ve seen them in the store, but I’ve just never had the urge to try one with all of the other breath mints on the market with proven reputations. But now I see what I’ve been missing out on. These breath mint candies are bold and refreshing in a way that other mints are not. The flavor I tried was Vanillamynt Blast, which was a different taste, to say the least. I don’t think I’ve ever had a mint or candy that was vanilla-flavored, but now I think more companies should try it. It was odd at first, but the first few seconds, I enjoyed the rest of the time it was in my mouth. One of the good things about these is that they dissolve quickly, but you still feel the breath freshening effects and the taste for hours afterwards. The quick dissolve is why there website boasts “Teeth Optional? as a selling point to their product. Another attractive quality of the Myntz! is that they come in a handy little tin – called the Thinnie Tinnie –  for carrying convenience and to keep in the freshness.

Myntz! have been manufactured by the Vitech Company since 1996. The odd thing about this is that the Vitech Company specialized in vitamins and nutritional supplements since 1988 and it was a leader in the vitamin industry. In 1996, however, they decided to bring their expertise to the breath mint industry and created an upscale healthy sugar-free mint for consumers. But not only are they sugar-free, but they also contain no aspartame, gluten, and very few carbs for the health conscious breath mint lover. These mints also help to neutralize the acid in your mouth so they are good for your teeth, unlike many other popular breath mints on the market today. The Vitech Company produces several other flavors of Myntz!, including Peppermynt, Orchard Blend, and SuperSourz Tropical Fruit along with a new Instastrip product named Cynnamon. For added health advantages, they also produce a green tea that contains Ginseng. So as you can see, Myntz! are not only tasty, fun, and convenient, but they also give great health benefits. It is quite obvious that the Vitech Company has transferred their knowledge in vitamins to the breath mint arena to create one of the most popular brands of breath mints on the market.

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