Sip N Chew Straw

A huge candy straw? That’s an odd idea for a candy, but it is very intriguing. I was excited to see it was covered in sugar, though. In fact, it looked like it was just dipped in sugar right before being placed in the package. I think this is a product from the same company that manufactures the Sour Patch Kids candies because of its utterly sour taste and the pictures on the package. Sip N Chew Straws are also made by the American Licorice Company, so you can be sure that there is a reputable candy company behind this great idea.

The flavor of the Sip N Chew straw that I tried was the Chargin’ Cherry flavor. That was a bonus because my favorite flavor of any candy is cherry. I took the first bite, which was kind of tough, but the taste packed quite a punch. It was a strong sour taste, which I expected because the package said so. But other than the sour taste, the sugary coating created a delicious sweet combination to offset the amazingly sour taste. The cherry flavoring was strong, too. This candy was just covered in tasty goodness, but it was so sweet it made my tooth hurt a little bit. It was well worth it, though. It was the perfect relief to my sweet tooth cravings. The problem is, now I want to try the other available flavors. The only other flavor I’ve found, though, is apple. I’m not a big apple fan, but I’d be willing to give the Sour Apple Sip N Chew Straw a try.

Although this candy is marketed as a candy straw, I didn’t try it’s straw qualities. I was too focused on just eating the candy. The long slender shape resembles normal licorice, which I used to use as a straw for fun when I was younger. The fact is, the Sip N Chew Straw didn’t last long enough for me to try it as a straw. Once I took a bite, I didn’t want to take a chance in ruining the taste by putting it in a beverage. This was undoubtedly a pleasant treat that is ideal for candy connoisseurs.

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