Skittles Bubble Gum

When I asked my girlfriend for a piece of gum I had no idea she would hand me the new Skittles Xtreme Fruit Bubble Gum. I looked at her and said “I’m no stranger to the skittles, the good lord knows I love me many a skittle, but why on earth would you hand me a skittle, when I asked for a piece of gum?? She replied “This is no ordinary skittle, one I bet you have never had?. I looked at her puzzled wondering what prank she had up her sleeve. Sure enough I popped one in my mouth and the amazement that followed was nothing like I had ever expected. I kept chewing and chewing. And chewing and chewing. Wondering how this skittle could last so long. I’m used to the skittles lasting at least ten chews or less, but here I am chomping away and the thing hasn’t dissolved away. I then realized this couldn’t be an ordinary skittle. This wasn’t the familiar friend I was used to. SO I asked her again “What did you give me? Not only is this one of the best skittles I have ever had, but I keep chewing like it’s some sort of bubble gum? And do you know what she told me? Well I’ll tell you. She says “That’s what it is. It’s the new Skittles Xtreme Fruit Bubble Gum?. Realizing I’d been chewing on a piece of bubble gum posing as a skittle, my worries were brought to rest.

The new Skittles Xtreme Fruit Bubble Gum is that and so much more. Now if you know what I’m talking about and have you yourself “tasted the rainbow? you know that skittles will never fail at bringing you all the flavors a rainbow might taste like. These guys take it a step farther and actually form into a piece of bubble gum. Now let’s talk about the flavor. Not only are they Xtreme in the truest sense, but you’ve got all the wonderful flavors that come in a regular bag of skittles, just magnified by ten thousand! They don’t play around over there at the skittles factory. They jam pack every little bit with the most flavor as any skittle I have ever had the pleasure of eating.

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