Sour Punch Rope


So you know those little guys on the front of the candy box that looks like he’s chewing on a lightning bolt? That ain’t no lighting bolt, that’s a Sour Punch Rope ya’ll! It’s what happens when you try to take on the raw power of Sour Punch. It’s not called sour so you can withstand the kick in the face you get, it’s not called power so you can muscle this thing down or your Popeye pounding can after a can of spinach. No buddy I don’t think so. It’s called Sour, Punch, Rope, for a reason. Because It’s the Gummy treat that kicks all other Gummy treats to the floor with it’s lightning bolt action karate chop! Seriously guys this is not something I recommend anyone jut pick and try. This is not for the weak at heart. Oh and women who are pregnant shouldn’t eat this either, your kid might come out looking like the Hulk or some weird looking X-Men.

These guys don’t mess around. They have severe sour power action wrapped in a hurricane of crazy nestled in a tornado righteousness. These guys can also be found in other cool creations like Sip N’ Chew, where you bite off the ends and measure to what length you want your sour power straw. And once you are done consuming your beverage, you have a snack to keep you company. You can check all the delicious yet powerful flavors of the regular Sour Straws found at just about anywhere. But be warned, for you have heard from the horses mouth itself that these are not for anyone. These are for the more advanced candy consumer. The ones who dare to go beyond the borders of normal and cross over into the land of SOUR POWER!

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