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Who would have ever thought that candy could be used as an anti-smoking device? Apparently PEZ did, more than 60 years ago. PEZ started out as a company in Vienna, Austria that produced mints. With the growing concerns with smoking, PEZ started promoting their mints as a way to quit smoking by packaging them in a dispenser that seemed to look like a lighter. The little plastic container was a great success and this gave the company a great idea. PEZ continued using the dispensers but decided to target the younger consumers by adding characters to them such as Popeye and Mickey Mouse. The different character dispensers became very attractive not only to children but to adults as well. Today thousands of collectors spread around the world and believe it or not, the winning bid for the world’s most expensive PEZ Dispenser was $32,205! If you’re trying to start a collection that could be worth a lot of money later on, why not PEZ dispensers?! You don’t have to look far, starting your collection is just a few clicks away. Candy Direct offers a variety of PEZ dispensers including Lion King, Hello Kitty, and Ice Age character dispensers. Even if you’re clinging to your favorite PEZ dispenser, Candy Direct can help refill it with your favorite PEZ flavors such as cola, regular and sour fruits. Come take a look at our PEZ dispensers and refill flavors available at!

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