SO the name on the tin says, Sqyntz!. I’m wondering if they mean what they say. Do they mean Sqyntz as in you will squint from it being so “Super Sour?. Or do they mean you are going to make the squinting sound because they are that good. One can only hope none of these are going to happen. Sqyntz Super Sours look like something out of the 70’s. The psychedelic tin with tie-dye swirls only makes one wonder what lies within. Now it says it is “Low Carb? which is good, because I’m trying to watch my girlish figure after all that holiday food and candy. It also says it has Vitamin C, which is also good because, Vitamin C is good. And good for you. Never underestimate the power of your vitamins kids. Upon opening the tin I am hit with the familiar smell of tart sour fruity goodness. But hidden underneath that is a distinct smell of something else. It could only be that Vitamin C they had told me about on the cover. So with that in mind I further inspect the tin and find that there are three colors awaiting me. And which to try first. The Green, Orange or Purple?

Now I am no stranger to flavor. The Green has got to be Sour Apple. The Orange, well Orange right? I mean how many other flavors could be Orange. And last but not least Purple, it has to be Grape. So here we go. Not as sour as other candies I have had before but you can definitely taste the vitamin C. Now I don’t know if the sugar and the Vitamins are supposed to be mixed like this I can tell you it is pretty darn good my friends! I wasn’t expecting this at all. I have to tell you this is quite the surprise. These babies are actually quite good. I think out of the three. My favorite has to be the Green. Sour Apple more than likely. Over all these guys weren‘t as psychedelic and super sour as they had originally disclaimed in the outset, but I do give high marks for taste and flavor. These might have a tough time competing against other more well known sour treats but I believe they have an edge others do not. And that‘s the Vitamin C.

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