Ragold Sugar Free Cinnamon Mints


If you like a hot, fiery cinnamon flavor (much like Red Hots candies), you’ll love Ragold Cinnamon Mints. A 1.5 oz. rectangular tin of these mints (which are each about the size of an Altoid) is both portable and practical. Let’s face it—we all run into occasions when our breath could use a little freshening, and it’s nice to switch it up from the normal peppermint or spearmint breath mint. What makes these mints stand out in the crowd is that they are all natural and sugar free. People who must steer clear of gluten products or artificial sweeteners can still eat these. Yes, because Ragold uses natural flavors, these mints are a great substitute for your normal, everyday mint.

Both spicy and refreshing (as is printed on the tin), Ragold Cinnamon mints are based off of an impressive recipe. With a long-lasting taste and no sugary residue leftover on the teeth, these mints give the feeling of actually cleaning your mouth. That’s a bold claim to make, perhaps, but I rarely eat mints if I know that they will leave a film or sugary coating after dissolving in my mouth. It’s just not always convenient to brush your teeth when you’re on the go, and so I really appreciate the fresh feeling these mints leave behind. Ragold Confections (most famous for their sugar-free Velamints) is doing some other exciting things in the mint industry—like making mints for golfers. Yes, their PGA Tour line features both peppermint and cinnamon sugar-free mints shaped like tiny golf balls (dimples included). They also come in a tin that’s shaped like a golf ball. Ragold’s Dilbert mints are also cleverly marketed products. They are shaped like the popular comic-strip characters (Dilbert, Dog-bert, Cat-bert) and the tins come labeled with such names as Appoint-mints, Pay-mints and Perform-mints. And so, it would be more than appropriate to say that Ragold’s corner on the sugar-free market is a huge Accomplish-mint.

2 thoughts on “Ragold Sugar Free Cinnamon Mints

  1. silver30v

    so, ragold stopped making spearmint and peppermint velamints, but later switched to vanilla and chocolate (yuck to both) and now makes cinnamon?

    Good ol’ peppermint Velamints (or the European kind- Velemints) would be great. I have not seen them in the US for ~3-4 years.

  2. Mary Tanfield

    I had oral cancer and radiation left me without salva glands leaving my mouth extremly dry . I found a tin of ragold sugar free mints at some store and they did the trick helping to keep my mouth moist.My problem is I cant find them anywhere and I would really like to know wher I can get them Thank You Mary Tanfield

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