Stride Sweet Cinnamon

Billed the “ridiculously long-lasting gum,” Stride Gum has only been on the market since 2006. In that time, the brand has established itself on product shelves as a name in the gum business, which says a lot in the somewhat crowded market. In flavors like Spearmint, Winterblue and Sweet Peppermint, Stride knew it was time to branch out. Its Sweet Cinnamon and Forever Fruit flavors were added to the roster to round out the collection. And, not being a diehard fan of a lot of cinnamon gums for their burn-the-mouth qualities, I decided to give this new Sweet Cinnamon a try.

Overall, I’m impressed with this gum. First, the packaging is awesome. In what feels like a cardboard billfold, the box opens up to reveal 14 rectangles of gum, individually wrapped and lined up like little soldiers ready for battle. Old-style stick packaging (like Wrigley’s and Extra) is definitely a way of the past. From this package, it’s easy to grab a piece, but the gum won’t easily fall out in your purse or pocket because of the sleek, walletlike design. Also, the box flap tucks under a tab to keep it in place—but again, it’s not hard at all to get the gum out of the box. You actually look quite James Bond as you whip out the box, shake it open and slyly slip out a piece for your friend or colleague. And your friends will definitely ask you for a piece. The Sweet Cinnamon smell emanates from the box, just as it does around your mouth when you chew it. Though the flavor is long lasting, it doesn’t punch you in the gut with its spiciness. It’s a more subtle, sugary-tasting chew. But the best part of all is that it’s sugarfree. At less than 5 calories per piece, chewing Stride gum is a great way to keep your mouth busy instead of snacking at the vending machine. I’d not only buy this gum in the future, but I’d also consider it “the” gum of the future.

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