Palmer Mini Peanut Butter Cups

If candy lived in Hollywood, Palmer’s mini peanut butter cups would be the next great, undiscovered talent. Palmer really steals the limelight by making peanut butter cups without those cumbersome paper wrappers. Really, you don’t miss unwrapping these things—they are just fine without. But making them tinier than Reese’s miniature peanut butter cups was an even better idea. Here’s why: You get loads and loads of chocolate in perfect ratio to the peanut butter, and you can eat them by the handful. I can’t say that the flavor is equal to that of Reese’s, but the taste is good. Smooth, creamy and rich, these are a real chocolate treat. Dozens and dozens of tiny chocolate-covered peanut butter cups come tumbling out of this 5-ounce box, the size of boxed candy you’d buy at a movie theater. And with this product, Palmer delivers plenty of choco-peanut-licious flavor to share with friends or family.

And maybe that’s because Palmer is a family-run candy business that opened in 1878 as a fresh-fruit wholesaler. The founder’s great-great-grandson currently runs the op—that’s five generations of wholesome familial love and history poured into their products. The Palmer company branched out to manufacture chocolates, penny candies and gumdrops in the early 1900s. Palmer put the fruit sales to rest by 1970 and switched to candy production full time. Known widely in the Midwest for their Twin Bing candy bar (a cherry nougat center wrapped in chocolate and crushed nuts), Palmer also focuses on seasonal candies and bulk candy sales to grocery stores and specialty shops. But back to the mini p.b. cups. These candies are absolutely worth a try. If you don’t like them as much as other brands, you will at least like them enough to finish the box. But if you don’t eat it all in one sitting, take note: the chocolate will go stale and start to taste funny if you leave the box open (there’s no good way to seal it). That’s just one more reason to share it with some friends.

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