RJ’s Natural Licorice Logs

The mysterious RJ claims to “scour the world” to find the best natural ingredients to use in this licorice. (Who is this guy anyway?) The end result sure tastes natural, but in a very good, non-wheat-germ-kind-of way. RJ’s Natural Licorice Logs are smooth in texture and taste, not waxy-tasting or artificially flavored like most licorice produced in the U.S. Soft and easy to chew, RJ’s Licorice Logs come in black and raspberry, but also in chocolate, apricot and orange chocolate varieties.

The raspberry flavor is not phony in taste, but closer to what a real raspberry delivers the taste buds. Fans of black licorice will appreciate the natural, velvety texture of RJ’s blend. Whether you buy the individually wrapped logs or the packs of three, these licorice logs are a hearty treat, and much more filling than Twizzlers. Maybe that’s because the wrapper lists it’s “energy” content on the nutrition facts—not calorie count. This company makes everything, even candy, sound healthy and good for you. Vegetarians and vegans will be happy to chow down on this licorice, but the main ingredient is gluten—so gluten-free dieters will need to steer clear. All in all, the ingredient list is impressive, and you really feel like you’re eating something good for you in this candy gone natural.

RJ’s is based out of New Zealand and is family operated. Do they make other candy products, you may ask? No. Licorice is their passion, their one and only. And with this focus on one product, they hope to bring innovation to the field as they “take licorice into the future.” I think there is something to be said for a company to specialize in one product and do it well. That is what RJ’s has done, and it truly shows in every bite.

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